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  1. trekkers


    A true legend and stalwart of this forum. This forum would not be what it is without his input and contributions. Rest in Peace VB ⚽️🔴⚪
  2. Friday 2nd July Switzerland v Spain - A - 1-4 Belgium v Italy - H - 2-1 Saturday 3rd July Czech Republic v Denmark - D - 1-1 Ukraine v England - A - 0-3
  3. Yeah, I'm OK...ish. Been working at Regional Covid testing site for nearly a year now after being made redundant as a catering manager. Just about surviving with the family with having income cut by 30%. Plus mentally and physically tired of 13hr working days!!!! Cheers for asking though boys, it means a lot!!!
  4. Stressful times but here goes what's left H..Belgium 2v1 Portugal Monday 28th June A..Croatia 0v2 Spain H..France 3v0 Switzerland Tuesday 29th June H..England 2v1 Germany D..Sweden 2v2 Ukraine
  5. Slovakia v Spain A Sweden v Poland H Portugal v France A Germany v Hungary H
  6. Be proud and be strong. It does hurt but never forget that he's a dad and you're a grandad. Always say her name and never ever forget her. You never will. I am a proud dad of 4 beautiful children even if one is an angel. Be strong and remember that people around will always care. Much love and support. Trekkers xxxxxxx
  7. A Russia v Denmark A Finland v Belgium A North Macedonia v Netherlands D Ukraine v Austria H Croatia v Scotland A Czech Republic v England
  8. If allowed go with this. If not no problem. Work taking taking over last couple of days. Sorry H Spain v Poland Void Hungary v France Void Germany v Portugal D Switzerland v Turkey H Italy v Wales
  9. @Youngy228Your doing a grand job. Please continue as you are giving some of us who've had a shi te year and more something to look forward to and enjoy!!!!
  10. H Netherlands v Austria H Ukraine v North Macedonia H Croatia v Czech Republic H England v Scotland A Sweden v Poland A Denmark v Belgium
  11. The round is dated 17th/18th but the Fin/Rus game is on now 16th. Will this be voided as I'm just going to predict this round.
  12. A Hungary v Portugal H France v Germany D Turkey v Wales H Italy v Switzerland A Denmark v Belgium
  13. H Netherlands v Ukraine H Austria v North Macedonia H England v Croatia A Scotland v Czech Republic H Spain v Slovenia H Poland v Slovakia
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