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  1. Careful mate, I got blocked when trying to access that.
  2. Leeds haven't announced yet. Rangers have a different line:
  3. I just checked the Derby kit as I remembered they are sponsored by 32 Red also. They have a "Play Responsibly" in the same style band we have:
  4. Eventually the shirt is going to be 80% advertising and 20% kit design. It's stupid, it looks so tacky.
  5. The sponsor adding the extra "Set your limits" bit completely ruins this for me. It's going too far..Without that it would look really nice.
  6. Forest bottle the playoffs on goal difference. They lost 4-1 and Swansea won 4-1 to overtake them. Equal goal difference but Swansea go ahead on goals scored. Wow..Would be wounded.
  7. Same every bloody week. What makes it worse is he doesn't have to lunge in any time..
  8. I think I am watching the wrong game..what is going on? It's only been a few games but Spence is a quality player hope he can keep up this form.
  9. Refresh my memory who was this again? I vaguely remember signing someone who barely played?
  10. This ref is *** awful. That challenge on Coulson and Ayala nearly got whiplash there how did he not see?!
  11. I fully agree with you mate. Cheers everyone for giving me something to read at work ?
  12. I have never watched a boro side as boring as this. If we were to go on and win I would still feel I wasted my time.
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