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  1. Good to see Wilder calling out the players in the after match interview. I think one or two are playing there way out of the club . Big work this season just to get us competitive for next season.
  2. I personally would have wanted Mogga back but I know many would shoot that down and it ended badly last time but I will give Wilder my support. As for Warnock glad he had gone . Today’s interview again showed his lack of class . He has massively underachieved with this squad , regardless of what he would have everyone believe
  3. First game I have been able to see live this season and some very promising signs mixed in with a dreadful final ball at times. Great interaction between Sporar and Sol at the end seemed to suggest a good spirit in the camp as well which is good to see. We all know it’s the hope that kills you but we look like we are a team who can only get better . Today should have been 5 at least and the concern is that we aren’t clinical but in Sporar we have a man who could get 20 this season once he gets the right pass my glass is half full again .....
  4. Boro 86

    Keiran Scott

    Doubt there would be a current member of our squad that would get into Norwich’s team. They may be rubbish in the Prem but we are rubbish in the champo i think the move to get Scott is Gibbo looking to go back to the type of model Woody talked about when he got the job , albeit with a manager and structure that can deliver it,. That’s the hope anyway as I can’t for a minute see the point of Scott if the future looks anything like hoof ball
  5. Some ridiculous comments on here about Mogga. Man is a legend to those of us from the old days .... oh and he has yet again got Blackburn at the right end of the table. he won’t be coming back but let’s have a bit of respect chaps As for who next then god only knows
  6. Should change the title to another week!!
  7. Just sack him now and give us hope as this season looks doomed and we are not even a dozen games in ! Maddo hit the nail on the head in commentary... no identity / no pattern or shape to our play Oh and to think Mogga’s lads hit 5 today ....
  8. He is definitely there - let’s hope he feels the same way we do!!
  9. Depressing reading of late on here with a lack of respect towards each other and long time posters leaving the site. Any chance we can keep the post transfer based and leave the fights to the schoolyard. As for transfer news I haven’t a scooby about some of the players we have brought in , and are proposing, but trust that Steve Gibson has, after all it is his dosh by and large. Much as I dislike Warnock I hope he can get a tune out of them over the season. As a manager that is his only job
  10. Not a fan of Warnock and I still think Mogga is the best manager we got rid of but as TM said on many occasions It is what it is ........Do you follow me? Fingers crossed that NW doesn’t bugger things up to much and we somehow make the play-offs. Fact is that he is here until the end of the season so we plough on. Hoping for anything else seems pointless
  11. Have to say Anglian you are wide of the mark on this one ( perfectly entitled to your opinion though) Bamba makes perfect sense as he will be happy as back up. He was by all accounts as good as anyone against Rotherham and is a proven leader. Never mind the help he could give to the likes of Wood who will probably go on loan but he can only benefit the likes of Fry to improve further. 1-0 up going into the last 15 mins he could be perfect . I doubt he will play 90 mins in a league game but a good man for the bench and the dressing room
  12. I do chuckle at all the accountants on this site saying we will need not be paying X for this or that player. IF we get the likes of Sturbridge or the lad from Turkey it will be because the chairman has put his hand in his pocket (again) I do think we need pace up top out wide but frankly we have needed that for years , so hope something happens there Big Uche looks a handful and a snip for what he cost but Sturridge has (had) class. He could be the champo Boksic if we handled him properly
  13. I swear some of the doom merchants on here would have been happier to see us lose. Hung on in against the promotion favourites at home and could have knicked it in the end. Still likely a couple of additions and Payero alongside a fit Tav ..... We might just have a team!!
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