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  1. So you were bullied at uni? 😉
  2. Welcome to oneBoro, and well done for raising your head above the parapet in enemy territory! (Though we're a nice bunch on here, apart from one or two weirdoes). Steve Gibson has been pursuing Derby (Mel Morris in particular) for three years about perceived transgressions of EFL rules. The fact DCFC are now in administration and facing an uncertain future doesn't mean he's going to give up on years of (what he believes to be) justifiable legal action. As other posters have mentioned, we sold our crown jewels - including Gibson's own nephew Ben - to stay within FFP limits. We didn't sell
  3. I think what Quantuma are doing is quite far removed from normal administrator work. Other clubs which have ended up in administration have sold key assets to release funds to pay debts to the best extent they can. Derby's admins are flatly refusing to sell anyone in an active transfer window, presumably because they think they can dodge a bullet and finish the season with a squad as strong as they started it. I'm not an administration expert, but I think that's against both the letter and the spirit of the law when it comes to their responsibilities. Derby County Football Club is worth f
  4. Petition signed. There was one year my business paid more corporation tax than Vodafone (i.e. it paid some). I'm sick to the back teeth of companies thinking tax is somehow optional, or that if they shriek loudly enough, they can dodge their responsibilities. Tax provides vital funding for essential public services, and w*****s like Mel Morris think they can dodge it by playing chicken with HMRC. Huge respect to the Derby fans who crowdfunded the St John's Ambulance invoice, but it's beyond despicable that DCFC think they can get away without paying their tax bill. Honestly, if it's
  5. I really wish @Denzel Zanzibarwould make it clear how he feels about Derby County. He's being so coy about what he wants to happen to them.
  6. I might be wrong, but I thought administrators were supposed to impartially apply legal strictures to a failing business, ensuring maximum return for any creditors? It sounds for all the world as if Quantuma are acting solely on behalf of Mel Morris, and everyone else be damned.
  7. One of my best friends periodically works in Derby. He says it's a dump, but it's handy for visiting Nottingham, which is apparently much nicer.
  8. Not when St Michael of Ashley is waiting in the wings with a hundred Sports Direct advertising boards and a bag of ten piece pieces for the taxman...
  9. Taken as a whole, I doubt the average Derby fan's IQ is any lower (or higher) than any other club's supporters. They seem to have a huge blind spot regarding culpability, though, which I find baffling. It's almost as if the admins are Derby fans themselves, and therefore somehow immune to criticism.
  10. Genuine question - why aren't Derby fans standing outside the administrators' offices with burning torches and pitchforks? It's obvious to a blind man that the admins are doing a ***-poor job, irrespective of whatever grievances Derby fans might already harbour towards us/Wycombe/the EFL/Mel Morris.
  11. Dean Henderson, Conor Coady, Conor Gallagher. They'd bring clean sheets, defensive solidity and goals/assists in that order. None of them should be beyond the means of a promoted PL club with cash to spend, and each would improve us in an area where we lack strength in depth. I had originally written Traore in Coady's place, but (a) we'd be back to the interminable headless-chicken debates on here, and (b) would he even make the starting XI in a 3-5-2 formation ahead of Jones? Mind you, he'd be a hell of an understudy...
  12. Pretty much every time Ayala played for us, I felt we got away with a penalty decision. Let's hope Blackburn don't.
  13. Not really. They'll just sell 30 fringe players to lower league clubs in the next couple of windows, and carry on bidding stupid fees for senior squad players thanks to their dodgy-AF oligarch owner.
  14. Wish I could put Alan Nixon on my ignore list, the contemptible charlatan that he is. People have been banned from oneBoro for talking far less s***e than he does. I've permanently deleted my Twitter account, yet still Nixon bobs back up on here like the unflushable log he is.
  15. 1: Pick the team, not your nose! I don't pick my nose - I have a pet crow that does it for me. He's called Tubbs. 2: What is your opinion on the players we have signed so far? Hard to say at this early stage, but I'm encouraged by @Denzel Zanzibar's praise for Balogun, and Connolly seems to be a livewire. It's just nice to be doing our work early in the transfer window, giving players time to bed in and extra weeks to affect results. 3: What will the scoreline be after 90 minutes? I'll go for the late Desmond - 2-2. 4: Will we go to Ewood Park to play football for winning
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