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  1. Doubt there is anything in the Hutton rumour but even at 35 I would take him over Shotton at right back!
  2. Am I watching a different youtube vid to everyone else as there looks to be a player in Lucas Boye. He has been compared on here to Stuani and if he turns out to be anywhere near as good as that it would be a great deal , as long as we play to his strengths of course! Of the other rumours it is heartening to see us looking at exactly the sort of players we have been crying out for and even if it takes a season or two to get the team where we want it , the journey looks more exiting than for a few years.
  3. Will be happy with a draw but think we could sneak a win. These got gubbed by Norwich recently so wont be full of confidence. I only saw the highlights of the weekend but we looked a proper team so am cautiously optimistic So its a heart (2-1 win) , head (1-1) job As for personnel I see Meijas starting and as one or two have said wouldn't be surprised to see George at left back or at least on the bench.
  4. Its amazing that we have done nothing but get rid for the past few weeks and all of a sudden the forum is buzzing with optimism even though we haven't signed a player yet , although to be fair Browne sounds nailed on. The recruitment team have come in for rightful stick over the past year or two so it will be interesting to see if we can get all these young targets over the line and maybe nurture a gem or two.
  5. If Johnson performs for Woody then I am not that bothered how rubbish he may have been before. No-one has set the world alight in pre-season but we saw in very limited flashes that he is an ok player (not great just ok) and if he is in the team it will be because he is playing better than others. I am happy to see Braithwaite going as he had become our new Scott Macdonald and really hoping that Britt stays and learns from Robbie. A good season could see us getting our money back on him next year.
  6. Results in pre season mean nothing but it at lest shows us all that changing your style of play is no 5 minute wonder
  7. Great initiative this by Huddersfield and Paddy Power I actually think that they can put sponsors logos on the kit the teams wear , but that replica kits should be sponsor free. I would imagine that they would sell more if that were the case as well
  8. We got relegated from the prem because we got less points than the team in 17th.
  9. Richer owners and couldn't give a monkeys about FFP
  10. But it is Gibbos money, isn't that the point? Even accounting for any prem money we have had over the years , he has put loads more into the club so it seems reasonable to me that our budget is what he gives us. Tough to take when we see "inferior" clubs signing or loaning players that would help us but if it means we remain solvent then so be it. I still think that if Woody delivers a Top 10 (or near to it) season then Gibbo might somehow find some cash for a push next season but this season is all about living to our means
  11. No need for this. The lad may post some loony tunes quotes but he hasn’t insulted anyone!!
  12. No pleasing some people. If you don't want to watch/hear it then don't
  13. Absolutely. We have to accept that to move forward we will probably have to take a step back first. If the football is better I for one will accept a season or two in the Championship
  14. Totally agree - If we end up around 60 points next season with something like W15 , D15 and L16 I think that will be a decent start. Anything better than that with the current squad (or worse if Britt / Braithwaite go) would be a very good season for Woody
  15. Feels a lot less desperate this year though as we have already said we will pay what we think a player is worth and no more. For the past few years we have chased players publicly who clearly didn't want to come. If (and it is still if) we offered Albert a deal it has been done quietly on terms we were happy with. If he goes to Forest I have no problem with that and I suspect Woody/Gibbo aren't either.
  16. If he is off to Forest its because they are paying him more and probably for longer. Woody told us this was likely the other day so wouldn't be a shock we will have to get used to this happening a lot this window , especially if we have scrapped the idea of paying bigger wages to entice players to come to us..
  17. Bottom line if Albert was to come back is whether he is better than our other wingers.......Oh yes we dont have any other wingers do we so it would be a yes from me. He was tip top for Villa season before last and even though he spent a lot of last season on the bench did ok for them I think. I like the fact we have offered 2 years rather than the 3 he wants. If he comes I would hope its on our terms. At 31 he is still a good champo player
  18. Sounds like a promising start to life under Woody. Best bit is Woody saying we will play his way ...end of!
  19. Good luck to Stewey at Blackburn. Good move for him I think and wouldn't be surprised to see him back in a year or two on the coaching staff when he finishes playing.
  20. I think anything in Top 10 would be good and I would even take slightly further down , as long as we make the changes Woody has promised. It would be great if he could have that first season to bed in his philosophy. A bit like the lad Farke did at Norwich really. After all if Boolis had stayed here he would have seen 8th as an improvement on last season!
  21. Hope me and Tom can make it also. Nearest ground to us now that Norwich and Ipswich have gone opposite directions I am hoping for better than only other time I have been to Luton....That 5-1 drubbing in Robbo's promotion season!
  22. i think if Britt stays at the club the forward line has to be built around him. Pointless keeping him if not. I confess I have never been a fan but he can score goals and it will be interesting what Keane can do with him (and Fletcher of course).
  23. I am one of those who didn’t get the Woody hate before he was appointed but admitted that Jokanovic was my first choice. After hearing the press conference though it is now clear that we are looking at a new start and I don’t think Jokanovic would have fitted that profile. The new team exites me because it is a fresh approach , maybe that’s just what others see This could even be an inspired move as lots of people seem happy to give Woody a “free” season , a bit like the lad Farke at Norwich had, as long as we show signs of change. An experienced manager wouldn’t have got that for sure
  24. I have a hunch that Howson will have a massive season for us
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