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  1. More proof he can't stand those pesky furrners.. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/59037420 Hang on, this must be fake news 🙂
  2. Meanwhile, not far from Bury https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58883213
  3. Ameobi was abducted by short sighted aliens who saw a sign for Billingham Bottoms and jumped to the wrong conclusion. Didn't respond to probing questions and misunderstanding resulted. Although I can't be certain of it, I have been told by a couple of "people that know people" that he is worried it could be something that finishes his career, I have also been told that "more to it than people know", which could mean anything. For his own sake, I hope it is something that can be sorted as on his day, he can be very, very good, but sounds like it won't be soon. If we are going to follow the sign
  4. In an alternative reality, Lindelof and Maguire signed for us... if that is what you get for £110 million, then Bamba must still be worth a bit more.. wins more in one half than they have all season. Jesting aside, I have seen better defenders playing for less fashionable that can consistently produce better performances but I suppose they are helped by other team members that are willing to get stuck in too rather than stand and watch them struggle
  5. Don't know if there is something going on with Cantwell, but sounds as though something is amiss.. unless he is angling for move
  6. wouldn't object to seeing Kokolo get a few minute like Coburn if the chance arises.. seems to be working for Josh and it will let them know if he needs a loan or can step in. Ideal opportunity for Sol to take young defenders under his wing if he is serious about coaching, you can't waste that sort of experience
  7. Just discovered the origins of humble pie ... to quote the priest in Blazing Saddles "Son, you're on your own" 🙂
  8. Probably setting myself up for some disagreement but I have been surprised that the twin transfer policy approach seems to have worked to a greater extent than I thought, Sporar and Payero are both bedding in nicely and seem to be able to work well with Crooks and Uche whilst Bamba and Peltier have earned their corn. If Lea-Siliki comes good and they ever get to the bottom of Ameobi's problem, then I would say that the window could be called successful when compared to others of late. Lumley has his moments but is a massive upgrade on Bettinelli and IF the loan lads come back as more experienc
  9. Not overly so, says he has a decent relationship but wants to play more and if it means a loan, then he is up for it. sometimes we tend to be a little hard on young players if they have a poor game but if he cracks on, whoever is here when he gets back may want to include him in squad... still has a way to go and experience will do him good. If he can't deal with Scottish forwards, then he may not be as far along as we hope, but next year or two should see if he is going to make it and I think he will not be found wanting.
  10. I know it is still a bit early for the pantomime season (or maybe not considering Watmore's miss) but "Oh no it won't" 🙂
  11. Just watching highlights of Bodo v Roma.. what a night for those lads.. it is results like that which makes being a supporter of a "little" team worthwhile.. in 50 years time, they can say "I was there when"... good for them
  12. Can just imagine how it might have been if Harold Godwinson had won the Battle of Hastings and decided to make Gateshead his new capital.. No more corgis, all the aristos would have whippets and the Queen would have a ciggie in her mouth, Curlers in her hair and a fur coat (but no ....), stottie cakes would be served as the main course at all the banquets and Christopher Robin would be Poet Laureate.. only snag is national anthem would be something by Jimmy Nail 😞
  13. They do.. its spoken by everyone north of Watford.. distinctly remember Shearer on about his Christmas turkey being bootiful 🙂
  14. wonder if Blanco has ever been mistaken for an Irishman 🙂
  15. When I used to go to away matches on a regular basis, one of the funniest things was the looks of confusion on home fans faces when they started to chant "We hate the Geordies" and our lot joined in
  16. With regard to pronunciation SD, it has reached the stage where we are so mixed that there are no real standard pronunciations in a lot of cases, wife came over here in the eighties and she was amazed by the variations of accent in the country and often in the same town or even the same family (apparently I am not as cultured as my sister). The so-called standard English that was taught in schools in the past is understandable to most but there is no consistency to pronunciations in reality and word meanings change very quickly. I am old enough to remember when being wicked, filthy and bad wer
  17. Very enjoyable game after we settled into it.. bit ropey at start, but after first few minutes, it was a case of how many are we going to win by rather than can we win and we really should have been out of sight by half time. A few poor decisions with regards to shooting instead of passing and vice versa but on the whole, a decent performance. Barnsley unrecognisable from last year and could be in real trouble if they can't sort things out quickly but fair play to them, still tried to play football rather than spoiling. Solid display from Peltier, good midfield linking with Matt and Mart and
  18. if Eddie Howe couldn't keep Bournemouth up, what makes their fans think he will do better at a team with much less ability, their weakness is still at the back and they need an organiser for their defence.. still can't understand why the Capsignal hasn't lit up the sky..... 🙂
  19. I'm glad the puns have finished.. I was beginning to flounder On a serious note, does anybody else feel that in January we should look to find a ball-winner in midfield to feed Tav/Martin/wingbacks. May be a false impression but we are picking up bookings and injuries through players making tackles at inopportune times through bad timing or rashness
  20. skating on thin ice .. I'll be found out one of these dace.. think I keep going just for the halibut
  21. salmon should stop these awful puns before I fall off my perch
  22. nearly had him till he misheard someone talking about grouse shooting 🙂
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