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  1. Bettinelli hasn't really had to make that many saves in his boro career. Feel like he's gonna have to make quite a few in these remaining minutes.
  2. Decent first half, but really sloppy at points. Derby really don't look great, plus Rooney has been poor so far (don't wanna jinx it).
  3. nice tune! Translated for you more mature gentleman: Britt Curtis Assombalonga is currently live on the online streaming website Twitch.tv. He is playing the multiplayer game Call of Duty: Warzone with three of his companions.
  4. Assombalonga streaming some 4 man Warzone quads on Twitch, if anyone cares. https://www.twitch.tv/killerbeee92
  5. Pears was always destined to keep a clean sheet tonight wasn't he? Thought we played really well otherwise, definitely 2 points dropped but we are playing superb. Defence is absolutely rock solid at the moment as well.
  6. Close mate of mine is a Blackburn supporter and he claims they've got 11 players out and very little chance of winning. 1-0 loss confirmed.
  7. I bet Neil Warnock wants to hug Djed after that. GET IN!
  8. Tyler Walker is a great player. I'm scared of this sub.
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