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  1. There's definitely going to be a red card at some point in this game.
  2. 2-2 is probably a fair result. Either side could have nicked it. It's positive that we got a couple of goals and played a lot better.
  3. Come on Britt, now is the time for a hat trick 🤞
  4. Well... our lead lasted a long time didn't it 😂
  5. I don't think it's BBC Tees. I've got it on my DAB radio and it's absolutely fine.
  6. Just our luck isn't it, finally score a goal and it's ruled offside 😂
  7. Ash

    Steve Gibson

    I have literally just said it's not their fault they get paid so much and that I would take the money in their position. They shouldn't be on that sort of money, though. (Again, not down to them) Also not blaming them for the fact that people on 30 pound or less a match are having more money taken off them, we know the little people will always suffer more money wise because of no set daily wage or hours on the work contract. The club are in dire straits because of past decisions in which we have wasted money and employed players on ridiculously high wages, we all know that.
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