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  1. Yeah i agree. Was more on the bench i mean. Like hes been doing. Might promote a couple more lads
  2. Wow. Be weird not seeing them on the teamsheet now. Reckon NW will just fill it with young lads now
  3. I was a fan of Warnock. Still am really, but have to admit the recent attitude when there was like 10 games left and all to play for was shocking. It's like he gave up way too early. You fight right to the end, not harp on about playing youth lads to give them a run out. Wound me up a bit that
  4. Not the first time hes done it. He accused you of stuff on here before he admitted he was talking garbage.
  5. Gibson would absolutely hate the fan ownership model haha. Ego would take too much of a hit
  6. People being thankful for Steve Gibson with this ESL launching. Wasn't he fully in support of giving the top 6 clubs all the power when he was all pally with Parry about a breakaway league? He's propsing the exact same thing as the big 6 to clubs further down the league and football pyramid?
  7. Worst thing he did was give Agnew the job for those last 10/11 games. All went to *** from there.
  8. Not too late to U-turn and bounce Warnocks backside out of here Gibbo!
  9. I would think Wyke would cost quite alot of £££ unless hes out of contract, so unless we have a decent kitty i doubt we see him back here
  10. If you keep going back far enough yeah haha. I still think we miss those gems big time.
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