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  1. Looks like that's the case. The gazette online is an abomination, and paper sales have fallen through the floor. Thanks and best wishes to messrs Vickers and Tallintire. I hope they both continue to actively report on the Boro in other forms.
  2. Follow Pulis into a club as manager is a tough task. He has a habit of wrecking a club, whilst claiming he's sorting everything out. Look at West brom and Stoke. They're still trying to sort out Stoke numerous managers later. That's why woody was always on a hiding to nothing. Either Warnock or Pearson would be fine going forward. One is available the other isn't.
  3. Left 40 yrs ago. Now live in East anglia. Obviously a little torn over today's game, Cardiff being my second team these days. Enjoy the game.
  4. Surely it needs to be Derby thrashing Leeds DS. ? Boro to sneak a 1-0 win over my home town team.
  5. Think a good window, 8/10. Also think boro will do better than people think. £20 ew just gone on boro for champo title @ 25/1. UTB
  6. Agree with most of what you say MM. Sounds like woody has fallen in love with jergen klopp and wants to have his babies. No bad thing. Exciting 6 month experiment going to happen and I hope it works. I'm still slightly concerned there is no DoF, and little clarity about who is identifying the new players. But for the next 6 months at least it's an enthusiastic UTB and looking forward to the fixtures coming out.
  7. 2+2=24 it's nigel adkins. Gibson has been waiting for him to tell Hull City what they can do with their job.
  8. Mcnair is better than you give him credit for, and will come good played in the right position. But in general I agree with you. It depends on who we keep though. Also the new manager recognising the best positions of players.
  9. Or go to Chelsea with lampard.
  10. Vacancy for under. 23 manager. Ideal stepping stone for woody. Also leaves the decks clear for new manager to bring own staff at coaching levels.
  11. I think all the coaching staff going points to it not going to be woodie. As a rookie manager he will need a good support team around him and I can't see gibbo allowing him to build this support.
  12. I'm still worried that there's been such a delay in making an announcement. I'm hoping that nothing is going on in the background ie discussing a role in the background - director of football - as he needs to completely leave the club, so he can have no influence in the club. Boro need a complete reboot in terms of their football approach and style and recruitment.
  13. Hate to worry everyone, but are we sure he's gone? Only the gazette article saying he's gone but nothing on the official website. Admittedly, the gazette source for the story must be very high up for them to print this story, unless someone at the boro wants to the gazette to look very bad. Just saying like
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