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  1. Good luck to Joe Thompson (Rochdale)....hope you have a good life
  2. Best team won....too many players still with white shirts at end..in those conditions, tackling can win a game and there wasn't one player that looked like they WANTED to get stuck in....Ayala and Flint were very poor but made to look good by Friend and McNair....Howson ineffective and Clayton didn't understand the note from TP saying "win ball, pass to team-mate"...no-one really stood out as having done well...I admire those supporters that travelled down...deserved more for their effort but it was very obvious only one team up for it
  3. vast improvement on what it used to be, but I am sure it will take our squad back a few years
  4. serious question...is chanting "attack, attack, attack" encouragement or criticism, or does it depend on situation?
  5. some responsibility must lie with players as he seems to wave them forward a lot more than waving them back...maybe they just get tired from all that running around :)
  6. some reports now saying plane not licensed for UK airspace
  7. I think Lady has a point.....we're like Leicester in a way....function best as a counter-attacking team and suffer when we have to try and break down a bus defence...Puel is a similar tactician to Pulis (weird how you never see them in same room)...criticism of fans never helps but neither does booing team, to be honest, as long as both sides keep it within reason, it should not hurt .....and a good win over Leeds could help a lot
  8. probably...but as the wife used to say..just because we are paranoid doesn't mean they aren't all plotting against us
  9. I remember a fight between two pigs and a wolf at one game.....classic
  10. ps under 18's please cover ears ......SD, what's the worst mascot in Denmark?
  11. noticed Quest gave more time to Derby's goalless draw than a five goal thriller....no bookings shown and penalty/dive not even mentioned.....guess we know where MOTD rejects end up...having said that the second goal was one of the best pieces pf team work this season
  12. however if Norwich win, they are both seven ahead having played one game more....maybe a goalless draw with a mass brawl including sending off of Pukki, Roofe and both goalies
  13. just looked at match stats on BBC....expected most but 21 fouls for and 6 against..I know we are sometimes physical but that smacks of a little home bias by ref
  14. after match conference....."it was aaaaaaard....but I had every faith in Britt"
  15. actually looks as if he is up for it today......maybe he was offered to Greggs as a BOGOF :)
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