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  1. They can have Connolly instead. Just don't tell them he belongs to Brighton
  2. The article had Cowley saying there isnt a recall clause but further down it said you never know the way its gone for them this season. Weird contradiction on himself lol
  3. Bazanu isnt happening. Man City can only recall if they have a GK emergency
  4. Think the early yellows made that harder, just in case we needed to switch one of them
  5. I've calmed down after last night now. Felt like the end of the world but can't win every game. Always feels worse when you haven't lost in ages.
  6. Ah well. focus on top 6 because zero chance top 2. Not good enough
  7. Cannot wait for Connolly to head back to Brighton already. Uche is better
  8. Crooks looks like hes on a different planet tonight. Hasnt looked right but maybe that was the early booking
  9. Neither of those up top are going to do any damage whatsoever. Wilders got it wrong tonight. First time ive said it
  10. we have been absolutely Warnock tonight. None of these lads have looked up for it
  11. Difficult viewing this cant believe we aren't losing
  12. Connolly can go back already for me he never looks bothered and actually looks pretty crap as a player
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