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  1. Absolute beast on football manager.
  2. Sounds like you've got some chip on your shoulder about my generation and younger generations, definitely gives off old man yelling at cloud vibes. Your point about children not receiving discpline is odd, most parents will discipline their children if they do something wrong, it just may not be physical (as it should be, you should never hit a child). Multiple studies have proven that physical punishment can lead to increased aggression, antisocial behavior, physical injury and mental health problems for children. Your point about the police is also more reflective of the government
  3. Although I agree with your point I don't really understand the entitled generation part. Which generation are you referring to?
  4. He's definitely dropped off massively and a lot of that's on him, but he's not entirely to blame. He played an insane amount of football from a young age so his peak probably isn't the same age range as the average footballer. A good graphic from louorns on twitter, makes Sterling's career look even more impressive:
  5. Would personally love a remake of this badboy
  6. What on earth are you rambling on about
  7. Lumley is horrific but from what I remember Bettinelli was worse, at least Lumley had some alright games. Bettinelli used to spill every shot that came near him and barely made any saves.
  8. Darlow is a solid keeper who has had some very good seasons in the prem and championship, certainly wouldn't be the worst option and he's a massive upgrade on Fumbley. My only worry is his distribution and ability on the ball, he's never really excelled at that. Like others have mentioned, if we could get Bazunu on loan I would be offering City a large loan fee to get him as he's genuinely quality and I'd be confident of us going up with him in goal. Iversen would also be an exceptional signing but I think we'd probably be priced out of him as I imagine they'll want around 5-6m.
  9. Would love us to go after Panutche Camará, quality all round box to box midfielder who can help out at both ends of the pitch. Think he'd do well in Wilder's system as he's got bags of energy.
  10. Player of the season - Tav or Dijksteel Young player of the season (u23) - Jones, pretty much carried our attack in some games Goal of the season - Coburn vs Spurs Best new signing - Matt Crooks Most improved - Jonny Howson Most underrated - Tav, can't believe there's still people who constantly write him off and underplay his ability, and even want us to cash in on him. Best match - Derby 4-1 or the win vs Spurs Best moment - Coburn goal vs Spurs Overall rating out of 10 for the season - 6.5, personally feel like we should've made the playoffs but it i
  11. That's always been my biggest concern and annoyance with Wilder, it doesn't seem like we have a plan B other than bringing on more strikers or changing them. When we come up against a team who have the better of us tactically it doesn't ever feel like we have the tactical nuance to change things around. I know you've highlighted it before as well, definitely something that concerns me next season. I hope we're not just stuck with the 3-5-2 / 3-4-1-2 with no backup plan.
  12. Wouldn't be selling any of Tav, Jones or Fry personally. Have people gone mad? Tav and Jones have pretty much carried our team at points this season and are irreplacable. If you think you can just find another RWB of Jones' quality that easily then you're in for a shock. I think we should get around 15-20m for Djed Spence and then maybe we can cash in on McNair for around 7-8m. That should be more than enough money to build a new squad, this summer has one of the craziest free agent markets football has ever seen, there is so much quality available for a free. People think you need t
  13. Imagine Payero in a remake of the 1998-1999 away kit, player of the season rocking the Argentina colours.
  14. Here's hoping all these shenanigans unite the team and we go on a 4 game win streak to seal the playoffs 😎
  15. Daniel Farke and Reiziger are the standout, realistic options for me. Reiziger would give us access to the Eredivisie market, with potentially Ajax and Manchester United loanees next season as well, with Ten Hag heading there.
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