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  1. These so called image rights deals are a tax con that loads of players sign up to so it is wrong to blame Lamb as I suspect they were put forward by the agent if we wanted the players , which we did of course. makes big headlines but the fact they had them is a non issue - now the fact they had to almost get to court before paying them (if thats what they have done) thats the issue and on that one maybe we should be saying well done to lamb for refusing to pay up
  2. Almost as a big a shock as Boro win a game in last 2 mins, Forest paying all of Boyd's wages Things looking up
  3. There must be a keeper out there sitting in some prem reserves who would fancy a game .
  4. Boro 86

    A Baggie In Peace

    I remember when we let Morrison go that it was considered good business for a player who many , myself included , thought him lightweight. He has since done well but at the time we sold him he was not what we needed. In answer to Baggies original thread I think that most Boro fans would take the type of football that got them promoted
  5. Its all very easy in hindsight to be critical of SG but to me thats lazy - We have had some dreadful chairman in my lifetime (Charles Amer anyone!) but this man has spent a bloody fortune on the club. Of course mistakes have been made and we are now skint but we have been here before and if we really support our club will get over this "its Gibbo /Lambs fault" thing that some people are obsessed with. We had a lovely time in the sun but for now its over . It will return someday but that may be a while away. Til then try and remember we are not barcodes and get behind the team. On ticket prices I accept that times are tough and a cut in prices will help but I genuinely believe that if the club gave the tickets away there would be some out there that would complain they hadn't been given the bus fare as well!
  6. I think its fairly pointless , although good fun , to guess what our side will be next season as TM will probably surprise us with a few off the radar signings and we havent seen the end of the cull yet. Agree with those who say no need for loans unless someone is paying all their wages as we aren't going down so not sure what value they would bring
  7. A rose tinted view of GS1 I think - We were in a false position , 1 man team and just been embarressed 5 by WBA - Had we given him long enough you might consider GS1 would have taken us out of this league alright!!
  8. We are nothing if not inconsistent so its a 2-1 win for me, but not one for a bet me thinks
  9. Boro 86

    Letting off steam..

    I agree , loved Brucie and was there in 86 , but we also have to remember we were 1 game from going straight back down to the 3rd division Mogga knows full well the limitations of this team and I for one think he will need at least next season to pit it right but when he does you can bet the likes of Macdonald , Lita , Robson , Boyd wont be in it. To be fair neither will Hines and Grounds but at the moment they are all we have (Haas is for next year)
  10. Boro 86

    Boro V QPR

    3-1 tommorrow , we aren't going down so I think the pressure will be off and we will start to play with a bit of freedom We will also beat Forest by the same score Nurse is it time for my medicine yet?
  11. Think point is that he will but to how much ? If we can only afford £5/7 k or maybe £10k tops is he really going to down from c£25k? I think not I think he is a goodish player who has found his level but as some have said that is more because we have fallen to that level! That said seems a nice guy and I for one won't feel ill of him when he pitches up on Wigan's bench next year
  12. Sorry but I read this as , it will be nice if they can find the £15k a week I want to stay but if they dont then I will go anywhere in England that can He is off!
  13. The problem is that we can't afford even basic Premiership money - Even Blackpool at £10k is way above where we will want to be - My guess is that we will have a ceiling for new contracts around the £5k level with only the odd marquee signing on around £10k - Every single Premier team plus a fair few in the Champo will be able to outbid us but at least it will mean that those players left want to be here! (i exclude the likes of Boyd , Mac , Hoyte etc who I think Mogga will offload in a heartbeat if he can but might be stuck with) I actually quite like Julio and think he is a fair player. I believe he is a good honest pro who will do his best until he leaves but lets be honest is he really going to win us games ?
  14. Will stay up but its squeeky bum time !
  15. What was that I read about a £28m wage bill , I think we have (had) Arca and quite a few on £25k a week or more Is it any wonder we are skint
  16. Boro 86

    Andrew Taylor

    He is out of contract in summer so if he goes it will be for nowt As for no skill why do you think Watford want him ? Cos in this league he is a bloody good player
  17. Exciting or horrible - Now that really is the Boro way - Anyone can follow Man U , Chelski etc - it takes true devotion to follow the Boro through thin and thinner
  18. 2-1 for me (Boyd and Marvellous Marvin if fit to get the other) Posted elsewhere but I firmly believe we have too much to go down but not enough to perform play off miracle or anything close. Pressure might even come off with another win or 2 and then we will really see Mogga experimenting for next year
  19. Why the doom and gloom? It all makes sense to me , Mogga knows exactly what he is doing and knows full well that we will stay up - we may not finish far off where we are now but we are definately better than the likes of Scunny , Preston and Sheff U I think its a case that the boy was available at a price we could afford now so why not buy him and let him get used to the place so that he can hit the ground running next season. As for a 20 goal a season man - If you can tell me where we get one for nowt and £10k a week in wages , other than on FM , then you might want to write to Mr T Mowbray , Middlesbrough Football Club ....
  20. 19th , I'd take that now , then again I'd take 21st! Keep the faith and hope that Mogga can find a forward from somewhere (anywhere) in the summer
  21. Agree that £2m for Lita was a great deal but it seems clear now that the money would just have gone off the debt. He has been kept on the basis that his 1 good game in 6 might keep us up this year but sure that he will be joining Boyd and Mac out of the door in the summer
  22. Boro 86

    New User

    Thanks for the welcome passenger Dont get to many games - travelled up for first game of season and obviously went to Norwich down here - will try to get to Ipswich down here also but I miss the buzz I agree with your point about the bandwagon jumpers but it is the people who come on here slagging off Steve Gibson simply because he has spent most of his dough and has had to cut back for now that do my head in. Still it is a free society so maybe I am just being an old grump!
  23. Boro 86

    New User

    Go easy on me guys new user Long time Boro supporter who actually was at Hartlepool! Season ticket holder for many years but now living in Norwich so it is now love from afar but once a red always a red From where I am I think a bit of reality is needed - yes the samba days are over but I am filled with enormous pride that we have some local boys trying to do what the original 86 boys did Some may say its easy for me to say this but I am shocked at the lack of support from Teesside as a whole - fair play to the 15/16000 who make it there but these boys need your help. Mogga is the man to get us up but he needs your support
  24. Agree I know this has been done to death but there are still people coming on here who think £18k or £20k is peanuts - We are skint boys! - I think if we end up with a £10k ceiling like Blackpool then so be it - that is still half a million quid a year you know Would love to keep Julio but if we can't then we can't
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