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  1. Decent player but we are overstocked with center mids so could be let go …..only at the right price though 🙂
  2. Come on Lads let's have some good news please. If we are selling our prized assets then our finances must be bloody grim. So much for Pulis putting the club finances in a good position 😞
  3. Same here entertainment will be the name of the game this season, but then who knows we may just get a bonus and "smash" the league!!!
  4. Here we go again:-) Good positive start I predict Boro to win 2-0.
  5. Lindy Delapenha . Boro 1 Blackburn 0 December 1955. F**K me I'm old
  6. No starting with a clean slate in your world then ! Perhaps Gibbo should have interviewed you then you could have presented your enlightened vision for our club?
  7. Great on Desktop (not tried on mobile yet) . Nice smooth transition too. Well done oneboro . Just noticed ive become view fron the Chic ken run. who is this guy Ken? lol.
  8. If we are broke it would be great to see half the team next season filled with academy players. You could fill the rest with senior players and have a nice balance. I expect to see Randolph, Besic, Mikel, Downing, Braithwaite, Britt, Gestede go. Then I think we might find it hard to hold onto Fry if Premier league teams start sniffing round. We might still have a core of players like Flint, Ayala, Shotton, Friend, Howson, Saville, Clayton and Fletcher. If we can add a bit of pace and energy into wide positions then we might not be too bad. The challenge will be getting a good manager who can mold a team together, hopefully it won't be Woodgate. i'd start the bidding for Fry at 20m - and that's me being generous! Get him on a longer contract first. I would not want to sell unless silly money was being thrown around.
  9. If we win...…..Pulis Out If we draw......Pulis Out If we lose...…..Pulis Out Come on Boro !!
  10. Three Swansea own goals is perhaps a tad too optimistic. If we are to get anything we need to keep a clean sheet and maybe get a lucky 1-0 win. I was thinking two penalties and a spawny deflection :cheese:
  11. A win by a good margin would be typical Boro today! Overdue 3 points so I'm going 3-1 Boro :-)
  12. Bad comparison though isn't it? Our Carling cup winning / prem / European team against our championship team? - tell you what though, Assombalonga, Bamford and Braithwaite wouldnt be a bad three? I Wonder if Pulis could get goals out of them? After all, their other coaches have. It's not a fair comparison, but the original question was would anyone take McClaren back. And since that question is based in part on his achievements here back in the day, I wanted to make the point that he achieved good things with a superb team. If he came back, he'd be working with comparative dross like Hugill and Flint, and I see no evidence McClaren is skilled at making poor players into good ones. Good point well made. I concur !
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