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  1. Belgian leagues crap though. Most of those teams are champ level
  2. Haha no. the dots were in reference to 'i think we can do alot better" i just thought of the most Warnock player i could on the free agent list
  3. hahahahahahahahahahaha jesssssssssssssssssus christ. Returrrrrn of the Laaaaamb
  4. Club did it last year moving goalposts constantly. Nearly killed the Mikel deal
  5. Gone from “Not a fan of freee agents there’s normally a reason why they aren’t at clubs” to “I was looking at 6 strikers last night we will see what we can get in fro t he free agents market” 😂😂 Stinks of Tony Poolips
  6. Deals just got to be approved by then. Probs take 1 month to announce 😂
  7. They were trying for Baba but its proving difficult wage wise. But we knew about the Baba deal ages before i found out details
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