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  1. I'm coming after you Cowman4boro. Nice to finally be scoring points :).
  2. Birmingham V Derby - DRAW Bolton V Brighton - DRAW Bristol City V Middlesbrough = AWAY (MCDONALD) Crystal Palace V Leeds United - HOME Huddersfield V Charlton - HOME Leicester V Sheff Wed - HOME Nottm Forest V Wolves - HOME Peterborough V Ipswich - HOME Watford V Blackpool - HOME Reading V Aston Villa - HOME In early this week cause i'm away from Wednesday over the weekend :).
  3. Barnsley v Bolton - DRAW Blackburn v Peterborough - HOME Blackpool v Bristol City - HOME Brighton v Huddersfield - HOME Charlton v Burnley - HOME Hull v Birmingham - HOME Ipswich v Leicester - DRAW Middlesbrough v Cardiff - AWAY (CAMPBELL) Sheff Wed v Nottm Forest - AWAY Southampton v QPR - DRAW Good luck 2+2 mate :).
  4. Blackpool V Leicester - DRAW Bolton V Hull - AWAY Brighton V Burnley - HOME Bristol City V Barnsley - DRAW Charlton V Nottm Forest - AWAY Huddersfield V Ipswich - HOME Peterborough V Birmingham - HOME Sheff Wed V Crystal Palace - AWAY Watford V Derby - HOME Middlesbrough V Millwall - HOME (Miller)
  5. Good luck Gary :). Cardiff V Bristol City - HOME Birmingham V Watford - DRAW Burnley V Huddersfield - HOME Crystal Palace V Middlesbrough - DRAW (ZAHA) Derby V Wolves - HOME Hull V Charlton - HOME Ipswich V Blackpool - HOME Nottm Forest V Bolton - HOME Bury V Coventry - AWAY
  6. Well first match back in the PL and it couldn't have come against a harder opponent. Best of luck Boro_unger :). Blackburn v Ipswich - HOME Blackpool v Millwall - HOME Bolton v Burnley - DRAW Bristol City v Nottm Forest - HOME Charlton v Birmingham - HOME Huddersfield v Cardiff - AWAY Middlesbrough v Barnsley - HOME (JUKE) Peterborough v Leicester - AWAY Sheff Wed v Derby - AWAY Wolves v Leeds United - DRAW
  7. Today's result was disappointing. But I don't buy all this things aren't rosy behind closed doors. Every club has their problems we've just hit our usual January/February slump. I'm sure we'll be okay and still believe that we'll get into the play-offs.
  8. Hi, I am back if those of you can remember me :). I was Hammy on the old 606 and regally visited this website. However, haven't had the time to use this site in the last 4-5 months properly as I've been mega busy with job hunting as in the summer I'll be moving down to Pembrokeshire. Lucky i've landed a good job down there and will be moving down there in July :). But it's good to be back and hope you are all okay?
  9. Hey all, It's been a long time :), I hope your all okay. Glado, glad to see the PL is going strong still :). If they's any spaces in a league I'd like to rejoin if possible. If not I can wait until next season :). Would be great to predict again :) Kayleigh :).
  10. Crystal Palace V Cardiff - AWAY Derby V Burnley - DRAW Ipswich V Charlton - HOME Leeds United V Nottm Forest - HOME Millwall V Brighton - AWAY Peterborough V Wolves - AWAY Sheff Wed V Bolton - AWAY Watford V Bristol City - HOME Birmingham V Barnsley - HOME - KING Leicester V Hull - DRAW
  11. Friday Brighton V Sheff Wed - home Charlton V Crystal Palace - draw SATURDAY Barnsley V Blackpool - away Bolton V Watford - home Bristol City V Blackburn - draw Burnley V Peterborough - home Cardiff V Leeds United - home Huddersfield V Derby - home Hull V Millwall - home Middlesbrough V Ipswich - home - mceachran Glado - I'm away so have no knowledge on other clubs injuries or ours tbh so only guessed ours as a guess. But really don't mind losing points.
  12. I didn't know that about Sharp and sorry that something like that has happened to him and to be honest i don't know a great deal about him. All i'm concerned about is the players we have left now and that should be the main focus.
  13. Prowler I was thinking more Maynard. I don't think for a second Sharp was on the radar.
  14. Joe Bennett asked for the move mate, i don't think Mowbray was gonna stand in his way. He cost our club nothing so it wasn't worth keeping a player that didn't really want to be here. Also Mowbray has said on a number of occasion's that he'll only sign a play if he thought they'd fit into the squad. He might have had Maynard and Sharp scouted but found out both were bad influences and we've got young players in our squad you don't want them learning their bad behaviour do you?
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