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  1. Clayton definitely looking for a move and free to leave. Agent has been talking to a few clubs
  2. Gibbos new estate is looking nice anyway. Should distract him from this shower of *** club performance
  3. told you before about coming on here, Vickers
  4. Really thought we had turned the corner a bit last few games but christ its just papering over the cracks. He needs to go. Project Bullshit peddled out at the beginning of the season was an absolute middle finger to the fans. Woodgate is a tool so its not surprising to see it rubbing off on the players either
  5. Woodgate mafia. They all love chumming it up
  6. Culture and discipline starts with the management. Simple as. No discipline whatsoever.
  7. just void up top. Disappointing as we been ok elsewhere on the pitch
  8. Yeah definitely. Im starting to change mindset now. Went from angry to apathetic, to why stress and just try and go with it. Welcome to Boro
  9. A lot of fans (including me) still in that sort of subconscious playoff mode where we are expected to beat every team or get a result against every team. Tough trying to adapt to not getting a result each week. Torture for me
  10. maybe not but fact reminds hes being touted out with Clayton too
  11. Clayton, Randolph, Johnson and anyone who will pay money for Saville. Again will people pay what the club want for them?
  12. "Finally turned a corner" for the 100th time
  13. They're trying to save pennies right across the club. We wont be paying for players. They are touting some around though
  14. There will be naff all coming in. Expect outgoing though. FFP before we go down
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