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  1. Cardiff City vs Middlesbrough FC Saturday 23rd October – 12:30 pm (Sky Sports) Cardiff City Stadium Current standings: Boro continue to climb up the table and we find ourselves in a reasonable 10th place. The Bluebirds are in free fall and Mick Mccarthy might be the most hated man in Cardiff right now. If he doesn't get something from this game he's most likely getting sacked. Views from various Cardiff City fans on social media/forum
  2. Don't really mind Tav taking shots personally, he was wasteful yesterday but he was super positive going forward and just gives us a spark that we lack when he's not playing. It wasn't long ago we were all complaining about never taking long shots and claiming Lewis Wing was the only one capable of it.
  3. Feeling strangely optimistic about the game today, Warnock's press conference seemed a lot more positive and he was actually giving praise to players (including Payero). Hopefully that means he'll start again. Think Barnsley have got enough about them to score vs our makeshift defence, but seems like their defence is a shambles and they play a really high line. Can see Tav and Jones getting in behind and causing havoc. Gonna go for a 2-1 victory and a 3rd match day thread 😁 Sporar and Tav to score.
  4. If we're looking at German managers then I'd like to see Daniel Thioune given a shot. He did really great work at Osnabruck and seems like a good guy. Didn't quite work for him at Hamburg but that's a very stressful and toxic job with a lot of expectation (not that managing Boro wouldn't be). He didn't quite get sacked there either but felt he'd lost the dressing room and was burnt out.
  5. Had to rephrase question 5, couldn't read that joke again 😬
  6. The current standings: After just about managing to win against Peterborough, Boro find themselves three places higher in 12th position. Our opponents meanwhile are currently sat in the bottom 3 at a miserable 22nd. They’re somehow below Hull which shows how poor they’ve been this season, which is quite a fall off from last season where they managed to reach the playoffs. View from the opponents: Barnsley fans seem to be having a pretty miserable time at the moment, not only are they currently in the relegation zone but they’ve also had to close one of their stands at Oakw
  7. Yeah if I'm honest I wasn't bothered at all when we didn't sign him.
  8. Just assisted the 3rd 😬
  9. Just assisted another. He's been great for them this season, wonder why we weren't interested.
  10. Hoping we see Kokolo and maybe some other youngsters today, can't be arsed if he tries to shoehorn players out of position.
  11. We have Williams Kokolo in the academy who is meant to be highly rated, don't understand why we aren't giving him a chance.
  12. https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2021/oct/12/david-squires-on-newcastle-united-saudi-takeover
  13. Middlesbrough vs Peterborough Saturday 16th November – 3:00 pm Riverside Stadium The current standings: Boro currently find themselves in a disappointing 15th position after 11 games. Following a decent transfer window, I think a lot of us expected more from the team with playoffs being a realistic expectation. Warnock is definitely underachieving with this squad at the moment, but there's plenty of games still to go and it looks like w
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