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  1. H Birmingham v Notts Forest. H Brentford v Blackburn. A Bristol Cty v Swansea Cty. A Hull Cty v Stoke Cty. D Ipswich Twn v Sheff Wed. H Millwall v Rotherham. D Reading v Aston Villa. H Sheff Utd v Bolton W. D WBA v Middlesbrough. (Hugill) H Wigan Ath v QPR.
  2. So the rumour is we are selling our only functioning forward. I have been critical of Britt in the past and questioned exactly what he does but as others have said he will score 1 in 2 or (3 at worst) so I had my answer. He is clearly not a Pulis player and looked useless on saturday but I still fear what will happen if he goes as you just can't see where any goals will come from My only hope is that there is someone lined up in the window who meets the pace/power/goals requirement.... Its the hope that kills you!
  3. Appalling display, draw fully deserved by Newport .....not sure who Pulis will blame but they were all rubbish
  4. Is it 1st February already?
  5. Like that as a team and will be equally happy with that score.
  6. I agree that he will probably leave at the end of the season and it makes sense for all concerned to waive the extra year but as an extra bit of quality until then I think it makes sense. I personally think he still possesses more ability than others in the squad but we will have to agree to disagree on that
  7. Contract issues aside there is no way we should be letting Downing go this season , unless we buy more (and better) players. Now that we have another player in Mikel that doesn't just hoof the ball he could have a big say in the rest of our season. Downing remains a class act. I don't see too may of our other players even talked about as premier league targets!
  8. What's not to be happy about? Is he better than what we have got - Yes Nobody saw this happening before the window opened so why do we have to assume that this is all we are getting. Still plenty of time left in the window. That said VLP and JOM make our squad better regardless of anyone else coming in.
  9. H Aston Villa v Ipswich . D Blackburn v Hull. H Norwich v Sheff Utd. ( Pukki) H Notts Forest v Wigan. A Rotherham v Leeds Utd. H Stoke v Preston NE. H Barnsley v Rochdale. H Burton Alb v Bradford H Coventry v Blackpool D Fleetwood v S***horpe
  10. Best defence across both leagues.......Tony would be so proud!
  11. Utter dross, so much for supposed recent improvement. Thieved a point but at least it’s a point. Wonder who tony will blame today
  12. I thought Juke was unfortunate that he had no supply at all when he was here last time. Then again at least he will know what to expect Liked him as a player. Honest as the day is long but not sure what he would offer over the current forwards
  13. H Aston Villa v Hull Cty. H Blackburn Rvrs v Ipswich. H Derby Cty v Reading. H Middlesbrough v Millwall. (Hugill) H Notts Forest v Bristol Cty. H QPR v PNE. D Rotherham v Brentford. H Sheff Wed: v Wigan. D Stoke Cty v Leeds Utd. H Swansea v Sheff Utd.
  14. For what it's worth my ceasfire ( or truce) is a personal thing and I respect the views of anyone to take their own view on things I just think that as Pulis isnt going anywhere I am not going to give myself an ulcer worrying about it.
  15. Despite my well stated reservations over the man , it is clear to all that Tony Pulis is here until the end of the season at the very least and I am therefore resigned to this fate and propose a ceasefire in hostilities until then. Who knows ..he may prove us all wrong
  16. Boro 86

    DS on Boro TV

    Just got a message from Al to say he was interviewed on Boro TV so keep an eye on YouTube to see his oscar winning performance
  17. Not sure I see much cause for optimism myself as in the Champo we remain a plodding team with very little cutting edge. I dont think the Peterbrough game should paper over this , although the second half there was very good (the first could be forgiven as the players were probably in shock at why so many forwards were on the pitch) . Derby are also not the real deal and I think Nugent's miss was worse than Batths so we could easily have lost that. 1-1 tomorrow with Hugill scoring equaliser from a parried Tav shot after a great through ball by Wing in the 70th minute, 2 minutes after both Wing /Tav replace Besic and Downing VLP will not start again until Newport IMO
  18. I would be more inclined to think that he was promised control etc over the team and a certain level of funding and didn't get it! Not sure that's an ego thing , more one of principals. say what you like about Aitor he always came across as a very principled person to me Oh and yes , despite it being right at the time when he left , I would have him back in a heartbeat over Pulis
  19. Unless Pulis has someone better lined up I fail to see the benefit of letting Fletcher go , unless it is a sweetner for said deal. Gestede's time seem up and for all his 2 goals on saturday I just dont think Britt fits us , so why let go of someone with obvious talent
  20. A Birmingham v Middlesbrough. (Hugill) D Brentford v Stoke Cty. H Bristol Cty v Bolton. D Hull Cty v Sheff: Wed:. H Ipswich Twn v Rotherham. D PNE v Swansea. D Reading v Notts Forest. H Sheff: Utd v QPR. H WBA v Norwich Cty. D Wigan v Aston Villa.
  21. So Chelsea were wrong to re-hire Champions League winning Mourinho? Interesting. There is a pretty big difference between multiple CL and league winner Mourinho and Championship runner up Karanka. Not that I think he would be the best option but I'd take second in the Championship right now. He will have learned a lot from past mistakes as well. Managers can learn a lot from failure. Just look at our own Gareth Southgate as an example , Aitor is a good manager and knows his stuff. I would be surprised that if we ran an AK or TP poll that the welshman would get much more than 10%
  22. Isn’t that what we are all working towards ?
  23. It only works if you can get rid of players . Those on long term contracts are perfectly entitled to the money . We saw with the likes of Macdonald under mogga that wanting rid and getting rid are two different things
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