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  1. Had a look at fixtures for the run-in for clubs near the bottom. Blackburn may be in bother if they can't grab at least one win and same applies to Birmingham. Doncaster and Barrow might be good contenders for playoffs in League Two and Bolton or Peterborough could still beat out Derby in League One. Despite their size, would like to see Luton stay up just to show it can be done and given the state of Forest and Everton, they might not be as powerful as we might fear. No idea who will win Prem but happy to take anyone but City just to avoid the monotony.
  2. Now that the dust has settled on our play-off chances (bar a miracle), who do you think will go up or down automatically or through play-offs including all divisions. Apart from one or two teams, many have a lot to play for and for once, it looks like it might go to the wire in most of them. Can Derby snatch defeat from the jaws of victory? Will Luton pull off a shock? Can Gateshead get back after 60 years? Would you just love it if Newcastle missed out on Europe or would you prefer to see them leapfrog Man U?
  3. Ref for Ipswich game is Sam Allison. Was in charge of our home defeat to Bristol where he had a decent game and only gave one yellow. Rarely gives more than three and likes to keep game flowing, though his last game at Portman Road saw seven cautions, five to the home side, so they may not be quite as happy to see him. 🙂
  4. Would have no problem with seeing her in charge of more games as she tries to keep game flowing. She made the right decision to allow injured player to walk off across pitch as it would have taken an equal amount of time to get stretcher there and gave players chance to hydrate, though it might be an idea to have some sort of wheelchair available. Didn't give yellows till required and the ones given were mostly justified. Agree that the "corner" was more a lino error and can see why it wasn't given if they were not sure about it as you can't always rely on crowds to give impartial advice to of
  5. RIP Dickie Rooks.. probably before the time most of the forum started watching but a class player that always gave 100% and was never afraid to get his shirt dirty. Mr E can probably fill in with a few details as I think he wouldn't be the sort that would be easy to find on YouTube.
  6. When we stamp out practices such as grouse and pheasant shooting that serve the pretensions of a tiny minority of a privileged section of our nation then we might earn the right to question others. Whales are fashionable in current times and if their harvesting was for the benefit of the few in the Faroes rather than the whole community then we might have a case, but it is in line with the nation's culture and to me, will change when that nation deems it no longer to be needed.
  7. Never been the same since they split from Sam the Sham 🙂
  8. Hopefully one of them is a drummer ...
  9. Had a dream last night that Wilder had been appointed manager of Sunderland . Remind me not to sniff glue after midnight 🙂 Don't know how it ended but Roy Keane said it was all part of the plan to be the biggest club in the country and when they were in Europe, he would come back as "the face of the club". I think we will get to the knock out stage of the Euros but the lack of real world class defenders will see us lose out but hopefully i am wrong and many years ago that did happen (or so they say) 🙂
  10. If only we had included dodgy throw-ins on Barragan 🙂 and outside the area goals on Lewis Wing or mysterious injuries on a certain centre back. Tbh I think we have at least broken even on recent deals and probably got unexpected profits on others so we are at least doing OK in one area.
  11. The Swansea game sees the return of the future Football Hall of Fame ref Rebecca Welch who we last saw against Birmingham in October. Thought she had a decent game then though blew early a few times when people went down easily, definitely in the top half of the officials we have had this season though. has dished out two reds and two penalties since then, evenly divided between home and away teams so not really "influenced" by crowd. For the Hull game we have Gavin Ward, who was in the middle for our home game against Millwall in August. Since then three of the four penalties he has given ha
  12. Good luck to Saarbrucken in the German Cup tonight. Stand a real chance of making it to the final and then who knows. Good for the game when real minnows have success.
  13. Definitely the lion unless the Swans use grenades. Danish League as we would be in with a decent chance of Europe every season and the style of football wouldn't be a great adjustment. Might be a few strange people in the stands but we could probably match them if we try 🙂 Unchanged if possible but if any injuries cleared, insert where appropriate..
  14. Must remember to only post while conscious. 🙂 At least that leaves only Marvellous Marvin to put the boot in
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