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  1. Hopefully not stopping for a snack before boarding the plane ...
  2. Would go with that, but as they cost a little more, it may just be possible that those deals are reliant on incoming funds.. unless you know of any freebies that we can realistically pursue
  3. Can't wait for the first typo that calls him Stiffen... 🙂
  4. I think the important thing with McGoldrick was that he was mentioned as a squad guy rather than primary role,, sort of like Dunc coming on when we are into last 25 minutes. Not expected to run around for whole game, we lost out last year because of inexperience in that area, so if he is a "super sub", definitely an upgrade.. if there is any substance to it.
  5. Sincerely hope you are right.. think it would be OK up here, but not so sure about it would go down there. Ideally it will be a few years till they are back in the Prem 🙂
  6. What's the odds of a Cup meeting this year.. you just know that some things are waiting to happen 🙂
  7. Tom Barkhuizen looks to be first one in ... fairly solid if they are going to have a bunch of kids in.
  8. Probably a minor quibble but no Boyd-Munce. Injured or still away?
  9. Agreed.. that's why I will always root for Hartlepool. (along with the other 80,000 who were at the first match)
  10. Interesting read on the BBC Football page about automated offside decisions. Anything that improves the current farcical situation has to be progress provided that it is not implemented the same way as VAR. Supposedly decision time reduced from 70 to 25 seconds, but I find that a bit of a stretch as I struggle to think of a situation where someone is offside for a minute or more while ball is in play. Trialled in Qatar, so we shall see in a few months.
  11. Sir Brian, I am pleased that people like you and MadAmster will still have a team to follow. A few of us here are old enough to remember how close we came to folding due to mismanagement. The remarks you see are generated by the attitudes of other parts of your fanbase that actively boosted Mel's actions and blamed others for his errors. I am glad you did not go the way of Bury and Macclesfield but don't get involved in an argument you won't win. It may get worse before it gets better, but if Sunderland can get back, then eventually you will too. Best of luck (and keep your head down) 🙂
  12. Think tomorrow's game will be one of those with a different team for each half, just to give them all a run out then see who stands out for squad places as we go along. Hopefully a blend of youth and experience for the 90 minutes and everybody stays injury free.
  13. All we need now is a Twitter campaign organised by Levy to "Free Djed Spence", claiming we're holding him hostage in a dungeon somewhere (with DZ as his jailer). Guessing he will go straight to the table when he arrives back from holiday but think most of us are sick of them regurgitating each others scoops when none of them really know anything.
  14. Could be worse... you might have spent it on a ticket to see Warnock at the Town Hall in November 🙂
  15. they are only about 30 miles from Leicester and Stoke, so think they would also be candidates, Burton probably too small a capacity for a massive club like that.
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