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  1. U23's winning 2-0.. Robinson and Balde
  2. Watmore did Ok for his first run out. Got into good positions that could have been interesting if some players would pass at the right time instead of shoot at the wrong time. Good header for the assist and always seemed to be happy to get the ball. Happy to see him around the squad and hope to see him crack on as he gets back up to speed
  3. Not denigrating Bielsa in any significant way, he is good for the game and I would rather watch positive football than negative, but he is not a miracle worker, for such a long career, he has not achieved the success you would expect. Might be his personality or just what he had to work with, but he has relatively few honours against his name compared to some and what works for one person or team, might not work for another. Huddersfield are like us, a work in progress, and hopefully the fact that we are building from the back towards the front gives us the edge. Think it will be a close game, but we definitely have the chance to edge it if we play as we can.
  4. He would never be employed here .. no experience at working with BIG clubs in competitive leagues.
  5. Thanks for making me feel REALLY old, BD.. I hope the Singing Postman haunts your dreams.. 🙂
  6. One of those games that I think it can honestly be said, that everyone in the team did well. No standouts but just everyone playing their part. Was glad to see Roberts and Watmore both playing a role in first goal and even though they tired, they worked Derby hard enough so that they were there for the taking after fresh legs came on. Johnson goal was one of the nicer efforts we've had this season and I honestly think the decision to play him farther forward brings out his better qualities. Caught a bit of post-match interview with Rosenior and he does not seem to be under any illusions about how difficult a situation they are in, already saying that some players performances "not acceptable" but they need to find form in next few games or it could get even worse. Wonder when the last time our goal difference was +21 to theirs after just over a dozen games. Possession percentage makes game look one sided, but I think that for all but the fifteen or twenty minutes after half time, we looked the better team.
  7. You deserve a medal for publicly stating that .. outstanding bravery in the face of the enemy. I am sure I will be corrected but there seems to be a lot fewer hits from Denmark in comparison to elsewhere in the region .. (ducks and runs)
  8. Would YOU put money on Middlesbrough?.. that way he cries all the way to the bank or laughs all the way to the bar.. What do you expect from a country whose greatest contribution to music is Nina and Frederik and "Barbie Girl" 🙂
  9. Not as big a cheat as Ronaldo, but still tarnished his image to the extent that even Argentinians think Messi and Di Stefano were his equal in many respects and superior in others... he still ranks as one of the games most skilful players and I for one appreciate the good things he did on the pitch
  10. He should put a couple of grand on that if he is so sure .. bookies offering 50/1...
  11. Historically this is the sort of team we struggle against, but it is in our favour that they will not be coming here for a point as only a win benefits them. If we use the pace we have effectively and sit on their danger men, then the odds should be in our favour as I cannot see Warnock settling for a draw in this game. Might not be a big win, but if we can get a goal in the first twenty minutes, their confidence will not be boosted and we won't be on the edge of our seats for 90+ minutes. 2-0 should be possible and anything extra would be great.
  12. The way results have gone tonight makes a win vital to keep pace with teams above us.. don't need any gaps opening up (except at bottom of table)
  13. Fisher charged over handball incident in Saturdays game.. claiming he misjudged tackle 🙂
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