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  1. To be fair I sit closer to the away fans on the opposite side of the South Stand, so nothing against Red Faction, they seem a decent set of lads. That area has a lot of seats that go to general sale, so it tends to attract a lot of doyles. Yeah it's a tough one, I've called it out when it's been directly near me and I have a strong idea who said it, but a lot of the time it's just a shout you hear behind you in the distance. I actually heard the same voice say it twice at Sunderland but he was in the block behind me, seperated by stairs. Nobody seemed to call him out. A lot of t
  2. Just a general observation but I feel like I've heard way more racist abuse from the stands this season than others, specifically in the south stand. Can think of at least 4 different matches this season I've heard racist comments being shouted
  3. This thread was definitely necessary
  4. Nice to see that Carrick's name isn't getting thrown about with the Palace job anymore https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2024/02/13/mckenna-glasner-running-crystal-palace-manager-hodgson/
  5. Apologies but can you take me off the match day thread list for this season, I'm struggling to find the motivation lately to muster one up and I don't want to delay the thread or anything when people want to discuss. @OldManGravz if you can bail me out and take over that would lovely. Sorry once again DS!
  6. Wow, what a signing this is. He was very highly rated a few years ago, Hull are showing a lot of ambition.
  7. Hope things are well Newy
  8. I'd be tempted to take a risk on Macaulay Langstaff from Notts County. 32 at Gateshead, 42 last season for Notts County and the first person in the EFL to reach 20 goals this season, this is all without taking any penalties. Admittedly he's playing in League 2 but I think it'd be worth a risk, he's also from stockton and came through our academy. Can't imagine him costing too much, gives us another striker option this year, and if he flops we can probably recoup a fair chunk of that fee back since he's proven himself at that lower level
  9. Did the away leg tickets only sell out this morning or were Boro just late with the announcement?
  10. Don't worry he's joining just after we sign these Croatian wonderkids.
  11. Finn Azaz would be an incredible signing but I can't see it happening, especially not at 2.5m Don't really understand the Ayling signing, his legs have gone and he's been struggling with a knee injury all season. If he can't play the majority of the games over the next few months then what is the point honestly.
  12. Well if you're being pedantic then yeah, but only because he's been injured a few weeks. Saying he wasn't first choice is disingenuous, he started every game before that injury.
  13. Intro Now that the miserable international break is finally over, we can get back to the real football and watch the boys continue their promotion push. Our next match is against the kings of mid table, Bristol City. As far as grounds go, our record at Ashton Gate is pretty good, and we did draw there last season under Carrick. Form and Table: We enter this game with much better form than our opponents, having picked up 13 points out of 18. Bristol City on the other hand have only managed 7 points. However, they have changed their manager in that time and this will be Liam
  14. Was going to have it up today after I finish work as the international break technically ended yesterday
  15. Intro My first match day thread of the season, but I somehow doubt I'll be coming anyway near MRe's record after seeing our opponent. Leicester find themselves at the top of the table, 4 points clear of second and 11 points clear of 3rd. They haven't drawn a single game all season and have only lost 2 (one which happened to be their last game against Leeds), so they will be looking to bounce back. Form and Table: Leicester enter this one with marginally better form than the Boro having won five of their last six games in the league, as opposed to Boro's 4 wins, 1 loss, 1 draw.
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