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  1. Feeling like that about all football in general at the moment. I don't miss it at all as bad as it sounds
  2. I went Gaston as much as i loved HIggy and the work rate, had to go with footballing ability as much as a Bell that he was lol
  3. Had to go Townsend too. Excellent player
  4. We offered not far off what hes on right now, as we know we would have to pay the same amount if not more to replace him, and we knew it would be tough to do so. Ayala wanted to explore other options, but we offered him a class contract. That what it was around Jan time anyway.
  5. Heard Boro and few other clubs were not in great shape at all financially due to this situation. EFL loan has been covering them for March
  6. Aye his legs went about 10 years ago haha
  7. Ayala has been offered a really good contract, but he is looking to see whats available elsewhere. Boro dont see the point in spending to try and find a replacement when they can offer Dani a contract. Not up to the club in the end though i guess
  8. staying up. spending 50m and heading to the prem! UTFB
  9. Gestede always been decent Just needed a decent run..
  10. i dont think it matters what side he puts out now lol, but id like to see him using spence and coulson if they are going to be the feature of future teams
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