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  1. They're only loans til the end of this season, which is probably a dead rubber now. All we've done so far in terms of permanent signings is swap one goalkeeper for another.
  2. Totally agree about the interest having to be there, and Gestede is one player where there probably isn't any interest. In terms of your first question, I was thinking more of players like Clayton (who I'd be sorry to see leave us, even though he's probably on higher wages than his recent contributions have justified). I'm sure lots of Championship teams would be interested in signing him, and the same with Saville, Johnson et al. Second question - as I've said, lots of clubs have money to spend in this window. Again, I agree they probably wouldn't want an injury-prone striker who's scored two goals in as many years, but the likes of Saville would have more appeal to clubs around our level. As for your third question - we've just signed a goalkeeper who only had six months left on his contract, but we didn't want to wait til the summer and sign him on a free. It happens, for a variety of reasons.
  3. I've long since delegated wet-pants duty to my two year-old! I do believe this window will go down as a missed opportunity if we don't make more progress, but it won't change the rest of this season - it'll just make things harder at the start of next season. I agree with other posters that we need to sell before we buy, but I'm starting to doubt whether the club has done enough to facilitate outgoing transfers. As someone else said, we've been happy to pay high prices for players of questionable pedigree in the past, so I'm sure other clubs would willingly do the same if we'd really tried to shift players with no long-term future here - especially those clubs flush with parachute payments or the proceeds of over-inflated stadium buybacks.
  4. You're right it's been a quiet transfer window generally. But in terms of club-by-club activity, Cardiff, Fulham, Huddersfield, Leeds, Derby and Forest have done more than us, and several other clubs have also seen one in and one out. I would also suggest our need to sell and then buy more cheaply is greater than many other clubs, since we effectively have no fit CBs and are also apparently in danger of breaching FFP unless we take immedidate action. By all accounts, Shotton has already bought a house in the Midlands in readiness for moving, and yet he's still here. I haven't really heard any substantive rumours about any other players being linked with a departure, despite the constant inferences our wage bill is too high for FFP and we've got to sell before we can buy. I don't think anyone would be too sorry to see one or two of our PL-era high earners go (including the club's management), yet there's seemingly no impetus to make progress. I know many people have written this season off, and I agree we're unlikely to go up or down considering we're 11 points off both 6th and 22nd. But this window is the ideal time to start preparing for next season, which feels like a decisive one for both Woody and our new policy of youth (before we do a 180 and throw buckets of post-FFP cash at signings again). If we don't get much done this window, we'll lose a number of senior players in the summer with no idea who'll replace them, which reduces the time we've got to get our squad ready for the all-important 2020-21 season. How do we shift out the deadwood? I don't know, because I don't know a huge amount about the behind-the-scenes machinations. Promote them, I guess. Get their agents active. Extol player virtues to potential buying clubs. That might be happening, but there's a suspicious lack of noise from anywhere, and in the social media age, even discreet conversations about player availability or an interest in leaving a club tend to have a habit of leaching into public discourse.
  5. I liked Klopp a lot, but he's dropped way down in my estimation after the other night. To be so pre-emptively dismissive of the world's oldest cup competition is quite offensive to anyone who's not in starry-eyed thrall to the PL and Champions League. I'd give my left nut to see Boro win the FA Cup (I'm a dad now, so I could easily live without it), and to see him basically foisting an FA Cup tie off on a bunch of kids and an U23 coach is repulsive. I hope Shrewsbury stuff them and get another glamour tie against Chelsea. And if anyone thinks Liverpool have a point about fixture congestion, answer this: if avoiding a replay was so important, why did they field a B team in the original Shrews match? Beat the team in front of you, and avoid the replay. Simples.
  6. Three hundred pages into this thread, and we really haven't got very far, have we? One goalkeeper in and one out, two Man City starlets signed on loan, and a couple of underwhelming recent signings sent out on loan. I do appreciate people are working behind the scenes to get things done, but they don't appear to have done much so far. There are three days left til the transfer window shuts, and we have one fit CB - and even he's an inexperienced teenager. We haven't managed to ship out any of the dead wood, our injury list is almost as long as our list of fit outfield players, our wage bill hasn't dropped very much, and there are no suggestions of imminent incomings.
  7. Really hope we don't leave it til next Friday evening and then panic-sign an absolute spud of a CB out of sheer desperation. It'd be nice not to worry about being linked with an SPL team's out-of-form CB for "just" £3 million.
  8. I'm so glad they're headlining Download Festival this year. Last time I saw them at Download, a 747 flew over the main stage mid-set, and it was one of those absolutely perfect festival moments.
  9. Inhaling burning alcohol is quite interesting. A barman once poured a couple of measures of Aftershock into a tumbler, set it on fire, quickly tipped the glass upside down onto a tray, stuck two flattish straws under the glass and encouraged me and my mate to inhale the vapour. I could hardly stand for a few minutes afterwards, but the sensation passed far more quickly than if we'd drunk it. Now I'm in 'comfortable' middle age, I much prefer a bottle of Trooper. Tastes good, goes down easily and it has Eddie on the label. What more could you ask for?
  10. This thread is dying on its *** due to the lack of transfer activity. We really need someone to accidentally post a porn link, or start a debate about parking spaces at Rockliffe.
  11. There are a few ITKs over there, but I'd trust this board's ITKs over theirs. And there's an awful lot of what Father Jack Hackett would call gobsh**es posting absolute nonsense on FMTTM as if it's fact. Interestingly, those posters generally vanish in early February, and don't re-emerge til the summer.
  12. Have any of our recent signings increased in value since they joined us? Either way, it doesn't change Paddy's importance to our paper-thin and very youthful squad.
  13. I'd have to disagree with both parts of that statement. Paddy has been one of the few players running through walls for us this season, and some of his performances have been immense. Though I agree his penalty taking needs work! I think most Championship managers would welcome McNair straight into their matchday 18s, and I think it would be difficult to replace his versatility and commitment. And while I agree he's not a Roberts or Ramirez-style onto-the-attack playmaker, I think he's one of the most important players in our youthful and inexperienced squad. I wouldn't let him go unless someone makes us an offer we can't refuse.
  14. I see this at concerts and festivals all the time - people actually watching the band on-stage through their phone screen while recording it. it does my head in. Take a picture, record a 30-second clip to send to your mates, and then watch the action that's happening in front of your eyes! I remember being at the Etihad once with a City-supporting friend, and a group of kids spent the entire second half swapping seats and taking selfies. Barely looked at the pitch. I can imagine them walking home saying "who won?" "Who won what?"
  15. I'd love to see someone assemble a Rudy Gestede highlights reel. It'd be shots of the ball bouncing uselessly off his head into Row ZZ, interspersed with shots of him lying on a treatment table covered in ice packs reading What Car? magazine. Then at the end, flash up the caption "£10 million and he's yours."
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