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  1. H Leeds Utd v Sheff Utd. D Aston Villa v Middlesboro (Fletcher) D Brentford v WBA. H Hull v QPR. D Ipswich v N.Forest. H PNE v Birmingham. A Rotherham v Norwich. H Sheff Wed Blackburn. H Stoke v Reading. H Wigan v Bolton.
  2. Except we got beat there again this season and are usually crap when we play there. The Empty Stadium would be my shout
  3. We will get a play-off spot but mainly because the likes of Bristol/Derby are even worse than us West Brom have always been my biggest fear and if they get some momentun from a new manager will be the team to beat in those play-offs As for this game then I think it's obvious Pulis has lost any small amount of positivity that had built up around the team with that substitution. Heart says 2-1 win but head says Draw 1-1
  4. D Blackburn v Preston H Sheff Utd v Rotherham. D Bolton v Millwall. H Bristol Cty v Leeds H Derby v Sheff Wed:. H Middlesbrough v Brentford. (Assombalonga) H Notts Forest v Hull. A QPR v Stoke. H Reading v Wigan. H WBA v Ipswich.
  5. H Aston Villa v Derby. D Brentford v QPR. D Hull v Birmingham H Ipswich v Reading. D Millwall v Norwich. H PNE v Bristol Cty. A Rotherham v Blackburn. H Stoke v Notts Forest. H Swansea v Bolton. A Wigan v Middlesbrough. (Assombalonga)
  6. After last nights results this has now become a must win for me if we want Top 2 , might even be time for DS to trot out his well worn saying 2-1 win for me with Saville and Assombalonga notching
  7. It will be huge if Besic can keep that form until the end of the season. Seems obvious that Jon Obi is a massive boost in that centre and frankly is a step up on Clayton. The rest of the midfield look so much more positive with him steadying things. If by some miracle we go up he is one you would want to keep. Other boost could be Fletcher. Most of us have been saying that there is a good player in there and it would be good to see him cement a place Huge run of winnable games coming up , and I include Norwich in that , which could see us challenging top 2 , and whilst I personally think we will finish 3rd or 4th there is once again a whiff of optimism in the air.,
  8. Strangely feeling confident that we can go on a run now that we are entering the business end of the season. I really do see Leeds and Sheffield falling away , and our biggest obstacle to the Top 2 being West Brom but we might just do it..................Then again !! Tomorrow will be a hard fought game , although QPR's confidence will be lower than a snakes belly after their recent run so I take us for a 2-0 win with Saville and Assombalonga notching. If he starts I would love to see Fletcher score as he is the epitome of a confidence player.
  9. H Birmingham v Blackburn. H Brentford v Hull Cty. H Leeds v Bolton. H Middlesbrough v QPR (Saville) H Millwall v PNE. H Norwich v Bristol Cty. H Reading v Rotherham. A Sheff Wed v Swansea. H Stoke v Aston Villa. H Wigan v Ipswich.
  10. Anyone got a link? Sounds poor game mind. Then again 5 points from these 3 games...who wouldn’t have taken that?
  11. D Rotherham v Sheff Wed:. H Aston Villa v W.B.A. D Bolton v Norwich. A Ipswich v Stoke Cty. D P.N.E v Notts Forest. H Q.P.R v Leeds H Sheff Utd v Reading. A Blackburn v Middlesboro (Hugill) H Barnsley v Wycombe W. H Bradford v Plymouth
  12. Top notch post again Boro Unger , bringing humour to these dark times Will take a draw now as we usually struggle there so 1-1 from me and Hugill to net from the spot (Well it would have to be!)
  13. H Middlesbrough v Leeds (Hugill) D Blackburn Rvrs. v Bristol Cty A Bolton W v Preston N.E. H Derby v Hull Cty. D Notts Forest v Brentford. H Q P R v Birmingham. H Rotherham v Wigan. H Sheff Wed: v Reading. H Swansea v Millwall. D Stoke Cty v W B A
  14. Utterly embarrassing. Not a single player emerges with any credit. Should refund every one of the poor sods who travelled to watch this
  15. Well that was as bad a performance as you could get in the first half other than the fact it is somehow still 0-0 Got to get some width as not working in midfield and up front is shocking Can’t be as bad second half can it!!
  16. Truce over . 3 games to save our season and he needs to start earning that salary of his
  17. I'd have more hope if you said you were playing Dave! Lets hope you can all sprinkle some stardust on this current pile of rubbish
  18. Oh yes it does.... Oh No it doesn't
  19. I have you right on that. Been telling everyone for ages that West Brom will win the league as they had the best squad before the window , and have now strngthened , so their class would tell at the business end of the league. As much as it pains me then Leeds also seem to have found a way of winning. Top 6 is the best we can realistically hope for and this is the time for the welsh pratt to show us all what a truly great manager he is!! Holding my breath (Not) !
  20. If we send Britt to Cardiff they might let us have the other Murphy lad. One on each wing wouldnt be bad
  21. Quote from Chapman "The fact he’s brought me back shows that he’s got faith and trust in me. I hope to repay him by putting in the performances on the pitch. He’s a great manager, probably the best I’ve worked under. I love his philosophy about football and the style of play. It suits me down to the ground and I love playing for him. Even though my spell with the club last season was short and sweet, everything he taught me has stuck with me. I tried to take it into my football back at Middlesbrough but it didn’t quite happen for me there. Now I’m back here I hope he can teach me more of what he knows." Says it all really!
  22. This makes me very unhappy. Have him back in a heartbeat but we would then be lumbered with Flint on the bench and Fry wouldn't get a game. As a loan with option if we go up though it should be a no-brainer
  23. I am genuinely staggered when people are critical of Grant as he always gave of his all when representing our team. Good luck to the fella , I know I would have the Grant of 5 years ago over the current shower in midfield Interesting that he doesn't have a single word in there about Pulis !
  24. I suspect letting Chapman go will backfire because I don't get all this bad egg stuff - It will be interesting how he develops under a better manager. Leadbitter has been a terrific servant , often played through an injury , but at least him going gets us down yo something like single figures DM's Batth - Generally no better or worse than what we have so you can't fault him going. That said I would have been happier if Stoke had bought Flint!! If the club or any ITK's have any thing positive to share now would be the time as god knows we need it
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