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  1. You've given me hope. I hope I don't regret this 😄
  2. Recent past performance hasn't been exactly inspiring but I live in hope. That's the thing, it's the hope that kills you. I agree that Boro need some stability, I just hope Wilder and the recruitment team can deliver and that they have enough money to do so.
  3. I'm just thinking of the positives... I'm having a pizza tonight and I love pizza 😍
  4. And Boro have a recent good track record? Forgive me... I'm having a bad day... Going to log off, turn the TV off and go out.
  5. The problem is who to replace him with? It may be just the mood I'm in, I'm having a bad day, but Boro seem to be a club going nowhere and if they have to go for a new manager that could just add to the mess that the endless stream of managers seems to have lead to.
  6. Lets hope for a good transfer window but as I said a while back, even if Boro have the money will good players want to come to Boro?
  7. It's just frustration at the performance or rather performances. If they left everything on the pitch then fair enough but do they look like they're busting a gut to do this?
  8. The only way to change this is to hit Boro in the wallet. Maybe zero season ticket sales will help to focus a few minds. What an absolute disgrace.
  9. With SU 1-0 up and Luton looking like it's only a matter of time until they score I think Boro's hopes are slim. Unless Fulham wake up and score 7 😄
  10. I wish it was Saturday afternoon and this was all over. It's the hope that's that killer.
  11. Oh my God. We have to concentrate on the football now? 😄
  12. Looking at the league table today Boro can still get into the playoffs if they can pull themselves together and win the remaining games. It may come down to goals and of course there's the problem of beating promotion hopefuls but there's still a little time left to dream 😄 A good run let alone promotion might improve the chances of attracting better players and/or a manager...
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