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  1. Can see it now. Jim White announcing window shut and us fans thinking we’ve submitted some form over the line just in time then waking up and finding nothing. Then we get smashed by Brentford
  2. Wouldn't have him here myself at all. Think the fact he was in charge with all those top players flattered him.
  3. Roberts can go back also. Physically garbage too
  4. Too common this trait in form. Looking v average
  5. hes also done very little to suggest hes any good. dont think he would do much for us here myself
  6. just the 3 goals in 40 odd starts though i dont think he would add much for us personally, but i guess we need bodies if we can
  7. Hope its not Vydra. Would have taken him a few years ago though
  8. Think arsenal said Nelson wouldn’t be going out on loan. Wish it was him though
  9. Id take Kamara all day long. Absolute beast
  10. I knew we would get Origi one day! Serious note though, could be Zeqiri from Brighton? Hes played up top in the cup, but says he can play on the wing too.
  11. He's back in the squad aswell. He was one of their best players. Someone like him would be good though. Need that extra bit of quality
  12. Just not true though is it. One of their key players is back so lets loan him to a rival. Nah
  13. Patches O'Houlilan would be better. Best motivator to grace sports
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