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  1. The BBC are reporting someone has been arrested. Let's hope it's a solitary maniac, not a coordinated attack.
  2. It's all the steroids. The race was meant to end in Belgium, but they just can't stop pedalling...
  3. I stopped watching cycling after I saw the Icarus documentary. Hard to take any of it seriously any more, sadly.
  4. I've never been to a pre-season game before, but I'm tempted to go to the Marseille match. Will be interesting to see the new signings (whoever they are by then), and in particular how many of them start the final game before a critical season gets underway.
  5. I very much doubt he paid even half what Mel Morris wanted. It's not as if Morris was in a strong bargaining position. Also, it's logical developer behaviour to build executive houses and three-storey apartments on a prime within-walking-distance-of-the-town-centre site, and then relocate the club to some cheap edge-of-town location where land is dirt cheap and the council will wave any new stadium planning application through so they can retain their local football club and placate their more enraged constituents.
  6. The stadium backs onto a bird reserve, is within strolling distance of an M&S Simply Food and walking distance of the town centre, and borders the A52. Houses would sell like hot cakes there. I think the writing's on the wall, and by writing, I mean Barratt logos.
  7. Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere - do the players report back to Rockliffe tomorrow for the start of pre-season, or is it next week? If the former, you'd like to think we'd be trying to get deals done before the weekend, so they've got the maximum amount of time to settle into the team.
  8. RiseAgainst


    Android tends to be the more innovative platform, despite popular assumptions to the contrary. Android users were the first to be able to use copy-and-paste, third-party keyboards, night modes, screen auto-rotation, live photos and split-screen apps. Today, you need an Android handset to run two SIMs or use integrated microSD cards for expandable storage, or to enjoy a 4K screen. Also, USB-C is a far more widely adopted connection interface than Apple's Lightning cable, which we'll apparently be stuck with in the UK because the EU-wide ban on incompatible connectivity won't apply to us.
  9. Never mind Ben Gibson, bring back @Smoggydownsouth!
  10. As a proud resident of Carlisle, I think I might buy the new home shirt. It's gorgeous - and crucially for me, it's not sponsored by a gambling company. MFC's financial loss is CUFC's gain..
  11. I never thought I'd say this, but I've got a lot of respect for Rooney. He did as good job as anyone could have despite diabolical circumstances, and appears to have quit as a matter of principle without airing any dirty laundry in public. He'll be high up the pecking order for subsequent managerial jobs, based on how he's handled this omnishambles. As for Derby...they really are up the creek without a paddle, aren't they? The new season starts five weeks tomorrow, and they have five players, no manager, no owner, no ground and a f**kload of debt.
  12. And the Greek. They're blessed, so I hear.
  13. If this takeover actually goes ahead, it would be interesting to know much debt DCFC are in. They were heavily indebted before last season ended, and now they owe the admins God knows how much, this guy for the short-term loan just announced, and whatever is required to use Pride Park assuming the new owner isn't planning to sell it for housing. I drove past Pride Park the other day, and it's in a decent suburban area with good road links - you'd make a fortune out of building housing on that site. Plus, they still only have five players registered, so there'll be even more debts rac
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