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  1. or maybe from near Scotch Corner...sure there is a small village called Gilling that way
  2. sad to see how some of the teams in Div 2 in the 1974 clipping have fared since then....York, Notts County ...even Orient for a while...in a way, we are still one of the lucky ones....
  3. just looked at the goalscorers in the other games on the 1971 clipping...some talented players there...Don Rogers, Tony Green, Derek Possee, Gerry Francis, Garland, Casper, Paddon....."the good old days"......
  4. Old Codger


    I did want to congratulate Brunners, but I saw the queue and decided to set off the match to avoid the crush ps.....for what you are about to receive, may the CT make you truly thankful
  5. remember the Ajax game......Simon Tahamata ran rings round us at times and that still ranks as the best display I've ever seen by a winger......not many about anymore
  6. If, as some people seem to think, we will be trying to replace Britt in January before value starts to plummet, the sensible thing would be to try alternatives in Cup games, so would be surprised to see him tonight....if Friend and Fry fit enough, at least give 45 minutes otherwise probably fringe players and new signings.....
  7. thought we were unlucky yesterday...on balance of play, deserved at least a draw, can't really express an opinion about first goal as too far away for my eyes....but strange that none of the goalmouth photographers seem to have a shot of the handball if it did occur....Fletch was onside for second goal but defence played to whistle.....thought Britt should have pulled ball back to unmarked player on edge of six-yard box instead of shooting when he hit post, but overall, encouraged and think that when things settle, we will be OK, not expecting great things, just entertainment and a better time than last year.....glad Teddy enjoyed himself, but now you can't threaten him with going again if he is naughty....roll on Tuesday
  8. Remember seeing Eusebio at Ayresome playing for Benfica, so presumably this was the game....unless they came back another year....oozed class..
  9. Walker also happy to pass to someone in better position....a team player
  10. fear not.. DS...in less than two weeks, he can see his hero.....tell him that you can't make it Saturday because you've been naughty
  11. I think a window where you move players out that you want to, keep the players you want to, sign young eager lads to address some areas and don't overpay for someone could be called at least reasonable......it gives us an opportunity to try and create a team that plays better football and we can then all voice our thoughts on the January transfer thread which will probably start at 5.01....certainly better than last window
  12. I'll only start worrying about CB cover when Rudy is getting mentioned.....lots of options for match or two absences and only one true objective this season....starting rebuild
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