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  1. Mcnair, Wing And Nmecha on
  2. We're honestly so bad in every area. If by some miracle we don't go down then we pretty much need an entire new squad.
  3. We're not doing too badly but we need to start taking some of our chances.
  4. I can't believe what I've just witnessed. Shower of ***.
  5. I expected so much more from us considering how bad they are. We haven't shown to be much better.
  6. Other people are saying the same thing as you so you might be right haha
  7. I might have to watch it back again because I thought he looked like he had no chance. Still a pretty decent strike though!
  8. I'm completely in awe at how a team this bad managed to score a free kick as decent as that 😂
  9. I'm pretty nervous now, this is gonna be a long 90 minutes 😂
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