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  1. sounds like a blackadder line.....as honest as a weasel
  2. I tried....but made a hash of it
  3. I would hope your girlfriend and niece were teste negative :).....being serious, glad for you mate...take care and stay safe
  4. Dundalk probably more interested in keeping him until next weeks European game out of the way after their victory over the Andorran giants
  5. Judging by Cup draw, likely that if we had got through against Barnsley and somehow beaten Chelsea, we would probably have been away to Spurs...another long midweek hike that would probably not have ended well...beginning to think that it might have been for the best to field fringe players, even if only to get some game time....but expect to see a little more effort Saturday
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-54193770 think we can talk Bournemouth into using same tactics?......might give us a chance of a point
  7. Jon Grounds picked up by Swindon....always like to see ex-Academy lads still making a living
  8. Makes a change from turkey being loaned to us......Trabzonspor getting their turn first
  9. what a terrible manager that Bielsa is ....concedes four goals in his first League game than gets knocked out of the Cup by a League One side at home....should be sacked.......two games, two defeats..blah, blah... good job he isn't managing us, he would be getting hammered
  10. I was 534 and when I got to front , it directed me to site and then I clicked on tickets and got no events ...so I either loused up or missed out...ho hum
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