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  1. If we want to extend them? Browne in particular has been hugely disappointing (admittedly only four months into his time here, but long enough to see what he came with), and Bola and Pears don't instil me with confidence either. Agree with not selling Fry and Tav. If a number of senior players leave in the next year (as seems likely), we'll be heavily reliant on their relative experience compared to the real kids in our squad. That said, surely we don't need to sell every senior player in the squad - Randolph, Britt, Fry, Ayala etc? We still haven't replaced Ramirez, or Gibson, or Traore, so I very much doubt we'd respond any better to the next round of senior departures.
  2. I'd love Hughton to come here, especially in our current time of need. He comes across as a decent guy, he's been around the block enough times to know his way around the top two divisions, and his teams play football which is fairly cautious but less unpleasant to watch than Pulisball. He's also good at getting the best out of players, and God knows that's what we need right now given how many of our squad are underperforming. I'd take Hughton over Warnock in a heartbeat, though I'm not sure Steve Gibson would...
  3. Ultimately, the issues we're facing come down to weak or inept coaching and tactics, plus an unwelcome hangover from Pulis's reign of error in terms of players having overly-defensive mindsets and low confidence.
  4. Totally agree, DS. Rob was a pioneer, and I feel lucky to know him. However, I do believe the continuing issues with FMTTM's site are largely because he wants to retain the current design and functionality - I'm really not convinced it's circumstances out of his control.
  5. FMTTM has been rumoured to have a new site in the pipeline for a decade, but Rob Nichols has some sort of involvement with a firm called Rivals. They have loads of boards, but I believe the only other thriving site is for Blackpool supporters. I went on it a few times when they were in danger of doing a Bury, and it was just as ghastly to navigate as FMTTM is. I've seen IT professionals on FMTTM offering to rebuild the site for free, and been ignored by the mods. It's like a time capsule from the days of Netscape Navigator and Comic Sans, and I suspect it always will be.
  6. That's because we don't have a young or inexperienced squad. Our injury list alone contains a player signed by Mowbray and four players aged over 30. Just because Woodgate's shortlisted League One starlets have flopped thus far doesn't mean we're playing with a ragtag of rookies and A Trialists. We're not Bolton, for Christ's sake.
  7. He can't retire. Every time he goes home and settles into his Shackleton Wingback chair with a copy of the Racing Post and a mug of cocoa, some pesky Football League manager sends a telegram asking for his help. Neil hasn't helped his wife put the bins out since 1975, and the last time he walked the family dog was three dogs ago.
  8. I suspect many people at the club felt Woodgate's approach to how we should play was the right one in theory. The reality was - as many of us strongly suspected at the time - we don't have the players/talent in the squad to play the way Woodgate hoped. That doesn't mean we should abandon the principle or ambition of a high-press attacking strategy in the long-term, though. And since the U23s are by nature for the future, it seems sensible to persevere with the experiment. Great result, and great OP @GRTourist!
  9. 1) Match Result? A dour 0-0 draw, and last place on whatever Quest's crap coverage is called. Worst thing about being in the Championship for me - I really miss BBC's football league show. 2) Should Clayton be starting more games with our current injury crisis? Given the fact we'd be playing the tea lady if he didn't (how shocking is that injury list, BTW), we have to. 3) Was it a mistake to sell downing after he makes the Championship team of the Month? No. He never really performed for us when he came back, and he was a passenger in many games. His contribution was shocking for a player of his ability and pedigree. 4) Do any of the U-23 team step-up after winning against Palace 5-1 midweek? No. Let them build some confidence in their abilities, rather than having it knocked it out of them in the first team. I wonder if Neil Warnock will be watching the game...
  10. I was so disappointed by Besic. If he'd spent half as much time linking up play as he did throwing himself into risky tackles, he'd have been quite the player. As it was, him and Mikel seemed totally superfluous. Always looking for the easy short pass, as if pass completion statistics are the only thing that matter in football. There's a reason Sheff U haven't given him more than ten minutes of football in almost half a season.
