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  1. Willie Maddren against Swindon 1971 ....long distance rocket Hickton at Birmingham...1st goal back in Div 1 Stan at St.James...counter attack and 20 yard belter after running half length of the pitch
  2. Speaking of Boksic, it took me years to realise why my wife always called him Canesten............
  3. when we finish this, might be interesting to follow it with the "nightmare team" using the same criteria......mind you, when it comes to Scotland, it will be very difficult to choose one that we can all agree on
  4. Probably not everybody's cup of tea, but recently watched "Don Juan de Marco"..didn't have any great expectations when I saw that the stars were Depp and Brando...but really enjoyed it...maybe I am an old-fashioned git but I can't remember the last time I watched a film and thought "I really enjoyed that"....no special effects..no in-your-face "message", just a good story and good acting..worth two hours of your time
  5. I am really surprised Barry McGuire hasn't made a comeback...
  6. we'll have this sewn up by half-time ...
  7. looks as though this might be interesting....especially the bit about the 1-1-8 formation (TP's favourite) https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-51574065
  8. According to Wiki, he scored for Gedling Miners Welfare in 2018...guessing it must have been his local team...another lad who seemed to have a lot of promise but just never made the final breakthrough..one of our many nearly men
  9. not a game...but still interesting just to hear one of the commentators lines
  10. A golden oldie featuring a proper winger, a real striker and a massacre of the "Cockney" $*!*%...........those were the days, my friends.......in the end, even the commentator stopped being biased...and the sight of Stan next to their centre-backs still makes me smile
  11. Is Mad Dog still playing for LASK?....wish we had someone with his attitude in the team now....maybe he wasn't the most cultured but his aggression is something we lack...although I suppose the way the game is now, he would probably spend more time suspended than playing......would definitely be in my Boro Psycho team 🙂
  12. Just when I was getting over the Black Death....it's one thing after another......can't wait for next years plague of locusts and the waters of the Tees turning red......can't remember what the others were but one might have been a murrain of chickens
  13. Does Number 12 sound like Woodgate?........but then again there have been many times watching the Boro that I have had to convince my brain that my eyes were telling the truth...
  14. Number 6 is the most important......everybody knows the real requirement is always turnips
  15. Can just see Borodane saying to the kids "and if you don't behave, I will take you to another one"...hope you all had a good time and have a safe journey back
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