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  1. I just turned the match on in time to see Boro's goals... that second was beautiful :D It would have been even more beautiful if it'd gone straight in though :D
  2. Well, consistency is nice after all the ups and downs. At least we know now which Boro is going to turn up.
  3. He saved the club, so there's that, and it's sometimes better the devil you know, so there's that too but on the other side of the scale there's the bad appointments, poor recruitment and development and the meddling. On the whole as I posted in another thread I see the current management as the short term problem and the ownership of the club as the long term problem. What to wish for though? A new owner could lead to a honeymoon period but nightmares further down the line whilst staying with the current one could lead to oblivion under the control of a man too stubborn and/or arrogant to sell up or change his thinking and direction. A best of both worlds could be SG retaining ownership but taking very much a step back and leaving running the club to competent people but at the moment I can't see that happening, I just can't see SG being willing to relinquish that much control. If that's the case I think the most possible likelihood is a slow or even a quicker slide into oblivion. Maybe he'd rather see the ship sink without trace and blame Brexit, Aliens, moon cycles or whatever will seem to fly most convincingly rather than admit he's made a mess of the club? Personally I'd like to see SG out as I think he's not a man for this time and of limited ability anyway and some benevolent individual or group in but I really don't know how likely that is.
  4. IMVHO Woodgate is the short term problem and Gibson is the long term problem. Can anyone see anything really changing under Gibson? Given recent history? He did save the club and sometimes it's better the Devil you know but these days Gibson seems clueless or disinterested or both and if he is can he please accept it and if anyone even half competent is interested can he do what's in the long term best interest of the club and either appoint a good team and step back or sell up.
  5. I can't really blame Woodgate, It's Gibson all the way for me. If anyone anywhere is interested in the club for god sake sell.
  6. Or get out of the way and sell up, if anyone's interested in buying. I honestly don't know where Boro are going, it's just farce after farce. Thinking back to the cup runs in the Steve McClaren days and Juninho, Ravanelli and even Craig Hignet it all seems so far away. I remember people thinking McClaren was a clown and maybe he was but I'd have those days back in a millisecond. Actually I'd have the Lennie Lawrence days.
  7. Is it just me or have Boro gone backwards after that good spell.
  8. Firstly I know nothing but I just wanted to say I was gutted by that 1st half performance and indeed most of the 2nd half, they just looked like lambs to the slaughter or rabbits in headlights or something like that. It looks like they just froze to me. I really hope they don't play like this in the league otherwise this good run could be dead.
  9. I've just had a look to see how they're feeling. A lot of them are using frgs or fgs, does anyone know what this means? I'd love to see Boro's run go on but I'm nervous, I'll go for a very nervy 1-0.
  10. Ey, what? I must not be up on current trends as I see nothing wrong but just in case I'll edit...
  11. I just wanted to say... What a great result today! And after a great result the other day too! Oh and thanks to the poster who posted about the West Brom match being on the Boro website, we all enjoyed it and what a wonder goal in injury time!
  12. I'm late to this but I just wanted to say that I enjoyed the match up until the sending off and if we can play like that there's hope... It's an if though.
  13. Woof Woof

    Steve Gibson

    Yup. Putting that amount into a new manager and DoF would be lovely if Gibson would do it and if decent ones would come for that money. I do think that someone competent and with some pulling power is needed otherwise I can't see good players or players with potential coming here. Sorry to be so pessimistic.
  14. Woof Woof

    Steve Gibson

    But rebuild how? Having just hung onto Championship survival by our fingernails (hopefully) with all the names gone, a manager with no pulling power and the reputation we must have by now who'll want to come here? Youth either home grown or recruited in is a possibility but I don't think it'll be easy to rebuild at all unless something changes and brings in some X factor that we don't have at the moment.
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