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  1. Just a starter.. tomorrow BD and SD will discuss Kierkegaard's maxim "Don't forget to love yourself" and if it applies to videos 🙂
  2. Our situation is more like the beginning of A Tale of Two Cities.. it was the best of games.. it was the worst of games.. passes of wisdom, passes of foolishness. displays of belief and displays of incredulity, the season of light and the season of darkness, the autumn of hope and the January of despair... who said culture was dead 🙂
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56291850 Am I reading this right in understanding that it only applies to attack and not defence.. or is it just unclear wording?
  4. Used to wind up the opposition by lighting a Woodbine if he was having a quiet game... ran across him a few times when I used to go to away games .. had a "colourful" vocabulary, but always happy to mix with fans and got pleasure from the number of people that acknowledged him.
  5. RIP Willie Whigham.... a character and a decent player
  6. maybe I am viewing events with excessive caution, but to me, it looks as though NW is trying to bring players in that are able to play in a variety of styles.. we are obviously able to go long even though we need a target man who can hold the ball and is happy to pass to a teammate.. and we have enough skill to be fluid when the opportunity arises.. we have battlers and even a bit of pace. the players being signed have been in positions that needed to be sorted and in most cases have had an effect. Viewing this as a transition season, I think we are in a better place squad wise than last year and although I would like to see more youngsters being pushed, I can understand why Spence and Coulson are squad options rather than first choice, though I do think in both cases, there are players in there. We are till a couple of pieces short in the jigsaw, but after last year, I am much happier looking up rather than down
  7. Identity theft .. or stoned?
  8. Alas, poor Blanco, I knew him well... a fellow of infinite jest. even wore his Boro shirt in public 🙂
  9. I once saw a programme about road bowling...don't know if it still goes on , like to see them try that on the moor road... 🙂
  10. Don't believe you... I have seen evidence of turnips at the Riverside recently and that is well-known proof of all cunning plans
  11. Best line I heard was from a lad I met in Hamburg, he said Danish isn't a language, its a throat disease 🙂
  12. in most cases, your English is better than our English.. https://yerjokinarnyer.weebly.com/guide-to-smogginese.html but just in case, if you ever see someone break into real Smogginese, above dictionary can be useful
  13. All the best... hope you are still able to enjoy the day
  14. Like most of us, I would also like to see more positive football, but there are a couple of things I would like to know.. How long is a long ball.. 10 yards, 20 yards ? Is there anywhere I can find if any particular player has much larger percentage than others or is it fairly even? who paid for the beer?
  15. I think that it is a fairly safe bet that Johnson will get a new contract. Fairly cheap, willing to play where asked and seems to be popular with teammates... generally forward-thinking, not too injury prone and rarely shoots from daft angles when he can pass to a player in a better position. might not be a world beater, but definitely someone who won't stand there with his thumb up his orifice
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