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  1. Hello all, Sorry that we have not had a full update yet. I am about 75% of the way through, so expect it SOON! Although probably not tomorrow as I have a job interview. Your Quarter final matches to predict are! Brazil v Chile Colombia v Uruguay Netherlands v Mexico Costa Rica v Greece France v Nigeria Germany v Algeria Argentina v Switzerland Belgium v USA As before H/A Result Anytime scorer Deadline is 12:59pm on Saturday!
  2. Sorry for the lack of updates, been moving myself out of uni and back home. That's all done now, so will endavour to catch up this week!
  3. Updated! Messi scoring gave me far more work than I wanted at 1am!
  4. Next update will be after the Argentina match tonight....it's tight at the top!
  5. RAF SMOG LEADS AFTER JESUS ERROR IS FOUND AND CORRECTED Hello all! I hope you enjoyed writing your predictions as much as I enjoyed typing them all in to a spreadsheet. What a world cup we have had so far! Here is the table for games up to 0100 16/06. Please note that in case of predictors being level, the user who predicted first will be placed higher in the table. TABLE: Raf Smog............17 SomersetBoro........15 Stephenmilne27.....15 Barticus...............15 Workingtonboro....15 Ollie10.................14 stubbzy69...........14 marvin................14
  6. I'm disappointed that none of you got the Spain scoreline! First round of points will be up after Chile-Australia!
  7. 10 hours left. I'll try and do updates every couple of days, but it will be at the end of each round of fixtures at worst.
  8. Is anybody here a beaver/cub/scout leader? I do cubs and occasionally beavers and would love to hear some new ideas for activities!
  9. Editing is allowed up until the day of the tournament. I do ask that you PM me with your changes so that I don't have to dig through the thread each night.
  10. My tomorrow consists of putting all of these into a spreadsheet, so feel for me please!
  11. Now fixed and updated with that grand source of information Wikipedia!
  12. Hello all and welcome to the World Cup 2014 predictions league. For the group stages, you have a whopping 56 matches to predict, meaning that you can end up with 168 points to take into the knockout rounds. As you can imagine, this is going to be very hard to keep track of so please forgive any mistakes and just let me know and I shall correct as soon as I am able to. For these matches I would like you to predict the following: Home or Away or Draw (Please note that the side listed first in the fixture list count as the home side) Correct score Anytime goalscorer Each of these will
  13. I'm disappointed that we have 4 pages of posts and nobody has noticed the deliberate mistake in the title.
  14. Okay, provisional schedule is: Group Stages predictions thread goes up on May 19th, to give everyone three weeks to get their predictions in Second round thread will go up as soon as the final group stage match is over (11pm, June 26) and will close 36 hours later QF thread will go up on July second and provide everyone with 48 hours to get them in SF thread opens on July sixth and again everyone has 48 hours to get them in Final and 3/4 playoff thread will be opened July 10th and again gives 48 hours to get them in Hope that enables everyone to see whether they will be able
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