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  1. Wouldn't the 4-3-3 work with fletch ass and braithwaite quite nicely though as inside forwards rather than wingers.. Tav as a backup and then we just need another forward to bolster the ranks. If ass stays If braithwaite stays No idea of prospects coming through. And yeh I know it's a monk line up but we need to use the cards we currently have.
  2. but will letting a few tealadies and stewards go really dent the deficit that much? sell any bitpart player/mercenary and let the people keep their jobs. so much of being a community club...
  3. My issue is that they appear to have yet discussed what's actually required... Surely there's a list of definites and then a list of things we can address once they've looked at certain players...
  4. Interesting to read of Woody saying he's got Braithwaites back and would love to have him back in to the fold. Could be a ruse for negotiation purposes but he's definitely a player with some measure of talent and a good season of him knuckling down will help with his valuation.
  5. I can't see 7 mil for a player that's hardly played in a season and was relegated the season before.. 5 is a push in my view
  6. I dont think its been mentioned but it seems that Graeme Lee has been promoted to U23 coach. Dont know anything about him really
  7. Must've been a fault with the agents ?
  8. I know its the daily mail but sasy that monk is being investigated on his transfers whilst he was with us. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-7162977/Middlesbrough-investigating-transfers-Garry-Monk-manager.html I thought it was pulis that was supposedly corrupt :P
  9. Obviously the interviews were all done on the same day and good work again by the PR dept sending these snippets out daily to bridge the gap until everyone gets back to work on Monday. They have been good though, its good to hear Leo chat about what he's wanting a little, the dept of content wasn't there as to what he truly brings but the desire to be shown as more than just Leo the lionheart is good to see. Hopefully, his knowledge and skills do transfer from GK coach to a general coach which he is now I believe. Also, I was under the impression that it was a collective appointment to ge
  10. haven't you just wasted time by commenting on this?
  11. From my personal opinion only of course. My main concerns prior to the appointment about woody, was that its a big job to overhaul a playing style and ideally this would be done by an experienced manager who's done this before. I was optimistic initially when dutch managers etc.. we being touted, but these all seemed to fall by the wayside or were never really in the running anyway. Jokanovic, the more I looked in to it seemed to be an expensive manager that would need an expensive budget to overhaul the systems and does he really align with this direction that we're trying to achieve? I
  12. are you as miserable in RL as you are here?
  13. @AdamBoro stop showing yourself up and grow up. Southgate is now a fairly well admired manager/coach of the England setup so saying he's clueless is a bit of a reach even for deluded people. The recruitment I don't believe sucks as much as people state. Karanka regime brought in a net positive return on investment of most of his players. Monk brought in a number of players which most were decent quality, just didn't work out for many reasons. Pulis paed over the odds for players and sold our best players but the recruitment fit his obvious shopping list... so the recruitment seemed t
  14. whats this golden thread thing about? also I'm looking forward to seeing who the first recruitments are now that we've got the team together. I don't expect anything for a week or two though.
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