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  1. I completely understand the need for rotation, and I appreciate Roberts and Watmore will have expended 90 minutes worth of energy in 55 minutes last night. But nothing restores fitness like match practice, so I would start with the same XI if possible, to build their confidence and fitness against another underperforming and underwhelming team. We can sub half our outfield team if legs are tiring around the hour mark (since we're not committed to play any of our players for the full 90 minutes, unlike some clubs I could mention). Enjoyed the OP by the way - it definitely deserves a double-figure like tally...
  2. I don't think promotion nearly finished us. There's plenty of other candidates queuing up to take the blame for our current financial woes - our supine and flaccid relegation at the hands of Steve Agnew, followed by that diabolical summer when we gave Monk our children's inheritance and he chose to play Adam Clayton as a CB. Honorary mentions also to Tony Pulis for stuffing our play-off against Villa so pathetically, and to Jonathan Woodgate for doing his best to take us into League One, which quite possibly would have finished us off. The last four years have been toss on toast, with an extra-large dollop of toss, and not much toast. I don't think beating Brighton that innocent, blissful May afternoon should shoulder much of the blame for what came next.
  3. I don't see us spending either, but I could see us picking up a few freebies and loans. Roberts and Watmore have undoubtedly improved (and filled out) the squad, and another couple of short-term signings would make a huge difference for the rest of this season without breaking the bank. In an ideal world, SG would give NW some money to spend to build on what he's already achieved (which is a transformation on last season), and avoid over-reliance on players who might not be here next August. However, it'd take a brave chairman to sanction spending until COVID is in full retreat. January will probably be a bit too early for that, but hey, a boy can dream.
  4. If we'd beaten Norwich rather than them beating us, we'd be second in the table right now. I know football is full of what-if moments, but that's quite a significant one. Even if automatic promotion is beyond our threadbare squad, we really do have an excellent chance of the play-offs. If we get there, I wouldn't want to be the opposition manager facing off against Neil Warnock as the teams march out at Wembley.
  5. There must have been something in that cuppa I just finished. I'm pretty sure the Tees commentator just said Marvinho scored a screamer. Can it be true? Oh my, it is. Bye bye Derby. Enjoy playing the Mackems next season.
  6. Never liked Maradona as a person, and the documentaries I've watched about him have only reinforced my antipathy. Being a good footballer doesn't excuse you being a cheat, a junkie, choosing awful friends and not acting as a particularly nice human being (in his later years). Can I also take a moment to acknowledge the idiocy of Americans, who have got Madonna trending on Twitter, because they can't tell the difference between Madonna and Maradona. Loads of people thinking the Queen of Pop has died and writing gushing tributes. She'll be shocked next time she logs on to discover her tragic demise, though at least she'll know she was loved.
  7. That should do it! Sounds like an OG, but I don't care if the ghost of Maradona fisted it into the net. Derby won't come back from this.
  8. I'm a bit out of touch with injuries. Is it just Browne and Hall who are currently out?
  9. Judging by the BBC Tees commentary, it sounds like we're battering them now. If the ball didn't keep getting stuck in players' feet, we could be two up and cruising.
  10. First goal in three games, but we got it! Now go for the jugular, Boro - don't stand off and let Derby come back at us...
  11. Does anyone else think Gillette Soccer Saturday/Special is absolutely crap these days? It feels like they've got rid of their experienced pundits in the interests of diversity, but the new team just aren't articulate and engaging enough to carry the show. Ironically, they've kept Merse, who was the only inarticulate member of the old studio panel...
  12. Haven't been on here in a couple of weeks for personal reasons, but the mood has darkened since I was last on! We have to be able to beat the worst team in the division, especially while they're in such a state of flux. The fact we can't seem to score a goal even when the opportunity is presented on a silver platter is depressing, but there's no better opportunity for our strikers to live up to their job title than to bag a few tomorrow. This is also a great opportunity to let Roberts build his confidence back up against a fragile defence, rather than bringing him on with ten minutes to go as we hang on for a point. I echo other people's sentiments about going 433 and pushing Derby up the pitch from the first whistle. If there's such a thing as a must-win game this early in the season, it's Derby - for the confidence a win will bring, and also for the message any other result sends out to the rest of the division.
  13. I'd wish it on West Ham. The club, not necessarily the fans.
  14. Plus, he's now happily ensconced in the Sky studios, ruining Gillette Soccer Saturday for anyone who still watches it. He doesn't need to scour Transfermarkt for unattached CBs any more - he's made his millions and bought a house in Sandbanks, *** off most fans in the EFL, and now spends Saturday afternoons in a comfy chair watching other people playing more interesting football than he ever served up.
  15. It'll be decades before we've fully paid the price of our governments' panicked, ill-considered and disproportionate reactions to Covid. The mink situation is atrocious, but it's not unique in politicians using an anvil to crack a nut.
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