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  1. Bit like Red Faction and Flaregate... Nobody saw nuffink, Guv https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/c51458d758zo
  2. Not saying he might not be worth a punt, but we need to remember that he is playing in a league where Olusanya scores regularly 🙂
  3. A quick look gives fewer than 90 games at the age of 27. That does not inspire me with confidence with regards to his fitness levels...
  4. Those of us who are "of a certain age" will recall that we signed Johnny Vincent from Birmingham in 1971 and sold him to Cardiff about a year later, so I suppose if he had a Kawasaki that was later sold to said admin, it could refer to that, but that is almost as far-fetched as one of Newy's lists 🙂
  5. Man in the middle at Stoke is John Busby, last encountered at Bristol when he tried to keep a straight face as we lost 3-2. Averages about four yellows a game but so far, no reds this season. This will be his 25th game of the season and he has brandished 97 yellows, so could reach the century if he stays true to form. Gave 5 penalties before December 2, but only one since, so probably due for another and lastly, hasn't had a goalless game this season.................. so far 🙂 The Norwich game sees the return of Robert Madley, who was in charge of our 0-0 with Coventry at the end of las
  6. Apparently someone looked at one of the panel "in a funny way" and it was nearly increased to four.
  7. That deserves to be made a tagline 🙂
  8. Didn't we play them in the League Cup about 5 years ago? seem to remember Hugill scoring to put us two up before they sat back to make us think they were going to bottle it 🙂
  9. Ref in charge of Plymouth game is Sunny Singh Gill, brother of Bhupinder who was linesman for Bristol game with Sam Allison (who will be fourth official in charge of board). First time he has done one of our games but averages about four yellows a game fairly evenly distributed between home and away, though all of his penalties and four of the five reds this season have gone against the away side. In his last five games, there have been 23 goals and with Plymouth being one of the more positive sides, hopefully that trend will continue 🙂
  10. Hopefully we can finally hear the last of the "Dwight Gayle as a stop-gap" posts. Be interesting to see if he has any success, though I think he won't find it easy https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/68341348
  11. http://familyfellows.com/pompey-songs-book.htm An interesting read if you have the time.
  12. I always find he gives me reasons to be cheerful 🙂
  13. Had his own chant, they say... something about the Common People 🙂
  14. Might explain why we are 3-0 down 🙂
  15. So Howson gets his extension? 🙂
  16. Gives you a chance to treat them to a speech from Henry V ( or perhaps Richard III since they won't give him back) suitably reworded, odds against us but if the chance arise, we expect you to do your duty before you're lobbed out 🙂
  17. Ref for Leicester game is Chris Kavanagh, fresh from a run of 15 Prem games during which he has awarded seven penalties, only one of which was against the home team, but that was one of two he gave last Saturday. Averages over four yellows per game but so far only one red this season. Seems to be a popular choice for "big" matches (Five Newcastle games, Four Liverpool), so obviously we haven't encountered him. Just realised that Mr. Harrington (Preston ref) was the Phantom Sandwich Eater 🙂
  18. to be fair, he did pioneer overlapping cheese slices 🙂
  19. If anything, the fact that they never gave him a game would be more likely to give him a reason to be biased in our favour 🙂 . Would put him in the category of having no problems seeing him in charge of more of our games. Didn't make any major errors and kept his cards in his pockets
  20. Think Mr Allison did OK, didn't let things get too heated and only used his cards when absolutely necessary. Not sure how accurate the offside decisions were but we seem to be susceptible to marginal errors and it has cost us a few points but short of more VAR, it is what it is.
  21. Faded after Jay and Silent Bob 🙂
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