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  1. Font size is OK for me. I like the new look tbh.
  2. 19 mins away from The Hawthorns! Mearse Lane, Barnt Green B45, 6 bedroom detached house for sale - 55849915 | PrimeLocation
  3. How about we stick to football guys!
  4. Will anyone miss him? https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/anthony-vickers-after-30-years-18835817
  5. Well what do you guys think ? Is our bold leader right to call out all the disenfranchised supporters on here and on the radio phone ins?
  6. My prediction is 3-1 to us. I would not feel confident enough to put money on it though 😎
  7. Probably all the ones we have yet to play at this season,oh yeah and the Riverside of course? That said I'm not sure we have "played" at any grounds this season we just make up the numbers!
  8. Decent player but we are overstocked with center mids so could be let go …..only at the right price though ?
  9. Come on Lads let's have some good news please. If we are selling our prized assets then our finances must be bloody grim. So much for Pulis putting the club finances in a good position ?
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