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  1. Just wouldn't be able to compete. Be worse off than last year, but i highly doubt we start with that
  2. From prem/championship to grass roots. Fall from grace that. Poor lad looks like he's been through it aswell
  3. Water is not itself wet, but can make other solid materials wet.
  4. He's absolutely brilliant KLP. Going to be such a top player
  5. Northern Echo have been going around twitter and rehashing it into their own articles. Shocking outlet tbh
  6. Some people happy with Mcgoldrick but turn their nose up at Steffen. Im glad some people on here aren't scouts for us 😂
  7. All his posts look like clip art/microsoft paint
  8. I take a Carabao cup final winner over any of the ones we have or loaned out tbh lol
  9. Fantastic bit of business if we get him. Top signing
  10. We used to speak all the time was gutted when he'd got fed up
  11. Yeah id keep Uche aswell, but i suspect he fancies starting some games so no point if hes unhappy
  12. Has a future of sitting on the bench behind two keepers. Must be a slow morning for them haha
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