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  1. I'd be all over this at that price, they only want about 1m.
  2. Was brought in to please Warnock after the Payero signing in my opinion. The smug old goblin thought he could prove a point to Gibson that you can sign gems from England for a lot less than what was spent on Payero. Obviously ended up being miles off this level.
  3. Agree with you on the sash, I'd absolutely love to bring that back. I liked the 2014-2015 kit despite the sash being executed terribly.
  4. To be fair to Woodgate I think he is quite a good judge of talent and knowing a good player since he was a scout for Liverpool and also gave us Dijksteel who was his top target. Absolutely useless at coaching and handling the media mind.
  5. Don't wanna cause a controversy but I actually quite liked that kit 😳
  6. I actually can't get over how bad that kit is, probably the worst home kit we've had in a long time.
  7. Great investigative journalism 😁 Guessing that means some point this week, hopefully tomorrow!
  8. I think Zeqiri seems the most likely, or potentially Evan Ferguson
  9. Could also be Florin Andone, not really wanted at Brighton. I'd be surprised if it's Undav as he's just had a quality season in belgium and I think they wanted to give him a go this year according to my Brighton mates.
  10. Would love Delph here, but wages would be an issue. Wouldn't be surprised if he ended up back at Leeds
  11. If it means he stays then I'm willing to take the sacrifice for the good of the cause
  12. Forgot to post this the other day, and it means absolutely nothing. But Payero made an instagram post the other day and it looks like he's back in England now with his dogs. I mean I think it's England, pretty sure I've seen him post that garden before Also worth noting that he broke up with his girlfriend who was living with him here, so that could explain some of the homesickness.
  13. Hause would be an insanely good signing at this level. Gutted about Payero, looks like Wilder has made his mind up that he's not for him. Don't really understand how he couldn't play Wilder's style of play, seems more like he doesn't want to have to deal with the language barrier.
  14. That would be a very good signing, hope it's true. Absolute bagsman during the pandemic for club and country.
  15. Aye hopefully, don't know how reliable he is with transfers but he always gets early Palace team news before anyone else. To be fair he probably meant in talks with the club and I've just misinterpreted it
  16. A friend who is a palace fan and gets a lot of transfer information says they're very interested in Tav, claims they've been in talks with him and Doucoure for a while
  17. I reckon it'll be Gareth Ainsworth who takes the Rovers job. Good manager who is used to working on a budget and is also a boyhood Rovers fan, seems an obvious appointment to me.
  18. That would be extremely harsh in my opinion. Plenty of quality players have had first seasons plagued by injury then gone on to smash it. Could've just been really unlucky with the injuries he's picked up. I do fear that we're going to do what we usually do and bring in a bunch of players designed for a Wilder system who our manager specifically wants, with little resale value, who we'll then be stuck with once he inevitably leaves or it goes tits up.
  19. Just don't see the point in sending Payero back to Argentina, guy hasn't really had a fair chance to shine. A preseason with the team would do him a world of good here. Can't help but feel Wlder has decided he's not for him so now we're cutting our losses already.
  20. Wonder if we plan on dropping 32Red? https://inews.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league-clubs-ditching-betting-sponsors-crystal-palace-gambling-firm-w88-1652663
  21. Don't think I'd buy it if it was real, a bit too boring for me. Hate the blue and black away kits, they're crap and always look the same. I'd say the 2020/2021 hummel one looks better than that.
  22. Absolute beast on football manager.
  23. Sounds like you've got some chip on your shoulder about my generation and younger generations, definitely gives off old man yelling at cloud vibes. Your point about children not receiving discpline is odd, most parents will discipline their children if they do something wrong, it just may not be physical (as it should be, you should never hit a child). Multiple studies have proven that physical punishment can lead to increased aggression, antisocial behavior, physical injury and mental health problems for children. Your point about the police is also more reflective of the government
  24. Although I agree with your point I don't really understand the entitled generation part. Which generation are you referring to?
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