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  1. Hughton is a defensive minded coach so would be perfect for us! Better than Boolis though
  2. I'm absolutely in the same boat as you, zero interest till I hear he's gone, zero interest if he stays The article in the Gazette talking about what "We" need to do about Tav pre-season has got me even more worried that he is staying. Utter disaster if he isn't gone soon.
  3. Not particularly interested in any transfer gossip until it centres around a new manager as anyone we have previously been linked to would suggest a continuation of the Pulis era
  4. Tell me he's not still here!!
  5. Staggering that anyone can give Pulis credit for anything. Simple fact is that any half decent manager would have got this squad to play offs at worst
  6. In all honesty as an exile I get to very few games but I won’t go to a single game next season if Pulis stays. Gibson must see that there is no way he can keep this man
  7. Boro 86

    Dael Fry

    Fry reminds me more of a young Pally , whereas Gibson was more in the Mogga mould , and yes he will make a very good player. Of the others its obvious Tav has potential , as do Fletcher and Wing but for me everything depends on who comes in next as on paper there are good players there (McNair , Saville , Britt and even Hugill) but the team is completely devoid of any plan. Confidence in sport is what elevates the good into winners and I fear we have a manager who has drained every ounce of that out of good players. Of the others Ayala is a walking red card but that is maybe down to Flint being crap alongside him and Shotton is absolutely not a full back
  8. Sad , sad indictment of the state of our club that we cannot afford to let this charlatan leave the building. How good would it be to somehow bring in a replacement in with a few games to go just to bed in and then move forward in the summer. This season is deader than a dead thing after all. For a very successful businessman I am afraid Mr Gibson has shown himself devoid of any strategic or contingency planning. Keith Lamb once said Teesside would get the team it deserves ...Well that would be a damn sight better than this rubbish. We are no Manure but it's similar to the Mourinho / Solskjaer thing in my mind. We need the next man to make the players feel loved and remove the fear just like Ole has done. We certainly don't need a man who delusionally thinks he is a master tactician tinkering with the team every five minutes and blaming the players even more.
  9. Too little too late from the EG for my liking , even if its broadly on point.
  10. Yes but we worked aaaaaard and its all bloody Britt's fault :) Second those thanks to MM by the way
  11. H Blackburn v Stoke. D Bolton v Ipswich. H Brentford v Derby. H Bristol Cty v Wigan. D Hull v Reading. D Millwall v WBA. H PNE v Sheff Utd. A Rotherham v N.Forest. D Sheff Wed v Aston Villa. D Swansea v Middlesboro. (Assombalonga)
  12. Does anyone know what this severance clause is? Perhaps we could have a whip round?
  13. About as exciting as our last trip to wales I fear I can only see defeat but we might scrape a draw if they fail to score as well!
  14. I would have loved Mogga back but what on earth has he done to deserve this crock of s**t. If I was him I would only come back for a 5 year contract and a promise that he can do things his way Not going to happen I am afraid Whatever happens though this is a long term project and we ain’t going to smash the champo any time soon
  15. Surely that’s got to be enough!!
  16. Season finally over , surely that’s got to be the end for Pulis
  17. Pulis moans about not scoring but leaves Hugill on the bench until 3 minutes before the end and Tav/VLP nowhere Hugill may be a donkey but he wasn’t the reason we lost. To say our shape is good is rubbish. Most of the team is defensively minded. Name me another team who would have played with 2 DM and a back 5 at home in a game they needed to win Man’s a bloody joke
  18. I can never slag off Gibson as without him we would never have had the past that we have had but I do question where our future lays As for Pulis ..Had there ever been a more toxic , unloved manager at our club?? Season is just about over and defeat on Tuesday would probably seal that. Until then we are stuck with him but after that let’s pray that Steve is thinking enough is enough.
  19. Christ alive this is almost getting to the level of apathy last seen in the final days of Lenny Lawrence , but at least that time we had Robbo riding over the hill to save us. No such luck this time I think!! My indicative vote is that we will either win . lose or draw
  20. H Aston Villa v Blackburn. H Derby v Rotherham. D Ipswich v Hull. H Leeds v Millwall. D N.Forest v Swansea. H QPR v Bolton. D Reading v PNE. H Sheff Utd v Bristol Cty. H Stoke v Sheff Wed. H Middlesbro: v Norwich. (Assombalonga)
  21. The anti Woodgate stuff seems to be based on jack s**t to me just because he is a defender. Mogga was the epitome of a defender, and I wouldn’t say he was a defensive coach I personally think it would be too early for woodgate as Pulis has again turned the job into a poisoned chalice and it would be asking too much for a rookie to turn it around but that is the only reason Mogga would remain my first , second and third choice but after that jokanovic or Wagner would be good shout
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