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  1. No matter what the score change is needed. But what do I know.
  2. For some reason the Talking Heads Road to Nowhere is playing in my mind but for me that sums it up, I don't think Boro are going anywhere. I hope I'm wrong.
  3. Is it wrong to hope for more than mid table mediocrity at best or a relegation battle at worst?
  4. I didn't see any of the match but I feel better having read the more positive comments on here. Here's hoping Boro can find a cutting edge.
  5. I'm late as usual but just wanted to say I'm happy that Boro won and from what I've read so for they weren't actually terrible 😄 even if they were maybe hanging on at the end, and nice to see the new signings chipping in. I'll read more of this thread tomorrow and I hope my illusions aren't shattered 😄
  6. I'll be happy if Boro can stop needlessly "pushing" opposition players over and giving away free kicks and happier still if Boro can retain possession from a throw in at least once during the match. I'm going for a nervy 1-0 to Boro, a cock up at the back leading to a Bristol own goal, naturally.
  7. Maybe thinking "WTF have I done signing for this lot?" I suppose the result was predictable but I do wonder how much a rout like this will affect the mindset not only of those involved but also those in the wider and more established line up.
  8. The number of times we see player push opposition players in the back or otherwise (hardly) touch them is frustrating as we know any touch and they're going down and "winning" a free kick. Another pet hate of mine is poor throw ins. How many times do we see possession given away after a poor throw in, it's frustrating and something that should IMO be tightened up.
  9. I'm a bit late but will be interested to read your views later today... Just wanted to say that until the substitutions I thought Boro had nothing... but I'm hoping for something other than a mediocre mid table finish this year.
  10. One problem is that I don't think we can easily trust the numbers. I'm sure we all know that people dying with C19 isn't the same as people dying with C19 being the cause or even a significant factor plus as far as I'm aware flu deaths have been counted in with C19 too. I'm sure they announced that some time ago. One measure of the impact of C19 is excess deaths and that is complex as it will include those dying of various things they should have survived if appointments and diagnosis hadn't been delayed or people topping themselves or murdering others due to increased stresses. I do thin
  11. I thought Spence was one of the few bright sparks in the team. Oh well.
  12. With all these rumoured outgoings I'm beginning to wonder if Boro will be able to put 11 on the pitch.
  13. My God. Look at this... 7th in the league! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2004–05_FA_Premier_League
  14. I'm old enough to remember Robson and McLaren and those wonderful UEFA 4-1/4-2 wins but I also remember the final which sort of took the shine off things. Oh for those days...
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