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  1. Where is the cut off point between thin and fat. If you can no longer see your winky-dink or feet while having a pee , is that the crossover marker ??? (Asking for a friend)
  2. Cheers for the update Mendi , super helpful that. So it was always just 2 then when Woody said we were looking at making signings to bolster a "thin" squad. ? I understand thanks dude.
  3. "Trying hard to get another signing in" I thought it was signings as Woody said we had a thin squad. Are we now down to 1 signing in the works as other targets haven't come off ?
  4. They might negotiate you down to a half pint. Maybe a cheap Fosters shandy they hope will taste like Stella after time.
  5. I reckon Woody, Bevington, Bausor & co will down the pub by 13:00 tomorrow when targets we have , look to be off elsewhere, and we're not prepared to panic over any rash plan B alternatives.
  6. We missed a trick with Dijksteel , we should have given him shirt number 02 and asked a major telecoms provider to chip in with his wages. Or maybe Mr Whippy could sponsor our new striker if we give him the 99 shirt
  7. We need Bulkhaul to sponsor Britt's wages if we start to sail too close to FFP. Derby are starting to take the piddle though, and the EFL need to look into dealings like this.
  8. Pimps in Derby are optimistic of a great financial start to the next calendar year.
  9. I often think the whole "if you can't beat them, join them" on the Stadium sale loophole , but as you only really get 1 go at it the timing needs to be right. If I understand correctly the FFP measurement is based on the most recent 3 seasons. Looking at our last 3 seasons where 2 of which included parachute payments, I would suggest we are compliant. I've nerded a bit and reckon playing this trump card (if needed) wouldn't be until the 2021/22 season (provided we've not secured promotion beforehand). But I would guess by that time the EFL would have closed such loopholes with rule amendments. Just thinking out loud.
  10. What if Robbie Brady was a part of the Fry to Burnley deal ?
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