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  1. Merry Christmas Alan , hope all good with you ., all the best to Daniel and family also for the Boro we seem to have for our team back during the pandemic. Was never a fan of Warnock but by Christ the man is a proper Manager. Genuinely hopeful for 2021 but even if we fall short the future looks good Best wishes to all on Oneboro x
  2. Especially when that Mogga fella is showing us what we could have had ......oh I forgot !
  3. Was wondering when he would get a mention but isn’t he the definition of a warnock striker. Last time he was here he got pelters despite being unfit and lacking support. Think he is a far better player than any of those mentioned so far.
  4. Pearson would be perfect ....which probably means he is off to Huddersfield!!
  5. H Blackpool v Rotherham. H Bristol Rvrs v MK Dons. H Burton Alb: v Bolton. H Ipswich Twn v Wycombe Wand: D Oxford v Doncaster. H Peterboro v Lincoln. H Portsmth v Gillingham. H Rochdale v Accrington Stan: D Southend v AFC Wimbledon H Sunderland v Fleetwood...(McGeady)
  6. Boro 86

    What to do?

    i don't think its about what points we get in the next 5 games , more about can we get a shape and stick to it. I understand pragmatism, but 4-3-3 was supposed to be the way forward so Woody needs to try and do that.
  7. Boro 86

    Steve Gibson

    I think that there was never a chance we would get promoted but its important that we don't do a Sunderland so the pragmatism is based on getting the balance right. Its generally accepted that we have been worth a few points more this season (only a few mind) but in the Sheffield and Birmingham games we have looked directionless. I am quite prepared to write this season off as long as we stay up and even at this stage I don't think we are that bad that we will go down. Think talk of changing managers though is barmy and the sudden resurrection of Pulis just odd. Woodgate will be learning a lot about his players and who he can trust going forward so whilst it will be a long and bumpy road I think he deserves time (and a few windows) to get things right.
  8. I am hoping for a narrow 2-1 win . Sheffield have started reasonably well and we are still very much a work in progress but with the added impetus of a decent crowd I think we will squeak a win. Agree that a back 3 is not the future and that RR's line up is the way to go.
  9. D Stoke v N.Forest. H QPR v WBA. H Blackburn v Luton. A Charlton v Leeds. H Derby v Birmingham. H Huddersfield v Millwall. D Hull v Cardiff. H Middlesbrough v Sheff Wed:. (Fletcher) D PNE v Bristol Cty. H Swansea v Reading
  10. H Leeds v Derby. H Birmingham v PNE. H Brentford v Stoke. D Bristol Cty v Swansea. A Cardiff v Middlesbrough. (Britt) H Luton v Hull. D Millwall v QPR. H N.Forest v Barnsley. H Reading v Blackburn D Sheff Wed v Fulham.
  11. On the ex player front we should add Paul Sugrue , currently living at her majestys pleasure! Remember last time I went to a Cardiff game he was running a pub near the ground and got talking to him about his time with us. Always liked him as a decent player in a pretty rubbish team at the time. As for this match I think that first away win will have to wait as Cardiff are going to be up there this season and a point will be very good. So whilst heart says 2-1 to us , head says 0-0 or 1-1and no doubt Flint getting theirs!
  12. H Derby Cty v Cardiff Cty. H Fulham v WBA. H Blackburn v Millwall. D Charlton v Birmingham. H Hull v Wigan. H Middlesbrough v Reading. (Britt) D PNE v Brentford. H QPR v Luton. H Stoke v Bristol Cty. H Swansea v N.Forest
  13. Boro 86

    Steve Gibson

    Wolves owners are billionaires. You could argue that Burnley are the exception to the rule but as much as it grates you have to take your hat off to them for doing so well on limited means I am not saying Gibbo is above criticism though ... far from it but I just think that some of it is unwarranted Game of opinions though
  14. Boro 86

    Steve Gibson

    I am of the school that says that those accusing of letting us down are ingrates and have short memories. Gibson has spent millions over the years giving us a team and we are a top end champo/bottom end prem type club because of him not despite him IMO. It all well and good quoting other teams but there are reasons foreign/rich owners bought them and I also look enviously at the fact we are beaten to players by the likes of Reading/QPR but I think our current model is spot on. After all who is actually queuing up to buy us? We should be careful what we wish for as there but for the grace of Gibbo we could be a Bolton/Sunderland/Pompey etc
  15. D - Barnsley v Luton. D - Blackburn v Cardiff. D - Charlton v Brentford. H - Fulham v N.Forest. H - Huddersfield v Reading. D - Hull v Bristol Cty. H - Middlesbrough v Millwall. (ASSOMBALONGA.) H - Preston NE Sheff:Wed H - QPR v Wigan. H - Stoke v Leeds
  16. H Barnsley v Charlton. A Blackburn v Middlesbrough. (Britt) H Brentford v Hull. H Bristol Cty v QPR. A Luton v WBA. D Millwall v Sheff Wed:. H N.Forest v Birmingham. H Stoke v Derby. H Swansea v Preston NE. A Wigan v Leeds.
  17. H Cardiff v Luton. A Charlton v Stoke. D Derby v Swansea. H Fulham v Blackburn. D Hull v Reading. H Middlesbrough v Brentford (Assombalonga) H Preston NE v Wigan. D Q.P.R v Huddersfield. H Sheff Wed v Barnsley. H W.B.A. v Millwall.
  18. I'd agree with that , in fact wouldn't be surprised to see Shotton keep his place if Fry is anything less then 100% fit as can't afford to rush him. As for result I think 2-2. A win would of course be nice but Brentford will be dangerous so happy to lower expectations at this early time in the season
  19. Don't agree with the overall assesment by Diggerlad but respect his viewpoint. I too was wondering who our actual attacking target was in the midst of the many names thrown around. If it was Kent and it has been reported that Liverpool wanted in the order of £6m for him I just don't understand how we were even thinking about it. Could possibly have been a loan with options to buy in January or the summer I guess just have to hope that those players remaining , such as marvin/ fletcher step up to the plate over the next few months
  20. Decent window , shifted unsustainable wages off the books , brought in promising young talent in areas we needed and have a plan on how we want to play. Agree we could have done with more attackers and we are probably a bit thin on the ground but IMO we are in a better place than last season Oh and give me Woodys optimism over Boolis glasshalfempty anyday
  21. I’d be asking how the parents / grand parents could allow Shotton to be his favourite player myself!!
  22. Think I will sign off for a few hours as the "We are doomed" brigade are all out in full force All fail to realise that we are clearly cutting costs / players have to want to come here / we are better placed now than in June (we actually have a right back on the books!)
  23. Can't believe we would get £1.6m for Shotton as he is in last year of contract/high wages etc. Must be some sort of accounting skullduggery to get us around FFP IMO. Solid pro and not his fault we paid too much for him and gave him prem wages so good luck to the lad
  24. Surely the points on Britt are all valid - He scores goals - He doesn't score enough goals - He needs service - He may or may not be suited to a pressing game - He cost a lot and is paid a lot - We could possibly get as good for less money - We could easily spend a lot on a player who fails - If he stays we are guaranteed at least 15 goals from him - If he scores 20+ this season he could go for £25m+ after that On balance I prefer for him to stay but I have to say that if he goes it is not the season ender some are claiming. At this late stage in the window though it just seems daft to sell him unless we have something else lined up that will pretty much guarantee his 15 goals at least
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