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  1. Real Betis are my 2nd team and I've liked them since I was a younger since I love the colour green. Was planning on visiting Seville before the end of this season, that's gone tits up now. Went to a Schalke 04 game this year so they're my favourite german team along with St. Pauli.
  2. Toney would cost far too much for us.
  3. I think we'll see these departures in the summer: Contract: Gestede Friend Johnson Shotton Fees: Assombalonga McNair (hope not, but I think he'll be in demand from other clubs) Clayton Potentially Dael Fry
  4. I have no doubts that large gatherings and events will be cancelled/postponed in the next few weeks. I'd be shocked if the rest of the football season goes on as normal. It's the right decision. I reckon this weekend will be the last games of football for a while in this country, or at least infront of fans.
  5. How does that counter for the loss of revenue by these teams? If anything that's even worse.
  6. I'd be shocked if Hull stay up honestly. I've got a few mates who are Hull fans and the club is ran even worse than ours at the moment. Think lots of the fans will be happy to go down if it means finally getting rid of the Allams .They've sold their two best players in January and replaced them with inexperienced League 1 players.
  7. What the hell is going on at Charlton?!
  8. That clean sheet will do wonders for Stojanović's confidence. Looking forward to see how he fares against a team who'll actually challenge him.
  9. Gotta give Ayala his winter holiday.
  10. I'm worried for the Charlton game on Saturday. If we lose it'll be awful but I think Hull will be our main competition for relegation by the end of the season so it won't be complete doomsday.
  11. Weasel

    Charlton game

    Gonna be some disappointed children and fathers after Saturday.
  12. I think peo I think you're forgetting just how bad those last few months of Pulis was. Pretty much the whole fanbase wanted us to change our style.
  13. Not surprised Wing is our 2nd top scorer, he's the only one who dares shoot. I'd really like to see the likes of McNair take an effort more often.
  14. Clayton's legs are gone. We need someone to do that ball winning role and I think Howson is probably our best bet, put Spence at right back. Dijksteel will be back soon and he could add some energy to the team (I mean he can't be worse than before)
  15. When will Dijksteel be back in the first team? I know he looked a bit *** when he was fit but I think he could make a decent defensive midfielder and the current lot aren't exactly impressing.
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