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  1. I watch Man City closely, as my best friend is a long standing fan. City might have sent a scout or two to watch Dael, but I doubt they'd try to fix their flawed defence with a largely unproven and injury-hit Championship youngster. Unless their plan was to sign him and then loan him out for a couple of years. A sale-and-loanback deal might be palatable, if we reinvested the money in players who would actually suit the type of football Woody claims to want to play. It's obvious which deficiencies in our squad need to be addressed, and quickly.
  2. It's a sad reflection on our mismanagement in recent seasons when the consensus of opinion says we'll be beaten. And I agree - despite being a smaller club with no PL pedigree, BC are streets ahead of us in terms of signings and recent performances. I think we will lose 2-1 if we play 4 at the back, but we could draw with a 5. I hope it's not a walkover for BC, not least as it's live on telly.
  3. There are hundreds of millions of pounds being spunked up the wall on player salaries a few miles away at the Etihad and Old Trafford, but Bury are allowed to be sold to a scumbag for £1 who promptly drives them out of the football pyramid. I genuinely hate this sport at times.
  4. I suppose we could drop down to 90 league clubs, but I can't see any benefit. Might as well share the League Two profile (such as it is) and the trickle of Sky money with two currently non-league clubs.
  5. I really hope it doesn't come to this, but what would happen in terms of promotion and relegation if two teams disappear from League One? Would two extra non-league teams be promoted into the League next season to bring us back up to 92 clubs?
  6. At least Randolph's cock-ups are fairly few and far between - most games he's a seven out of ten for us. Compared to other players who seem to earn consistent fours in the Gazette rankings and OB post-match reviews...
  7. It'll be a senseless tragedy if either Bolton or Bury go to the wall. Never been a big fan of either club, but they deserve better than being liquidated simply because the Fit & Proper Persons Test is neither fit nor proper. A decent F&PPT would have helped keep both clubs out of the hands of [insert your chosen word] like Anderson and Dale.
  8. I voted worried. I have no doubt Woodgate can effect positive change given enough time. But do we really have time? Most of our saleable assets are less than two years from their contracts expiring, which means we either renew them in Jan/summer 2020, or sell them. This feels like the last season where we have a realistic chance of promotion - can you honestly see us going up without Randolph, Britt, etc? (accepting Britt has had a pretty poor start to the season, but his goals-per-season stats speak for themselves). And would those players want to resign for us if we're not far more competitive and positive than we currently are? I know the poll isn't about Gibson - another poll for another day - but I blame him rather than Woody for our current plight. He appointed Pulis, who appears to have extracted every last molecule of spontaneity and flair from our players, imbuing them with the belief that a forward pass leads to instant damnation. He then appointed Woody, who has no experience other than coaching under Pulis, had to lose half a dozen senior pros like Mikel and Hugill (who's scoring for fun at QPR now he has players in the same half of the pitch), get stitched up a kipper the day before transfer deadline day with the all-important PL loan signings being cancelled from under him, and is now expected to fulfil his original ambition of transforming a wafer-thin squad low on confidence into playing in the style of the current champions of Europe. Our best performance of the season by a mile was Luton. Since then, we've been dour and negative, players look tired (!) and I feel we've actually gone backwards. The Wigan performance was dire in the main, barring one or two nice passing moves down the right wing. It felt like a Pulis performance, but without the class of Mikel or the thrill of Traore. 'Worrying' is the perfect adjective.
  9. Interesting question, considering we're currently playing like we've got 11 Marcus Brownes in the squad. Can we have 11 Leos? He demonstrates more passion for the Boro on the touchline most weeks than our entire starting XI combined. If we can't have 11 Leos, probably 11 Darren Randolphs. Calm under pressure, hugely talented, and more likely to find a team-mate than a lot of his outfield companions. And his kicks aren't always feeble 20-yard shanks to the opposition (cough)Shotton(cough).
  10. Was dropping Dijksteel harsh? I think so. New player under a new manager, can't judge him on one performance. What’s the most impressive wall you’ve ever seen? The retained sections of the Berlin Wall are spine-tingling. Will Millwall’s direct style make us come unstuck? It might suit us. They hoof it, we hoof it. Would you make any changes? Yes. I think we've played our best football in the last decade as a 4231, with one DCM holding and the other breaking forward to support the front quartet. For me, it'd be: Randolph Dijksteel - Fry (Friend if Fry's not fit) - Ayala - Bola Howson (box to box) - Clayton (holding) Browne (deserves another chance) - McNair - Fletcher in a fluid three Britt Score predictions? 2-1 Boro, with at least one red card.
  11. I'm a huge admirer of Phil Parkinson, and he did well to stick it out at Bolton as long as he did. Imagine having to motivate a team of teenagers in League One every week, and keeping their spirits up in such unforgiving circumstances. It'd be almost as dispiriting as having to manage Sunderland.
  12. Rob Palmer forgot to turn off his stopwatch at half time...
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