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  1. I knew our board was incompetent but surely they never gave Dimi that much money?!
  2. Watched Bong Joon Ho's new movie 'Parasite' last night and it was absolutely class. First korean movie to be nominated for an oscar (and there's been some gems over the years). Would recommend anyone to watch it, cinematography is beautiful and one scene absolutely shook me up.
  3. In my opinion I think Dijksteel was always signed to play in midfield
  4. I genuinely don't believe that Randolph rumour. Obviously I could be wrong but he's always come across as so professional and a decent bloke. Club know they can save A LOT of money with him leaving and since Pears has looked good it's a no brainer for the board.
  5. Looking forward to this. Got a feeling Son is gonna absolutely destroy us though.
  6. Excited for the rest of the season now we have Roberts. Really hope we don't sell Randolph. I think he genuinely likes it here and he's been absolute class these past seasons. Pears is decent but still untested, if we did make the playoffs I'd much rather have Randolph for those games alone. Understand we need the money though, would probably rather see Britt leave (even though I'm a fan).
  7. Are you able to watch this BD? Yeah. Riverside Live via the website. We haven’t really been close to the penalty box. Nothing to fear for Leeds as we are always outnumbered. They haven’t been much better though. isn't that just audio?
  8. On the basis of this game I don’t really understand this. We’re away to probably the most inform team in the league who’s top scorers in the league and our preparation has been scuppered by Braithwaite this week. We have almost nullified Leeds this half. A point is good and we will get chances to nick a point. We’ve had a few already. What don't you understand? I hate the way he sets his teams up. I hate the players he picks [i loved Downing /until 2009]. I hate the fact he stumbles on winning players and formations [but doesn't stick with them]. I hate the pragmatism of it all. We have 13 points out of 15. We just played a blinder of a half against Leeds away from home. I wasn't a big Pulis fan but none of these points are valid at the moment, you can't take some results from last season into consideration cause it wasn't really his season/squad.
  9. We looked really good, we absolutely controlled that first half. Second half we still looked solid, although West Brom definitely got back into the game more. Referee made some dodgy calls for both teams but overall I think we genuinely deserved that Ayala goal at the end. Clayton gets criticism but he was really great tonight, same with Howson.
  10. Can't blame this loss on that moment. This is all on Tony Pulis, we were negative at HOME in a playoff semi final tie, we barley created any chances or even looked like scoring. Bruce has tactically outclassed Pulis tonight, we relied on Traore too much all season and Bruce put a lot of pressure on him, without him we had no spark. Just can't believe Pulis' overall game management here, he was so negative when we needed a goal. I knew from the starting line-up we weren't gonna score tonight.
  11. Can't believe this game management by Pulis so far, how are we still so negative?!
  12. They're going to score and end this tie soon if we don't make a sub.
  13. Surely we've gotta make a change now, they're getting into it again.
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