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  1. Itll be Bamba, Howson, Mcnair with Jones and Tav wingbacks i reckon
  2. Should we put daveybongeye at the back with Bamba?
  3. Are they just adding on injuries that we previously knew about at the beginning of the season to create this excuse factory again?
  4. Excuses just roll off the tongue way too easy for him. It will be every game.
  5. Having them training like lunatics in between a full season schedule will do that. Depressing isn't it
  6. For one i wouldn't listen to someone of his physical stature and take tips on how to train harder
  7. Gutted that dinosaur is still roaming the Rockliffe lands. Can't wait for the season to finish already
  8. My interest in the team and club has hit an all time low actually. Just don't look forward to games anymore.
  9. How do you know its not true though?
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