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  1. Remember Bernie getting a hat trick against them in the Cup at Ayresome... could do with one tomorrow... question for Erimus if/when he reads this.. how many Riverside hat-tricks have we had? Double figures yet?
  2. To be fair, if he ever decides to give up managing, he could easily get a job curdling milk 🙂
  3. can't see any quality managers wanting to take the risk of tarnishing their reputations, so what's the feeling on his successor.. foreign, unknown or one of the "usual suspects"?
  4. possibly just a coincidence, but the drop in form at Forest coincided with their chairman appointing a fellow Greek as Director of Football and he took responsibility for bringing in players that the managers have not always appreciated or perhaps more importantly, wanted.
  5. watching tiraspol v shakhtar on BT ESPN... enjoyable game ... Adama Traore just scored with a beautiful volley from a cross by a Brazilian full back named Cristiano.. names to remember. both look as though they would be suited to British game.. not afraid to get stuck in.
  6. Now player sent off for simulation .. booked in first half for exact same thing.. of course it is harder to play against ten men...
  7. Crazy game on BT, Sevilla v Salzburg .. forty minutes .. four penalties, all legit. Three to Austrians, first one missed, second one scored, third one hit post, then VAR check gives Sevilla pen and they score. Salzburg should be out of sight but now looks like going in level at half time... it's a funny old game 🙂
  8. Believe that is Kokolo.. was on bench once or twice and did well in game on Monday.. fairly certain can play as a wing-back if required
  9. Mike Kear.. there's a blast from the past.. always put in the effort and never let his head go down.. one of those lads you would always give a cheer if they were playing against you.. think he ended up in Belgium if I remember right.
  10. note to self... learn to type with two fingers 🙂
  11. Algerian midfield maestro signs for Sheff Utd.. looks like we will be seeing a familiar face in a fortnight.
  12. According to sentence in loan performances on MFC site, Djed not eligible to play, so at least we are spared what would have been inevitable... We proved last season that we play better against them when we are proactive rather than reactive and their defence has more holes than ours, so see no reason why we can't get a result. They have some good players but if we can get in front, then it is pretty certain their heads will go down. According to McCarthy and Brian Laws, they were out-muscled, so if Neil had someone there, then you can guarantee that will have been noted. traditionally we stru
  13. 19-year-old kid having a field day at Forest.. wonder what the odds are on Hughton getting the bullet.. apparently it is taking time for the ten new signings to adjust... can't put my finger on where I have heard that recently 🙂
  14. He is right about the sugar though... always put it on the custard 🙂
  15. Regards wearing a mask, your main risk is from airborne particles drifting into your breathing space. If there is a lot of people behind and above you singing and shouting, then risk increases, so you are not being silly, you are showing you care about the safety of your family and yourself. Take one with you and wear it in enclosed areas like concourse but if you feel safe, take it off, it is your choice, so just use your head and do what feels right
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