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  1. Wouldn’t mind seeing Cyrus Christie back as competition for Jones, good RWB at this level and not wanted at Fulham.
  2. Can anyone recommend a good VPN for laptop?
  3. guess we now know what Woodgate was up to before he got the Bournemouth job....
  4. No one was excited when we signed George Friend from relegated Donny or Grant Leadbitter on a free from boring Ipswich but they turned out pretty well. Players like Stewart can thrive in the right set up.
  5. How can anyone find maddo irritating when he’s sitting next to Marc *** Drury, literally the most irritating tedious man to ever put his mouth to radio. The past couple of matches have been a breath of fresh air because we didn’t have to listen to Marc Drury go up his own *** on a tangent every 5 minutes.
  6. Mark Drury is one of the most tediously irritating men to ever put their voice to radio so it’s a welcome change.
  7. Pulis is a failure, you’re missing the point. Pulis is a failure because of Pulis not because of Gibson, he should of done better with the squad and the money he was given like you’d of expected a manager of his prior experience to of. It’s only a bad appointment in hindsight, it’s not as if he was kept around beyond his two years. And I’m not disagreeing that Agnew was a *** appointment, we should of kept Karanka, but that’s a different discussion.
  8. You’re pulling managers out of your backside. Southgate Strachan Mogga Karanka Monk Pulis Woody Warnock That’s 8 in 14 years (Agnew was always interim), I’d say that was a pretty standard amount of managers in that time frame for a modern football club. Southgate, Mogga and Karanka were actually all given 3 or more seasons or thereabouts, Pulis was given till the end of his contract and Strachan walked away admitting his own failings. So what exactly is your point? Steve Gibson has his failings but giving managers time/number of appointments i
  9. I'd go for the worst squad and do it by squad numbers again, could be interesting.
  10. Is he really doing any better than he did here, he's made a lot of cheap shrewd signings at Blackburn just like he did with us. He also had us hanging around where Blackburn are at the moment for most of his time here. I think if he returned now without the Scottish dressing room divide and the trouble makers he'd probably do well, he certainly set the foundations for Karankas success, though obviously something was amiss towards the end of his reign.
  11. ifollow stream on the boro site not working either, it let me buy it with a vpn so surely it’s on?
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