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  1. Surely Tav will be off to a prem team 😀
  2. I think Granada are unbeaten since he went there and won 6-2 today to move out of bottom 3 in La Liga
  3. The last dozen games we have averaged 1.25 points a game which is bang average. I never wanted him in the first place but thought he talked a good talk initially but have become more and more dissatisfied with him as the season has gone on. He seems to be following in the Pulis/Warnock vein where none of what happens is his fault. As anyone that knows me will testify I have always wanted Mogga back , but only with money to spend as he had nowt first time. Not going to happen but do you think he would have signed Balogun and Connolly? As for the squad we had when he took ov
  4. Had time to digest Wilder’s post match interviews and I am even more of the opinion that the man is all spin. What all this attitude over ability none sense is I don’t know. It’s his job to get both of these out of the players and he forever likes to remind us that he has been successful in the past , so why fail now? He has moved our best midfielder to LWB to accommodate McGree who is not the player Tav is (or ever will be). He has mismanaged Coburn who looks like the only natural forward we have. He persisted with toothless loanees when they were failing miserably, and now he tells us
  5. Tell Wilder he can go to Burnley as he is a one truck pony . Wouldn’t trust him to spend the Spence money on a forward if he thinks Balogun and Connolly are forwards!! Beh Mogga to come back as he will at least have money this time. He at least knows what a forward is (Armstrong and Breteton) Disgraceful display today but Wilder has blown it in the last month and this is just the culmination
  6. Poor game but happy to take the 3 points. Booing Connolly was poor - He may not be very good but he try’s a hell of a lot more that Balogun . I hope he doesn’t pull on a Boro shirt again. Big game on Friday, we will all be Hoops fans for the night and then we can dream again. Probably need to win both our last 2 but then again you could see Sheffield losing their last 2 so anything is possible.
  7. Didn’t exactly say he wasn’t going though ! Also happy to blast the players , and whilst they deserved it , I never heard him take his share of the blame
  8. Best team second half but if you miss your chances you don’t win. Wilder has got most things right but Peltier and Taylor shouldn’t have been on the pitch first half. Got to beat Hull now but hopefully Izzy back and I think Balogun should be back also
  9. Cheers Alan - yes all good here - .hope all good with you -,manage to pick up a few games so keeping in touch. Tom was at the game and said atmosphere was amazing. Must admit I do miss the Boro...... You never know I might make it over for the playoff final!
  10. Tav has been immense of late, no way should he be moved to lwb - would be happy to see Mcgree there though and they can interchange when needed. Looking for a safe 3-1 win for us but it is good that we respect them as they will be well up for this after their QPR win.
  11. On the goal , I think Wilder is correct that whilst Lumley made a balls up of his effort , the rest of the team (especially Dijksteel) have to take a fair share of the blame. The fact of the matter is that Wilder wants his keeper to play out from the back so we will no doubt have a few more heart in the mouth moments in the coming weeks. Proud of the team last night though, more so than against Manure as this had all the hallmarks of after the lord mayor’s show but we played them off the park. I agree we need a top keeper who can play Wilder football a 25 goal striker but that is f
  12. Hopefully after they have paid a big fee to keep him on the summer
  13. There is probably sound business behind it but the Spence deal to stay at Forest doesn’t make much sense to me as he will only have a year left on his contract at the end. I would have made the price to Spence of staying at Forest a contract extension to give us more leeway in the summer. He may not want to play for us again but he is proving himself to be a good player.
  14. Hoping it goes ahead as can only see another win for Wilders lads. Not overly worried about other teams getting extra rest as we have seen before that teams that win thrive on playing. If we play I fancy 3-1 with a brace from Sporar and Tav to get a confidence booster.
  15. Blimey there are some holier than thous out today. Young lad who has got a bird off the tele....and as for that Grealish lad we once nearly signed. 0h and don’t start me on Woodgate and Downing ..disgrace to the area both of them!! perhaps we give the people in charge a bit of credit lads and lasses.
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