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  1. What on earth are you on about, you’re a strange person. Because I live in UAE I’m homophobic? Grow up man
  2. Harsh mate. I hope they can turn things around.
  3. So it seems like we all agree we could be in for a relegation battle this season and not a mid table steadier.
  4. Spot on Gestede is diabolical. No one wanted him yet they play him. What does that tell you. He should be in the reserves till his contract runs out or if some is dumb enough to buy the donkey.
  5. I am being ganged up on by some members ignorance's. I will defend my honor as a man, I have made some valid points but people dont want to hear them.
  6. Thats Saudi mate. Educate yourself before you make yourself look foolish. Everyone has their own opinions on things, thats what makes life beautiful.
  7. I have no beef with you. Its your mates jealousy and ignorance that leaves a bad taste. I am a big fan of the forum and the general chit chat but Denzel can be a little offensive. Defending him makes you seem like you share the same bitterness. I am just honest
  8. Point of privilege, thats a bit harsh mate. After all I have stuck by Boro as a fan and spend my good money on them. Need to hold back a bit with your negative attitude.
  9. Watch this space. Southgoat took us out the prem and Woodgoat out the Campionship. Very sad too see. I’m sat in my villa in Dubai with the prem on. Wont see Boro there for a long long time again.
  10. Cannot blame the ref or the assistants. They scored, we didn’t. Had plenty of time to fix it. Just not good enough. Gestede is useless and the fact we play him is nuts.
  11. I hope you are right. I just fear for confidence levels and an experienced manager to guide them. Sorry to be negative but it’s going to be a massive struggle unfortunately.
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