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  1. If Lewis Wing gets on that pitch before Coulson or Browne I will scream
  2. Well this is a thoroughly unpleasant experience. And I don't just mean the football.
  3. Surely they could have spread the fans out a bit more?
  4. Is the stream going mental for anyone else?
  5. I'm very much enjoying Ferencváros' run in the champions league qualifiers, hope they can qualify to the groups. Already knocked out Celtic and Dinamo Zagreb and definitely capable of beating Molde.
  6. I stopped reading here if I'm honest
  7. Kilman wasn't in the Wolves squad for the Carabao. Wonder if he's on the move 🤔
  8. I think one of Spurs or Everton will win the carabao this year. Both desperate for a trophy.
  9. Rupert Murdoch disagrees.
  10. Chuba is taking us to the promised land of the Premier League. thought I'd add some positivity
  11. Says Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink was one of his idols growing up 😏
  12. Akpom is not a bad player. Not sure why people are being so negative. Not sure about 3m pounds on him mind, would rather have Roberts for 3.5m
  13. It's time for the collective OneBoro meltdown now I think.
  14. I actually burst out laughing when Wing fired that shot out the stadium, genuinely cracked me up.
  15. I imagine this'll do a good job of assuring Woodrow not to come here
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