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  1. It's sounding most likely that the season will be completed in June/July behind closed doors.
  2. Hope you and your wife feel better soon, all the best! :)
  3. We could all be on lockdown from tomorrow because of idiots not following the safety advice.
  4. I've spent an entire 7 hours watching Netflix and I'll more than likely be doing the same tomorrow. I miss you football :(
  5. Thank you! I refuse to die unless we get relegated when the season resumes 😂
  6. Thanks! I feel a bit better today! Haha, of course! I hope it resumes on April 30th because I'm already bored to tears without it (and I have nothing to waffle on about) 😂
  7. Thank you, look after yourself and yours!
  8. I think it did first come about around that time so it's definitely possible!
  9. The EFL have just posted on their page that he has sadly passed away
  10. Thank you, hope you're well! I would like to have been tested and I think we should be testing anyone with symptoms and if positive, make sure there are no underlying health issues that they don't know about. I'm 4 days into it and I'm not getting any worse luckily! It's madness, apparently the shelves are empty in most of the supermarkets. I understand people doing two weeks worth of shopping if they're going into self isolation (two of whatever they need) but not to the extent where they're clearing the shelves. The toilet paper one is really annoying me because the virus doesn't affect your bowel movements at all 😂
  11. I have the cough too but it's not as bad as it was!
  12. I have the virus and I'm really struggling to get out of bed but I have to because I have other people to look after. I'm constantly exhausted, EVERYTHING is aching and I keep going from being too hot to freezing cold and shivering. I feel really weak but this is not the illest I've ever been (it will obviously affect certain groups of people differently) but it's definitely not nice. Still don't feel the urge to stockpile toilet paper, though.
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