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  1. A Barnsley v Norwich H Blackburn v Birmingham H Bournemouth v Stoke A Bristol City v Brentford A Cardiff v Rotherham D Coventry v Millwall A Derby v Sheffield Wed H Middlesbrough v Wycombe H Nottingham v Preston H QPR v Luton H Reading v Huddersfield H Watford v Swansea
  2. D Birmingham v Cardiff H Brentford v Watford H Huddersfield v Coventry A Luton v Middlesbrough D Millwall v Bristol City H Norwich v Reading A Preston v Barnsley H Rotherham v Blackburn H Sheffield Wed v Nottingham H Stoke v QPR H Swansea v Derby A Wycombe v Bournemouth
  3. H Barnsley v Rotherham D Blackburn v Huddersfield H Bournemouth v Brentford D Bristol City v Luton H Cardiff v Wycombe D Coventry v Preston H Derby v Birmingham H Middlesbrough v Sheffield Wed H Nottingham v Stoke A QPR v Norwich D Reading v Swansea H Watford v Millwall
  4. Tuesday 20th April 7pm D Birmingham v Nottingham H Brentford v Cardiff H Norwich v Watford D Preston v Derby D Sheffield Wed v Blackburn H Swansea v QPR Wednesday 21st April 7pm H Huddersfield v Barnsley A Luton v Reading A Millwall v Bournemouth D Rotherham v Middlesbrough A Wycombe v Bristol City H Stoke v Coventry
  5. H Blackburn v Derby H Brentford v Millwall A Coventry v Barnsley A Luton v Watford H Middlesbrough v QPR H Norwich v Bournemouth H Nottingham v Huddersfield H Reading v Cardiff D Rotherham Birmingham D Sheffield Wed v Bristol City H Stoke v Preston H Swansea v Wycombe
  6. H Barnsley v Middlesbrough D Birmingham v Stoke H Bournemouth v Coventry H Bristol City v Nottingham H Cardiff v Blackburn A Derby v Norwich H Huddersfield v Rotherham A Millwall v Swansea A Preston v Brentford H QPR v Sheffield Wed H Watford v Reading A Wycombe v Luton
  7. A Blackburn v Bournemouth H Brentford v Birmingham A Coventry v Bristol City A Luton v Barnsley A Middlesbrough v Watford H Norwich v Huddersfield D Nottingham v QPR D Reading v Derby H Rotherham v Wycombe A Sheffield Wed v Cardiff H Stoke v Millwall H Swansea v Preston
  8. H Barnsley v Reading A Birmingham v Swansea H Bournemouth v Middlesbrough D Bristol City v Stoke H Cardiff v Nottingham H Derby v Luton A Huddersfield v Brentford H Millwall v Rotherham A Preston v Norwich H QPR v Coventry H Watford v Sheffield Wed A Wycombe v Blackburn
  9. H Barnsley v Sheffield Wednesday H Bristol City v Rotherham H Coventry v Wycombe A Millwall v Middlesbrough H Norwich v Blackburn D Preston v Luton H Reading v QPR D Stoke v Derby H Watford v Birmingham H Swansea v Cardiff
  10. H..Cardiff v Stoke D..Luton v Coventry A..Rotherham v Watford A..Bournemouth v Swansea A..Derby v Brentford H..Middlesbrough v Preston Wednesday 17th March 7pm H..QPR v Millwall A..Birmingham v Reading H..Blackburn v Bristol City A..Nottingham v Norwich A..Sheffield Wed v Huddersfield A..Wycombe v Barnsley. Major car problems today. Just got in after alternator going and leaving me stranded. Predictions posted at 7.15pm Tuesday. Hopefully wednesdays will be valid. Cheers Trekkers
  11. A Birmingham v Bristol City H Bournemouth v Barnsley D Cardiff v Watford H Derby v Millwall H Middlesbrough v Stoke A Nottingham v Reading H QPR v Huddersfield D Rotherham v Coventry A Wycombe v Preston A Sheffield Wed v Norwich
  12. Dont count me out yet.........!! Somehow I've got 2 games in hand??
  13. H Barnsley v Birmingham H Brentford v Rotherham H Bristol City v QPR A Coventry v Derby H Millwall v Blackburn H Norwich v Luton A Preston v Bournemouth H Reading v Sheffield Wed H Stoke v Wycombe D Swansea v Middlesbrough
  14. H Cardiff v Derby A Coventry v Middlesbrough H Huddersfield v Birmingham A Millwall v Preston H Nottingham v Luton H Reading v Blackburn H Norwich v Brentford H QPR v Barnsley A Bristol City v Bournemouth H Sheffield Wed v Rotherham H Watford v Wycombe D Stoke v Swansea
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