  11. I've yet to hear anyone criticising for 98 (?) minutes at a match. What I do pick up on is understandable frustration on social media (not always expressed as eloquently as it is on OB, admittedly!) at the team's shocking lack of confidence and overall performances. Competent management with this squad would be mid-table, roughly equal WDL statistics, and positive goal difference. Being one point above the relegation places in December, while on one of our worst runs of form in the last century, with just three wins from 20 matches in all competitions... well, that looks pretty incompetent. And I simply do not believe a competent head coach praises one of his employer's biggest rivals after they've given him a 4-0 spanking. So yes, all things considered, incompetent seems like an appropriate word.
  12. The Gazette can only dream of getting such inside knowledge on MFC's plans.
  13. I know we'd probably lose to Hartlepool at the moment if we drew them in the FAC, but a thrashing by a PL side isn't going to do the team's confidence any good, or encourage potential signings to come here. I don't regard this game as a free hit - in many respects, it'll just highlight how far we've fallen in three short years.
  14. it's also being reported in the Mail and on SportsMole. Probably all originated from one source, but it's not just a Sun journalist flying kites any more. I think we have to accept our manager in January will either be Woody or Warnock. But which one's worst least bad less likely to get us relegated the best option?
  15. On the BBC Football website, kick-off for our match (and every other game on Sat Jan 4th) is listed as 3.01pm. Is this a typo that someone's CTRL-V'd right down the fixtures, or is there a minute's silence or something happening that day?
  16. You've just described Steve Gibson twenty years ago! If he can't or won't do the above any more, I'd gladly let Red Bull do everything you've listed in exchange for branding rights and the odd showcase match around the world.
  17. Yet we were all happy to play at the Cellnet Riverside Stadium, wearing Cellnet-branded replica shirts. And now we're sponsored by a gambling company - the same firm sponsoring five other clubs in our league alone. I find that far more morally repugnant than the prospect of being owned by an energy drink brand. I haven't bought a Boro replica shirt for a decade, because I'm not willing to advertise gambling firms or pawnbrokers as I walk around. Steve Gibson is very unusual in not using his ownership of the club to promote other businesses he owns. Apart from Rockliffe ads on the trackside boards, I'm struggling to think of anything - there's certainly no Bulkhaul flags flying on the East Stand. Other rich owners take a different approach, which is why Arsenal play at the Emirates and Man City play at the Etihad. Progress comes as a price. Would you rather be a middling Championship club sponsored by pawnbrokers and gambling firms, or an established Premier League club sponsored by a drinks firm?
  18. Does it really matter, though? It's his personal opinion, which he shouldn't have espoused but he's still entitled to hold. If Woodgate had declared himself to be an ardent Remainer, it wouldn't change the fact he's been crap as a manager, and I wouldn't have warmed to him any more than I have (which is not at all). Even if Warnock does sound ignorant on matters of freedom of movement, I wouldn't ever call him thick as pig s**t. He's one of the most experienced and savvy managers in the country! I don't like him, but I can't doubt his aptitude or ability.
  19. I know it wasn't meant to, but this sentence sums up everything that's wrong with modern football.
  20. Subsequent events would suggest he had a point.
  21. In fairness, if I was offered the chance to manage my hometown club, I'd probably become a yes man for a while. And I wouldn't be minded to quit, either. I don't blame Woodgate for taking the job or hanging on, but on current evidence it seems to be beyond him. The real blame for this situation lies with the man who appointed Woodgate. And Pulis. And Monk. And Agnew. And Strachan. And Southgate.
  22. Christ on a bendy bus, Spurs will annihilate our defence. And it'll be on telly in all probability.
  23. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. I wonder if someone in Warnock's camp has tipped off the Sun - it seems a bit more than idle speculation.
  24. Go for it! You know you want to... (and we've had every window for this decade now, as someone else has pointed out).
  25. Since there's now a working theory that Neil Warnock might be about to replace Woodgate (as reported in today's Sun), we probably need a dedicated thread on the man. Would anyone welcome Warnock if it meant the end of Woodgate's stay and our current pitiful standard of play? Or are we just making another short-term, knee-jerk appointment with no thought for what comes after? I'm genuinely conflicted - I don't like Warnock's football, but I also hate how poor our performances are at present. I'm not sure Project Woody is going to bear fruit any more than Pulis's "root and branch reform" (© the Gazette) was ever going to steer us into calm financial waters. Yet it's hard to see a 71-year old who keeps saying he's retired as the answer to anything. Would you rather...?
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