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  1. Seeing all the stuff that's gone on at Charlton, wouldn't be surprised if they aren't getting looked at as well....though it would be sad to see such a nice guy as Bowyer suffering...and the Allams deserve it for the way they have destroyed the hope their fans had five years ago and Leeds should be deducted 80 points for Agent Woodgate and even worse, being Leeds .......and I'm not that keen on Fulham either......
  2. I was going to suggest Vatican City FC, but seems that they only have a national team and the head honcho supports Argentina....not that its helping them much either
  3. Personally, I think the cunning plan went wrong when Woody put the turnips on the pitch in red shirts ............in my nightmare we actually do appoint a Director of Football and at the press conference they reveal its Agnew......oh well, back to the drawing board (if we haven't lost that as well)
  4. Baaa Humbug........what's this hair stuff you're on about 🙂
  5. I'd be more concerned about CT's fondness for sheep.........
  6. Our family were posher than that......we had an outside toilet.....
  7. Duffield and McCullagh decent people who didn't realise just how much had gone on earlier...Alf put more than he could really afford into club in hope of turning things around...so don't think they can really be blamed....but the true story of the "sports centre" would be the sort of thing that Arthur Daley might have been involved in (allegedly)
  8. Might be wrong, but think I read somewhere that if a club enters administration after April, then deduction is next season,,,,so they could still be safe
  9. To me, the big difference was they looked as though they cared....If they play like that against hull, think we will get some sort of a result.....
  10. I've just remembered the ending of "Old Yeller"....does this mean George won't be here next season...
  11. Bad pun alert......the Vikings only came over to shop at the Jutey Free...
  12. Old Codger


    Given our opponents in the final game, probably no one else more motivated to take three points at Hillsborough and do a ride off into the sunset.....now there's a thought for a future thread ....as a last match would I prefer to give Leeds, Newcastle or West Ham a ten goal thrashing..tough choice
  13. true....but have to remember what was going on with his parents at the time
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