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  1. Hearing from my sauce that we're still on for 2 signings. We'll see who's right at 11pm I guess.
  2. If the Mendez-Laing issue was a failed internal drug test, him leaving the country & not signing for someone sooner might suggest he was dodging more official drug screening & wouldn't have passed a medical sooner, with another club. Maybe now his system is clear. Just a random conspiracy theory .
  3. We haven't played the waiting game, because we've got Yannick in to not be left empty handed. If we've agreed the financial details with the clubs & the players, and all are happy to proceed, leaving just their managers consent, if that consent comes late in the day on Monday, you'd expect us to be the 1st phone call with 1st refusual. We then make a decision based on can we now afford them (or need them) if we've signed another/others. I get a gut feeling this option will present itself with one of the two players, it just depends on if we're still interested. So not com
  4. The 2 he really wanted , don't seem 100% dead by the sounds of this. Warnock.mp4
  5. West Brom hope to sign Galatasaray striker Mbaye Diange in time to make his debut on Saturday. With Snodgrass already on board & if they get this fella from Turkey, any chance Matt Phillips is allowed to leave?
  6. Another 2 (so far) for Diédhiou tonight. No way Bristol will let him leave just as he's finding some decent form.
  7. Where is the cut off point between thin and fat. If you can no longer see your winky-dink or feet while having a pee , is that the crossover marker ??? (Asking for a friend)
  8. Cheers for the update Mendi , super helpful that. So it was always just 2 then when Woody said we were looking at making signings to bolster a "thin" squad. ? I understand thanks dude.
  9. "Trying hard to get another signing in" I thought it was signings as Woody said we had a thin squad. Are we now down to 1 signing in the works as other targets haven't come off ?
  10. They might negotiate you down to a half pint. Maybe a cheap Fosters shandy they hope will taste like Stella after time.
  11. I reckon Woody, Bevington, Bausor & co will down the pub by 13:00 tomorrow when targets we have , look to be off elsewhere, and we're not prepared to panic over any rash plan B alternatives.
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