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  1. I hope that happens, not for sour grapes but it's clear dangerous play.
  2. Yup. Dangerous play. Seems obvious doesn't it.
  3. Just watching this on TV. Complaining to the officials changes nothing. They're not going to turn the clock back and award a penalty... it just risks punishment. Complaining may be understandable, but it changes nothing,
  4. I watched the game and found it sooooo stressful. I was pleased with the performance but also worried by the lack of cutting edge. It seems to me that this has been an issue for some time.
  5. I think I'll turn my computer off and check the score and what you lot are saying in the morning as I'm rapidly losing interest and hope but in the meantime the following is a serious question... If this match is being thrown because no one at the club cares about this competition all well and good but it's another bad loss and I do wonder if losing is a frame of mind that can take root at a club and be difficult to get out of?
  6. I don't think the commentators mentioned his name again.
  7. I was quite pleased with the performance and it was a relief Boro weren't hammered off the park but it was as far as I know an understrength Watford? Overall I thought the lack of quality in the Boro side showed and I do worry that Boro will struggle to avoid a relegation battle again. It may not be as tight as last season but I can't see Boro challenging for promotion. Hopefully we can't read too much into one game but the lack of quality and finishing ability is maybe worrying.
  8. I suppose so but selling what could turn out to be good players, if that's the way Boro have to go, is arguably a bad position. Boro should IMO be looking up not at avoiding relegation by the skin of their teeth again and that means good players who are going to get better not ho-hum journeymen costing a quarter of what Spence could bring in. All IM very humble opinion, of course.
  9. My God, would Boro want to sell Spence? He looks like one of the few hopefuls to me.
  10. I just want to say how pleased I am that Boro stay up on merit rather than relying on others having points deducted or lose. Lets hope it's going to be onwards and upwards now.
  11. I'm trying to be optimistic but I'm only succeeding in being optimistically pessimistic. I'd love to see a committed battling display and a win or a draw but I wont be surprised to see a capitulation and if that happens the thought of players laughing and chatting as they run off will leave a very bad taste, if it happens. Then there's what will happen next. With SG in charge I just can't see any improvement. I can't see him appointing a director of football as that'll mean less control so how can the club move forward? Time will tell I suppose but at the moment I'm about as pessimistic about the clubs future as I've ever been. More of the same we've seen in recent years but with survival in the championship may be the best we can realistically hope for.
  12. Thanks guys. Also there was an off the ball incident when a Boro player was deliberately kicked? If so I suppose it's arguable that they could have been down to 9 men, on another day with another ref. Anyway. There's hope 😄 but all this does make me wonder what'll happen next season if we stay up.
  13. I listened to the match as I cut the lawns. Was the foul that lead to the penalty worthy of a sending off? The radio commentator felt it was.
  14. Thanks for the kind replies and for not ripping into my lack of knowledge.
  15. Spence impressed me when we had a few good games a while back. I'm glad he's getting a bit of a run in the team.
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