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  1. It could get even better and we could sell some more players to European clubs over the next few weeks, Braithwaite to France and Ayala back to Spain ......... Can you image the melt down.
  2. Before being labelled a “bed wetter” , I’m just gonna be as factual as possible without an out poring of irrational emotion. 2017/2018 season we were very one dimensional having really only 1 creative outlet in Adama. After a season of failure to gain promotion we do this, Out Adama--------£18M/£20M Gibbo----------£15M Bamford-------£7M/£10M Fabio-----------£1M Barragan------£1M Besic------------Loan End Baker-----------Loan End Harrison--------Loan End Tomas Mejias-----Released Crainie-----------Released In Flint--------------------£6M/£7M McNair-----------------£5M Hugill------------------Loan Lonergan-------------free We now have only 1 out and out FB in Friend if you consider Shotton to be a CB that covers RB for us. We have on 1 winger (discounting kids for academy) in Downing in the first team squad. I wouldn’t include Braithwaite as a winger, he’s a forward that will be asked to do a job out there. Creativity wise (Gaston type) we have nothing (again discounting kids from academy). So again without being a “bed wetter” is it fair to ask what on earth Gary Gill and the recruitment/scouting team do for their money?
  3. Which one of the Martinas would you rather have? :D Navratilova
  4. We can still do plenty of business after today. I'm not stressing at 17:00 this evening as do or die.
  5. Can we loan in players from other Championship clubs after today, or is it just from the Prem?
  6. I'm still confident on getting a couple of the below, Bolasie Ojo Martina Byram Kalas Martina But just not today. Today is about getting permanents over the line I reckon, Besic Freeman Wallace I was hoping for Sergi Canos, but not a peep on that front.
  7. The merry go round has been triggered. Adama-----------------Boro to Wolves Cavaleiro----------- Wolves to Newcastle Matt Richie------Newcastle to Boro
  8. Think I'm more hacked off that Barry Douglas went to the scum for £3M
  9. Thing is though if Braithwaite has told Pulis his heart isn't in it and wants to leave if a suitable bid lands, why would TP give him the 10 shirt and start him in our opening games. Surely he'd be number 40-something and on the bench at best. Just seems weird.
  10. If Gibbo goes who gets the captaincy? Friend might lose his place if we sign Bryan. It's going to be Downing isn't it ..................
  11. I’m not a rose tinted glasses Downing fan but this is just not true. Downing had some brilliant games last season and when he was up for it he could control the game, switching play, linking play together and putting balls in. Downing could still do a job but we definitely need an alternative. Completely agree. Amazing how people forget he was one of, if not our best player in the first half of the season. Not too amazing, 1 goal & 1 assist by xmas is pretty forgettable to be honest. Trying to shoe horn Downing into our starting XI is not the greatest plan in my opinion, unless of course you want to continue our recent seasons theme of a low goals for column . If you look to the "best" players of Wolves, Fulham & Cardiff, then suggest Downing is ours, it's really no surprise we failed to gain promotion. It's time to move on I'm afraid.
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