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  1. sounds like we were a little unlucky in the u23 game. Two goals disallowed, two shots off the post and a penalty saved .. though reading that back, sounds like he does have them playing same style as first team 🙂 . Southampton Academy supposed to be one of the best, so if we are competitive, bodes well for future
  2. Nice to see a lad that gets pleasure out of his work 🙂
  3. Definitely classier but could be improved by putting a ram's head in lion's mouth or puppet dangling from paws.. 🙂 In all seriousness, it looks good.. don't need anything fancy just something that gives us an identity that doesn't blend in and that is a good candidate
  4. sort of because it relies on those with games in hand not winning enough to survive .. but see what you mean. I suppose a point in the hand is worth more than a game ..especially if the outstanding games are against tougher teams or one of your direct rivals.. so maybe the "not quite great but still unexpected escape".. doesn't really seem as catchy does it 🙂
  5. I know that the odds are against them with everyone else having games in hand, but part of me would like to see Norwich pull off the Great Escape .. ... wonder what the odds are
  6. Exactly... we should just play them a few appropriate songs and leave it at that.. or maybe not
  7. Nazareth!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cover version............ Everly Brothers Only love can break your heart ( apart from Boro)
  8. Can I be the first to use the phrase "bum steer"... just have to think of a gag that fits.. to be honest, not seen much of him, but to me GK not priority at moment. Need a LCB and a LWB first to take some of load off Jones... maybe in the summer
  9. Just checked.. it is a school for pupils with learning difficulties, so sorry George .. I should have looked first 😔
  10. Either that is a very poor imitation of a child writing a letter or 13 year olds in Derby have the skills of six year olds in the rest of the country. It might be genuine, but does that look like a teenagers handwriting. Maybe I am being old fashioned but I have seem more legit £3 notes .. there will be a photo of someone begging in the street next with a sign saying "Steve Gibson did this to me" ( and my butler, my maid, the cook, the chauffeur and all the gardeners). .. end of rant see post in other thread... it is a special needs school... should have checked first...
  11. Matt O'riley to Celtic from MK Dons.. should do well as no need to adapt to higher level 🙂
  12. Krasner was involved with that one, so probably someone else
  13. No prob Sand... but now have an image of Denzil riding a stag across the heather with his face painted blue and swigging a can of Irn Bru... of course, that may be more true to life than we know 🙂
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