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  1. Long may it continue!!!!!!
  2. And cracking deals on beer at the minute. Plus Percy Pigs are not bad. His mate Colin the Caterpillar aint bad either!!
  3. M & S currently have 3 for £5 on selected beers, some costing £3.50 each. Arbor Cafe Creme is highly recommended plus they have To Ol brewery orange gose which is very nice. There's some Mikeller in the offer as well as some nice looking American pales. Plus some wheat beers and St. Feuillien. I got 12 really good beers for £1.66 each!!!!
  4. Whilst I understand the current situation I feel people have decided to let the season end now. I think people are having to deal with much more impotant things. Its a real shame but I feel that like the lower divisions, enough games have been played to end it. Thank you MM for helping keep the Predictions league going and good luck to OMG for taking on the reins. So, when do I organise my hollow open top bus parade and meaningless title??!!
  5. Trouble with Northern Monk is that their based in Dirty, Dirty, Cheating Leeds!!!!!!!! Saying that, Faith is not bad!!
  6. Anyone tried Three Brothers Brewing Co. near Stockton? My local in Oxford had AU and Trilogy on cask a while back and it was great. Their ThaIPA is not bad as well in bottles. They ran a beer festival in Eaglescliffe last year (twice a year I think) and it has to be recommended. LIDL has a Belgian 6 bottle pack for £11.99 on sale from tomorrow and from what I gather its very good value.
  7. Hazy Jane used to be great when it was original strength. Then Brewdog made it into a 5% brew which is poor. Got to go for the Hazy O-G at 7.2% or even better the Triple Hazy at 9.5%
  8. DZ, The Hazy O-G is great but they have really messed up Hazy Jane 5%. Not a great brew. Have you tried Triple Hazy? 9.5% of sheer indulgence. It was released in the Brewdog Online AGM pack in April and drinks so easy. Dan, One of my personal faves is Tonkoko by BrewYork. Also, please tell me that Push Pineapple and Shake the Tree are not by Williams in Aldi. Probably 2 of the worst beers I've ever tasted.
  9. Not been on for a bit but great post DZ. I, like you enjoy craft beer and have found myself consuming more of late, especially as I have been furloughed till at least September. Great shout on the beers you have listed. The Roaster Coaster is a personal favourite. Have you tried Thornbridge Jamestown. Its a real nice NEIPA. We used to have a weekly Bottle club at my local every Thursday which we all brought a different beer in and tried each others. We now have a Zoom meet bottle club. We now take it in turns to deliver a beer to all 12 members so we can all try together as well as drink a lot! My tastes vary as I enjoy most beers including IPA's, NEIPA's, stouts and porters including impys, sours and gose, wheats....anything really. I tend to buy a lot of Brewdog as I get discount but most hauls are from Tesco who seem to have it sorted when it comes to craft beer selections. Morrisons are not far behind but I dont have one near. Asda have a few, Aldi/Lidl are gross and but Sainsbury's have definately missed the boat regarding this. Most of my beer club guys drink a lot of Belgian dubbels, triples and quads which are high abv. I have a few high abv 13-15% in my stock waiting for the right moment to savour. I'm waiting for the aptly named "Barnard Castle Eye Test" to be delivered by Brewdog. I have 24 cans coming of this 6% NEIPA. I had the 2.0 version of the Vocation Blueberry and Waffle stout last nigh and it was so much better than the first version. Anyway, thanks for the post and maybe we should start a lockdown beer thread on here.
  10. 29th May A SC Freiburg v Bayer Leverkusen. 30th May. A Mainz v 1899 Hoffenheim. H FC Schalke v Werder Bremem H Hertha Berlin v FC Augsburg. H VfL Wolfsburg. v Eintracht Frankfurt. H Bayern Munich v Fortuna Dusseldorf. 31st May. H Borussia Monchenladbach v FC Union Berlin. A SC Paderborn v Borussia Dortmund. 1st June. A FC Koln v RB Leizig. 2nd June. A Werder Bremem v Eintracht Frankfurt
  11. Only 14/26 players predicted last round. Is it time we think about league options??
  12. Hi, Trekkers here. I'm raising money for Hospitality Action, a charity supporting people in the hospitality industry struggling during these hard times. You know I love my beard but I'm gonna shave the beast off for charity. Its currently a shade of pink and soon to be green or blue next week then off it comes. If you can spare a few quid please donate at the below link. Cheers Trekkers https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/david-naylor10
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