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  1. Time for Grant Hall and Fletcher to step up 😬
  2. Aye I just saw the replay and edited my post, did have me nervous in the moment though.
  3. I thought that was a pen there mind EDIT: nevermind, not on the replay
  4. So this is what a good deadline day feels like.
  5. I've always thought Kebano was the fulham player we were after and not Kamara, seemed to match up with the provided evidence more.
  6. Yeah I believe we can get free transfers until March, if FM is anything to go by.
  7. I'll be honest, even with his off the field issues, I'd rather have Mendez-Laing than Kamara. He's an absolute liability waiting to happen on the field and Fulham fans seem happy to get rid, goalscoring record ain't special either. Positives are his pace and the fact he can play anywhere in a front three.
  8. I wouldn't say he's any stronger than Britt to be honest, if not less. They're both 5'10 and of a similar build.
  9. Aye that would be ideal circumstances I think, if the club is confident there'll be no reprecussions down the line then we should go for it.
  10. Agree with you, unless Warnock knows what the crime was then we could be setting ourselves up for a disaster down the line once it leaks out to public knowledge.
  11. No idea what to think about Mendez-Laing, me being comfortable with us signing him depends on what he did. Used drugs? Don't really care, barely even a problem. Dealed drugs? Slightly more of a problem, but still don't really care. Sexual assault? Big no. Gang related crime, maybe related to dealing drugs? Worrying, but perhaps a change of scenery and 6 months out could help. He is a quality player though and could see us smashing it with him.
  12. I think we'll bring one player in today and see a few go out on loan. Hoping for more, but Boro never have a good deadline day.
  13. I hope we somehow get Glatzel instead, would much rather take a chance on him than Diedhiou
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