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  1. Definitely getting Forlan'd on this. Boro probably arguing over £10
  2. I always think he looks like he has loads of ability then nothing happens 😂
  3. Jones and Sivi have impressed me since coming on. Wouldn't think they are u23s really
  4. Yeah getting towards beginning of the season and we cant have passengers. i think neil will let him go tbh
  5. Paterson looks a bit raw. Hes done some good bits but not sure about him. need to see him in next couple games
  6. its definitely not Tavistock anymore though thats for sure haha
  7. Haha in all seriousness we look orite actually
  8. terrible start. Uche is a donkey. bad season ahead
  9. Don't think alot of people realise how quick things change too. Players become available out of the blue and you have to react quick. No chance you get the time to find those out.
  10. He wasnt in the flamengo squad today so im assuming its 100% happening 😂
  11. Diego Forlan plane interception incoming
  12. And Watmore, i love Duncan soldiers into a Lumley runny egg.
  13. only tavistock, but im gladly eating my words over Coulson 🙂
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