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  1. Worst manager appointment in my life time (Agnew apart). Make no mistake, we're heading to League One with the mackems.
  2. If only we had a proper sized goalkeeper in the 1997 FA Cup final. If only we turned out a side of kids at Blackburn If only we had defended for the last 10 minutes in the 97 League Cup final instead of going for a second. If only we'd had that penalty for the push on Viduka in the UEFA Cup final If only we'd replaced McClaren with Ottmar Hitzfeld If only we'd given Southgate the season to get us back up, if only we'd never appointed Strachan If only we'd given Mowbray the money If only Vossen's shot had it the net at Wembley and not the post If only we'd backed Karanka in the winter transfer window If only we'd not appointed Agnew If only we'd given Monk the season If only we'd not appointed Pulis
  3. And absolutely under no circumstances must wide players be bought or allowed near the match day squad. You know who plays wide in this team? Center backs and central midfielders (preferably defensive).
  4. Notts_Smog


    They are remarkably bland, I can't believe how popular they are.
  5. Our second and third goals came from mistakes - come to think of it most of our away wins come when the home side makes a defensive mistake. Sheff Utd made there's against Villa so tightened up.
  6. I have ZERO confidence for this game, I expect us to be out played, out fought and ultimately beaten 0-2. Boo'd off at the end and there will be hell on in town.
  7. Did Leicester fans say that when Pearson got them promoted? Regardless of winning the PL, you want to be in the top tier of English football because that is where we belong. I was much more upset when Cardiff beat us in 08.
  8. ofc its not true, we lost 5 games this season alone and drawn 11.... 45.16%.. Best in his career. That's 63% figure comes from this site which hasn't been updated in a while http://www.managerstats.co.uk/clubs/middlesbrough/
  9. You've got to laugh, haven't you? We were not just beaten but we were played off the park by a league two side. At the end I found myself thankful it was only 2-0 because that could easily have been 4 or 5 with the chances they missed in the first half and the blatant handball the ref missed. Not that I'm frothing at the mouth like some of the clowns on FMTTM - Saturday is the game that matters. If we get nowt out of that then feel free to have at the players and manager. We were never going to win the FA Cup but we do have an outside chance of promotion. Lets hope that dreadful performance gives them a collective kick up the *** for Saturday. Oh and Dimi - absolutely garbage from range. Just as he was in our promotion season. Retirement beckons.
  10. On Khan - you've got to give him some credit. Crawford is a beast, three weight world champion and current WBO welterweight champ. He could have taken the Brook fight but I think that'll still be there in October / November. If DeGale wins he could set up another all British world title fight with Callum Smith, a defeat for either man surely ends any hope they have of fighting at the elite level again.
  11. Broner was a typical yank, believing his own hype. That's why he's been a let down in the 147 division. Pacquiao is not the man he was, I'd love to see him in with Thurman or Spence Jr, a real test. He keeps fighting on the fringes of the elite. What does everyone make of the Eubank v DeGale fight? This should have been on ITV at 10pm on a Saturday night not PPV. I think Eubank will win @ UD. Hopefully it will have some kind of under card.....
  12. Time for a generic boxing thread on here! Anyone see the gash on Badou Jack's forhead on Sunday morning? You could have drove a Fiat 500 through it. Claret well and truly everywhere. We had the opposite ends of refereeing over the weekend, the stoppage in the 12th between Andrade and Akavov was utterly bizarre, and the ref allowing Jack to continue against Browne with that cut :omg: I know he did stop the fight and ask the doctor for his opinion but that might have been the worse cut i've ever seen in a fight. Other than that Pacquiao completely outclassed Broner, possibly setting up a rematch with Mayweather (if his gambling addiction means he's a bit skint again)
  13. I hate being right. 2 home wins in 10 now. Not good enough for this squad of players.
  14. If we take out what was a essentially a swap between Adomah and Troare, when was the last time we proper money on a proper winger/wide man? And no I don't consider the £80k we paid for Wing to be proper money or Marvelous Marvin Johnson to be a proper footballer.
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