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  1. I wonder how many of those players would have got into the starting XI against Forest last night? I'd only say Woody and Leadbitter.
  2. Maybe I'm biased, but nine points with another three suspended seems relatively minor considering there have been five confirmed breaches of EFL rules, one of which had also occurred in a previous season and not pursued at the time. A nine-point gap is a big obstacle for a struggling team but it's not insurmountable, and it hardly confirms relegation. Considering all the broken rules and financial duplicity, I think a season in League One is the minimum Derby deserve. Hit a purple patch, and they could shrug this setback off by May.
  3. Feel sorry for Chris Hughton, who comes across as a decent bloke and will be unlikely to last the week now. Forest are in dreadful trouble. Scrappy game, and lots of work to do on set pieces in particular, but nothing breeds confidence like winning. Let's hope we can build on this result, and continue with some attacking intent rather than mindless hoofing in the next game.
  4. I know he's just retired, but what this team needs is a Grant Leadbitter. Someone to shout, encourage, direct and - if needed - bollock everyone. Warnock spends all his time castigating the fourth official, and the team clearly lacks a leader. Some organisation would make a huge difference, especially at set pieces.
  5. What a goal! Sporar absolutely lashes it in, ably assisted by Tav, and we are definitely going up...
  6. Cue a game of "guess which username belongs to Neil Warnock"...
  7. Fluid on the knee is easy to treat, unless there's an underlying medical condition causing it. If so, it might not have been obvious in a medical, but we really should have been told about it, unless it's been hushed up by people around the player.
  8. I doubt Norwich saw him offering Boro some support prior to joining as a conflict of interest, considering we're in different divisions and pursuing very different targets. Plus, without assisting us, he'd have been sat twiddling his thumbs throughout an entire transfer window, which would have been a waste of his talents. It's the most overt acknowledgement yet that we are planning for the future, and when was the last time Boro fans could say that?
  9. That's a great photo of Grant. He was a brilliant servant to the club, especially considering his Sunderland affiliations. I wouldn't be surprised to see him remain in football in some capacity - maybe a youth coach or academy supervisor. He's got the exact attitude you'd want to imbue into the next generation of footballers.
  10. I live in Carlisle, which is about as far from the south as it's possible to get! Would love to go to an away game one day; I've been to around 30 stadiums as a ground-hopper, and always happy to add another one to the list...
  11. Will NW see this as a "must win" game due to the current state of Forest or will he settle for a point? I don't think Neil sees any game as must-win, so much as must-not-lose. How else do you explain starting with five at the back against Coventry? Will he set up the team to score goals? Nope. What is your preferred starting X1? Not sure it really matters atm. The players haven't gelled at all, which is partly understandable but also very frustrating given the international break between the closing of the transfer window and the Coventry game. Will Payero get so
  12. I didn't watch the game today because I had better things to do, and I accept Warnock has had a mare. However, when I looked at the respective lineups, I couldn't really see how we'd lose. Surely the players have to bear some responsibility for this result and recent performances? If they can't pass five yards or make the right pass, that's on them, isn't it?
  13. We've got a stronger and more balanced squad than we've had for several years, but there's no denying we're weak at LB/LWB. We're already talking about shoehorning in players if Bola's unavailable for any reason. We really do need to pick up a free agent in that position as a matter of urgency.
  14. Sadly not. The closest I'll ever get to Ayresome Park is wandering around the Barratt estate that took its place. As a child, I was a Bradford City fan...right up to the day I stood in my front garden and watched Valley Parade burn down in the distance. That (and hooliganism on the terraces) completely put me off football for over a decade, and if the Riverside hadn't been all-seater, I might not have gone along in 1997 when my mates suggested catching a game during a holiday in the north east. As a middle-aged nostalgic, I wish I'd seen AP, yet I probably wouldn't have dared to go i
  15. Should be a good read. I started supporting the Boro in 1997, so it'll be interesting to learn how the first year at the CRS went - teething troubles, acclimatising from Ayresome Park, etc.
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