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  1. so you think Bamford would take the pay cut?...he is history and the sooner people forget him the better ..about as honest as Arter and falls over even more than Hugill..mind you his penalties are a lot like Britt's
  2. we all see things in different lights...some people think Marmite is tasty, some people think that jazz is music, some people think Ricky Gervais is funny, ...they may be right but they may be wrong, so make your own mind up, then tell everybody if DZ was correct
  3. I always liked Old Peculier....but then I'm old and.......
  4. filmed a scene in my friend's brother's shop in Whitby, then cut it and only showed a broken window in final edit....so keep watching
  5. have to admit I have seen us receive a few heavy duckings....
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-tees-51183071/middlesbrough-football-match-interrupted-by-duck maybe we could try this next time we fall behind at the Riverside
  7. the one consolation is that Sunderland are still further along the creek than us ...for now
  8. so we are in the same boat as everybody else then
  9. just asked windowcleaner about Dael as he also takes care of his house....Fry has no interest in being a benchwarmer miles from the rest of his family and unless forced out, would rather earn and play here where life suits him at the moment...obviously circumstances can change but "he would not be the first defender out the door".........don't know what last bit meant but guy said he had promised not to pass on something he had been told and I can understand that as he has to earn a living
  10. lots of players made fleeting appearances then never pushed on..Barron, Charlton, Bennion, Myton....must be many nearly men who we don't really talk about any more...remember going to watch reserves a few times and thinking that people like Stonehouse and Riby were going to break through and make headlines..didn't happen for them but some (Poskett)....fared better elsewhere.
  11. I'm hoping that three teams who wouldn't be automatic promotion contenders get relegated.......Bournemouth, Brighton and Norwich might fit the bill but a lot of it might depend on who doesn't do a runner to stay in Prem...don't really like Dyche as an opposing manager, but he has experience at getting teams promoted from this division and I would back him to take them straight back up again, so that would mean one less place to fight for.
  12. you don't have to be mad to post here but if you are, it helps.....I remember when the same thing was jokingly said about someone else....and to quote that old song "I am nothing like a Dane" (gets coat and runs)
  13. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/helen-the-bell-dies-1085487 as I feared.....
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