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  1. Happy for Jordan Rhodes . Great goal.
  2. Looks like 17.02% of us were right! Good performance by Daniels today and a clean sheet too 🙂
  3. Ok let's see who you think should play
  4. There is nothing that comes close to the excellent atmosphere of the original chicken run. Proper support in a unique way. Do NOT devalue our heritage.
  5. The Chicken Run aiding player development since the 70's 😍
  6. Happy New year UK time to all Boro fans. We have to wait an extra 8 hours here before we get rid of 2021 ! UTFB
  7. Merry Christmas you guys ! This is actual footage from our Christmas Day training session 🙂
  8. Time to move on but just incase Mr W still follows us, how about we give him some final messages ( good or bad ) ? I'll start by saying thanks for saving us last season and all the best in the future. Good times ...yes Bad times.... yes but I for one enjoyed the ride. Cheers Neil...if you are still watching.
  9. Font size is OK for me. I like the new look tbh.
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