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  1. Could do with Immobile after the season he's had
  2. Britt will see out his contract. You aren't going to get anyone who will take on his wages.
  3. yeah pretty decent stint that. Game is at a level now where players never really rest completely anyway. Have to keep base fitness throughout the year now
  4. Set piece wise Wing is excellent. Rest of his game is very questionable
  5. They won't recover from that next season either imo.
  6. Nicky Maynard. He's actually had a right season for Mansfield haha, but it better not be him 😂
  7. you know what i mean haha. 2001 season i think. was a nice fit the shirt, but cant even fit into it now lol
  8. No not yet. Just heard this one is definitely agreed. Upto the player now
  9. Moore deal agreed. Unfortunately the deals are agreed with 5 other clubs lol. Just under 2m
  10. Last time we had that away kit i had 8 Nemeth on the back haha. Still ace after all these years
  11. Absolutely horrible. Really disappointed with that shirt
  12. hes probs asked for £10m in transfer fees and Gibbo told him to *** off lol
  13. Not much. Lot of clubs are financially *** with COVID thrown in. System been broken for a while and i think we will start to see it. Especially with potentially hardly any income for the club to come apart from player sales
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