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  1. Haven't heard anything about Britt in a while... is he staying put?
  2. That's a fair point. Clayton has been doing a good job recently, though. It's not helping us having a makeshift defence atm either. I fully expected to lose here but I don't think we'll go on a horrible run again.
  3. What? I'd have played Fletch personally, I'm not a fan of Rudy. However, I don't feel he can be totally blamed for a relatively bad team performance.
  4. I think some people take it a bit far when we lose but there are some decent anaylsis' also. I don't understand why Gestede is being blamed here like 😂
  5. Haha, you can never predict how they're gonna come out. You go from being on top of the world with them to getting annoyed with how bad they play 😂 Aye, most definitely. Think most of the games before the Christmas period were considerably worse!
  6. Aye, I agree with what you're saying there. I did expect to lose this one but I guess I'm just extra salty tonight because I needed something to cheer me up because I'm ill and can't get out of bed 😂
  7. We were playing decent sides with Tottenham, Preston and West Brom. This is just dire to watch and we look like we've given up. Don't mind us losing when we have a go, it's the fact we've had 0 shots on target and have been awful for the most part. This is by no means the worst match we've played this season like.
  8. By no means a result to be embarassed about. Thought we were much better second half. Subs should have been made sooner in my opinion and their goals were our own fault but we came out after the break and had a go, which is great to see. It's a shame not to go forward in the cup but it is what it is!
  9. I'm worried how many they're gonna score when it's pretty much being put on a plate for them...
  10. Thanks for sharing this, I didn't know about it either. It's such a horrible tragedy and I can't believe even the club themselves don't really do anything to acknowledge it happened.
  11. Looking forward to this! It would be nice to go forward in the cup but I won't be too bothered if we lose. (I think we will) Stranger things have happened in the cup, though!
  12. Good luck to him, he's been brilliant for us but I'm happy with Pears to remain in goal. Could maybe do with loaning a keeper incase of injury to Pears or Mejias though.
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