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  1. And the emotional pendulum swings in the opposite direction once again...
  2. It's been a long time since this team made me double air punch, but that penalty did. Fantastic stuff!
  3. Surprised to see our goalscorer being removed, but pleased to see Tav on.
  4. Or O for "oh no, Millwall have bundled it into the net".
  5. Even if we end up getting tonked, I am hugely encouraged by this performance, for the first time in ages. It sounds like we're creating good chances and playing some decent football - and there are still four games to go even if we leave the Den empty-handed. Perhaps the run-in won't be as hopeless as we'd all feared?
  6. Just to be different, I'd play a 4132, with Clayton protecting the defence and two up front so our strikers aren't trying to win knockdowns by themselves, Negredo style: GK: Pears LB: Coulson CB: Moukoudi CB: Shotton RB: Spence CDM: Clayton CM: Howson RW: Tavernier LW: Roberts CF: Fletcher CF: Assombalonga A few reasons for the above: we desperately need to score goals because our defence is so leaky I don't think we can play for a 0-0. I don't think Friend deserves a place in the team any more, Fry has been making some ricks and doesn't have Shotton's physical presence against a giant striker, Saville gave us nothing the other day, and Wing has looked extremely ineffectual. At least Tav and Roberts pose some attacking threat, and this lineup allows the team to play to whatever strengths they have left.
  7. Four draws from our last four games got us promoted a few seasons ago. Maybe four draws will keep us up this year? (Four draws plus massive points deductions for all the naughty clubs).
  8. Red Bull were interested in getting involved with us a few years back. Wonder if they're still interested, at a lower price? They wouldn't want to change the club's name based on past takeovers, but I'd happily see us play at the RB Riverside if they appointed a DoF and developed a long-term vision for our style of play and, oh you know, all the stuff Steve Gibson used to do in the Noughties.
  9. Steve Gibson thinks in sentences where other football men think in joined-up paragraphs. It probably never occurred to him that Pulis wouldn't want Monk's signings - he just thought "ooh, we're in a pickle here, Tony Parsimony will save the day." Our furious yo-yoing between diametrically opposed managerial styles is one of the biggest reasons we're staring into the abyss of League One now. No long-term vision, no overarching strategy, no club ethos, just a desperate pursuit of the latest counter-counter-revolution.
  10. I think relegation to League One would rip the scales off many people's eyes. You don't get relegated twice in five years unless you're making some pretty abysmal decisions/appointments. Steaua and Basel feel like a lifetime ago, and apart from Karanka, he hasn't got much right in the last decade. After this season in particular, can anyone honestly claim Steve Gibson is a king? More like a denuded emperor.
  11. The only positives people can think of could also apply to staying in the Championship. Clear out dead wood, appoint a DoF, cut ticket prices, rebuild with youth. There is nothing positive about sinking into the third tier, and for every Wolves and Sheffield United, there are far more Portsmouths and Sunderlands. I bet their fans thought L1 could be a blessing in disguise too.
  12. So we have a Gazette journalist and someone who is "very very well connected" (not just very well connected) to MFC on here? On top of that, when you consider who I am, OneBoro really does have all the ITK bases covered...😎
  13. If there's a positive to come out of this, it's the elimination of any complacency which might have built up after Warnock's arrival and the Stoke win. Actually, I've just thought of another potential positive. It might finally show Gibson in ten-foot glowing neon letters that the problems at MFC run far deeper than a series of cack managerial appointments. Only root and branch reform can stop us becoming another Sunderland (or, as someone cruelly suggested on here earlier in the week, another Bradford City).
  14. Hopefully he'll be shaking the players at full time.
  15. To be honest, that makes it all the more baffling. I can't see why Sky would choose to broadcast the game at 5pm specifically, when many people (myself included) will be eating and getting the kids ready for bed.
  16. Apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere, but does anyone know why we're playing at 5pm on a Thursday?
  17. I agree with this. I also think it's led to games being slower, because players don't have the fans roaring them on/moaning if they play it backwards. There was an article on BBC News yesterday saying Premier League games have been slower, with very few first half goals and fewer shots on target. Full article here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53220831
  18. Neil Warnock's Boro side Jonathan Woodgate's Boro side
  19. Extraordinary decision to condemn them to a 12-point penalty without good reason. I assumed they were in a Bolton/Bury-style situation and administration was a last desperate roll of the dice, but I can't see from what @Hendrie_7 has posted how the benefits of this move will outweigh the penalties. Sadly, there's absolutely no chance of jail terms. If Steve Dale is still a free man, some dodgy Oriental investor hiding their funds in the Cayman Islands isn't going to be held accountable.
  20. One thing in our favour is we probably won't need to undertake the fire sale clubs like Birmingham are already engaged in, and which clubs like Wigan (if they survive) will probably need to go through. We'll lose senior players but should have the resources to replace them. Our squad has been horribly unbalanced since Pulis, with a glut of CMs and little else. I reckon we need two CBs, a wide player for either wing, a #10 and a striker, most of whom would need to be first choice standard rather than backups. We should really try to tie down Roberts for at least one more season, and I'd love to see Ben back here to marshal the defence. Mind you, I'd also love to see Kike back here. Limited player, but by Christ, he tried his best. Warnock would love him.
  21. Might be wrong, but I think players are effectively preferred creditors if a club goes into administration. They'll get paid long before the Pukka Pies concessionaires and the matchday programme printers. This proves two things for me - the EFL's fit and proper persons test is neither fit nor proper, and we're only just seeing the start of the economic storm lockdown has triggered. I suspect several Championship clubs will collapse into administration (or worse) in the second half of this year.
  22. From the statement the administrators have put out, it sounds quite bleak for Wigan: "Our immediate objectives are to ensure the club completes all its fixtures this season and to urgently find interested parties to save Wigan Athletic FC." That said, a 12-point deduction would certainly help us, and AFAIK it's applied immediately rather than the following season. Technically, we're still playing fixtures which were intended for March. Again, no idea whether it's pertinent or not, but that April deadline surely can't apply in these circumstances?
  23. This is the most telling quote from Warnock in that Gazette interview, and it's tucked away at the very end like an afterthought: "They [the players] have all got to do a bit more than they have done." Pretty much sums up the Woodgate era, doesn't it?
  24. Gibson was hoping to add Monk to that list of best appointments...
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