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  1. On that jazz theme Bobbi Humphrey smiling faces sometimes. Great track
  2. Not sure if your style but I enjoyed Donald Byrds' Ethiopian Knights album
  3. Norwich defended very well and retain a great shape to keep us at bay. They took there chance after Frye waited for the ball to go out, instead of taking charge. Got robbedo. But we were shire and boring at brraking through. Traore was very good, great spark in a dull game. First game I have been at this season, was ***e. Still got faith, though.
  4. Yeah, thought the game of thrones was great, that penultimate episode was just unbelievable, and the last one set it up brilliantly. Not sure what to watch until vikings in November. Outlander I enjoyed as well.
  5. Baresi


    Best of look with those bets fellas. Hope one of us gets lucky. Especially those with the Boro for promotion ?
  6. I like Monk, hope he does well. Very excited for this season, can't wait
  7. Baresi


    Hang on, trying to think. Boro, Hartlepool, psg to win league and Bradford to get promoted. Oh and huddlesfied to be relegated. £10,000 on william hill
  8. Baresi


    I've had one. Can't remember what it fookin is ?
  9. I'll be opting out this year. Good luck fellas'. It's EA Fantasy Premier League.
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