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  1. *** sake, we've been the better team by far
  2. Very happy with how we're playing but we need to get some goals in the net!
  3. I know this is only a cup game but I'm worried we're gonna have another bumpy season ahead of us
  4. You can tell the Boro are back when the intense frustration begins again 😂
  5. I hope you're right about that, it's really frustrating that we haven't scored already because we've looked the most likely to. To be fair to Watford though their defence has been decent!
  6. I agree with the comments about Spence. The lad looks lost most of the time.
  7. Is a goal too much to ask for, come on!
  8. What the hell was that from Tav 😂
  9. I fully expected us to lose here but we're only 1-0 down and we're not dead and buried by a long shot. Hopefully we'll have a decent second half and at least get a point!
  10. Fry hasn't been too great for us recently either but I really don't understand why we've brought Hall in when he seems worse than the defenders we had last season. I hope he improves down the line because that was just shocking.
  11. We've started well but I'm still slightly worried about our defence. Come on lads!
  12. Excited for this but also really nervous! Come on Boro!
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