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  1. To be honest, I've felt that way about a few players for much of this season.
  2. It's no exaggeration to say this could not possibly be going worse.
  3. They shouldn't need it, given the stakes. And if Wilder didn't motivate them before kick-off, I can't really see what he can do at half time.
  4. If we work on one thing this summer, I really hope it's this. Incessant sideways passing to nowhere, and then we wonder why we don't score enough goals.
  5. Can't believe we've not scored yet. Players are a disgrace. Wilder out etc.
  6. Hopefully they won't have enough players to fulfill the fixture and will be docked three points for failing to play.
  7. Good luck, everyone. May the odds be ever in our favour.
  8. Wycombe are a third of the way to righting the wrongs of last season, which is encouraging for those of us who like to believe in karma. I have no time for MK Dons, so hopefully Wycombe manage to hold them off in the second leg, and then ideally set up a play-off final against Sheffield Wednesday.
  9. If you could choose, would you rather: (a) take a commanding lead against Preston in the first half while Luton and United flounder, and spend most of the match knowing we've made the play-offs, or (b) Go through a nail-biting 90 minutes and then have our equivalent of an Aguerrroooooooo moment as we score the last-minute goal that cements our place?
  10. 1. Any changes for the game at the weekend? No, I'd stick with a winning team. We might need the consistency of a unified starting XI over the coming weeks. 2. What would be a more typical Boro definition? Us actually getting into the playoffs after this season or failing to win when Sheffield United and Luton drop points? That's hard because there's nothing typical about this season! Probably drawing when everyone else above us also does, which is what that supercomputer predicted the other day. Another season in seventh, another year of if-onlys and what-ifs. 3. On a scal
  11. Is he Kinder's brother?
  12. Reading that article, Burnley sound like a pound shop version of Man United, with a leveraged buyout by Americans paid for using debt that's now tied into the club. If they drop out of the Premier League and don't get straight back up, they could become another Bury in a few years' time.
  13. Gelocation restrictions for live sporting events are really irritating. I live in Cumbria so I can't listen to Tees on DAB, and online Tees broadcasts cut off just before kick-off if you're not local. VPNs are national rather than regional, so I can't pretend I'm in a specific part of England and get round them that way. I end up paying to listen to a BBC live event twice - once through the licence fee and then again for a separate audio stream through MFC.co.uk - since I can't always sit down and watch the games (even if I could find a working stream that doesn't bombard me with hover ad
  14. Gillette Soccer Saturday it is, then. Either that or I could 'treat' myself to a BBC Tees commentary.
  15. After Luton getting humped last night, I've become cautiously optimistic about our chances. There are now two teams who basically need to win to stop a Boro victory catapulting us into the play-offs (Sheffield United goal difference notwithstanding). There can be no bigger motivation for our players than the chance to gatecrash the top six after so many missed opportunities in recent weeks. If we make it, it's a bonus. If we don't, we should be very well placed for an assault on the top six next season. Either way, it's nice to go into the final game of the season with something to play f
  16. I don't really follow the Academy - are any of these kids particularly highly rated within the club?
  17. I'm glad the pitch invader the other day has been dealt with harshly, and we need to clamp down on people interfering with play so recklessly. It's happened a number of times recently across Britain, occasionally threatening the safety of individual players. Playing devil's advocate for a moment, presumably it's not a criminal offence to enter the pitch immediately after the final whistle has blown in a game? If it is, a significant percentage of fans at every club could be banned after the final home game of each season - and a large percentage of Boro fans might never have returned afte
  18. I'd feel a lot more comfortable giving him a go if he'd been in the SPL, facing the likes of Morelos, Ferguson and Ramirez (not that one), rather than the likes of Ayr and Morton. If he's happy at Killie, it might be best for his development to let him stay there another season, cut his teeth in big stadia and against high-calibre strikers, and then bring him back for the 2023-24 season with a view to competing for the #1 jersey?
  19. I don't think you'd be a professional footballer if you didn't replay moments in your mind, wondering what you could/should/would have done differently if presented with the same chance again. They might put on a cocky front for the cameras and on social media, but I bet it keeps some of them (especially strikers and goalkeepers) awake at night replaying scenarios over and over. Even Connolly must pause mid-balloon, look up from whichever skank he's currently enjoying the comforts of, and ponder if he'd have been booed onto the pitch if he'd just scored one goal during his time here.
  20. Not a local story but still a heartwarming one - Bury have emerged from administration, and have reacquired the rights to use their historic memorabilia and club records going forwards. Apologies for linking to the Mail, but it's where I found the best coverage on this occasion. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-10772757/Bury-FC-come-administration-fan-owned-takeover-buys-Gigg-Lane.html
  21. Given your username, I'm quite worried about opening that attachment in a busy pub!
  22. He just wanted to wake up at the crack of Dawn (or whatever her name was).
  23. Maybe when Arsenal take Balogun back, we could hide Connolly in his luggage, like a reverse Trojan horse? You could probably get him into the case by telling him he's off for a nice stroll round Pally Park.
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