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  1. Dean Whitestone for Ipswich game and Oliver Langford for Hull. Doesn't seem that long since the last time we had them
  2. Thought Mr Kitchen had a decent game. Didn't blow for everything but got most stuff right when he did. Seemed to be able to detect difference between simulation and real knocks better than many (or he was just cold and wanted game to keep going) Hopefully similar style employed on Saturday as could get a bit tasty if Mr England has an off day
  3. To think we all sniggered when some fool predicted we would win 4-0... Man is a genius 🙂
  4. Darren England in charge of Leeds game. Assisted by Akil Howson and Natalie Aspinall. Believe Akil is the first black ref since Uriah Rennie to officiate Prem games, so hopefully he enjoys similar career
  5. 1) Reading 2) unchanged 3) as above 4) 0-2 to Boro, Jones and Crooks 5) Archibald Alexander Leach
  6. Ref for Bristol is John Busby... fairly new, couple of seasons on list, Mr Kitchen returns for Preston game
  7. Quote from Maresca "It is what it is" 🙂 Sure I've heard that before ... can't think where
  8. Conceding four goals after going down to ten men... Must have been a bad ref 🙂
  9. I thought we had been involved in some marathon penalty shootouts.. but this is another level 🙂 https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/67360598
  10. Superb win for Donetsk against Barcelona. Lovely goal for the winner and could easily have been 2-0.
  11. Oliver Langford again for Saturday. Hopefully similar result to last time 🙂
  12. The last time I went to Plymouth was Mr Anderson's Cup game. Absolutely hoyed it down and a certain Mr Souness looked as though he wanted to change his mind about signing for us. Not a fond memory but enough to remind me that their crowd can definitely play a part in cheering them on, so not a game to take for granted. It is winnable but they will make us earn it if we succeed 1) 1-2 2) Our strongest available .. don't take chances 3) Home to young Barnaby, a well-known Hoe, popular with sailors 🙂 4) A lot 5) No
  13. Aren't they supposed to take the wives with them instead of just leaving them in the middle of the room ... asking for a friend 🙂
  14. Felt Mr Scott was pretty decent overall. Didn't see any obvious howlers and allowed enough leeway to enable us to see an exciting game despite the conditions. Dealt with the little flare up after Rogers "retaliated" in the proper manner and kept things from getting out of hand needlessly. Nice to see a game where we can say no complaints on the whole. Didn't appear to be an excess of time-wasting ploys so added minutes reflected injury treatments and subs fairly well.
  15. A bit disappointed with some of the time wasting and manhandling allowed by Mr Kitchen but no worse than most. Ref for Plymouth game will be Darren England... Luckily no VAR 🙂
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