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  1. delusions of absolute grandeur. hes an arrogant arrogant man.
  2. Haha i would say you are pretty spot on there lmao
  3. It was already penned in. Lot can happen between now and then, and even Monday though.
  4. hahha jesus christ. 4 year extension?
  5. Issue is we wont play like that against other teams. Only played that well because it was Leeds. We always get brought down to the level of team we are playing at. Performances just arent transferrable.
  6. frustrating is the word mate definitely. i thought shotton too. stopped most stuff tonight, and made some great tackles. we just have to pick up points.
  7. results that matter mate. we've had these spells before, with nothing coming to fruition
  8. dont worry we will revert back to dross next week lol
  9. better. takes to this point to get some fight out of them
  10. missed them on both sides to be fair
  11. first shot in. hell of a shot from Sav that
  12. 0 shots on target isnt great tbh mate first half. Its nothing new, we have had bright spells in the games we have lost recently
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