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    Price cap

    I remember £20 is plenty. We had a forum meet at Southampton away on my birthday in December a few years back. Cracking day, one too many Newcy Broons then rugby tackled the mascot outside the ground!!!!!
  2. Gonna say count me in. Last season was a bit crap for me personally hence my waining interest mid season with sickness and redundancy. I'm currently sick again this time with a fractured wrist so need something to look forward too. BTW Youngy228 you do an amazing job!!!!!
  3. A Birmingham v Blackburn H Bournemouth v Millwall D Derby v Cardiff H Huddersfield v Bristol City A Hull v Nottingham Forest A Luton v Reading A Peterborough v Blackpool A Preston v Middlesbrough A Sheffield United v Fulham D Stoke v Coventry H Swansea v QPR H West Brom v Barnsley
  4. H QPR v Sheffield United H Barnsley v Preston H Blackburn v Bournemouth H Blackpool v Derby H Bristol City v Hull A Cardiff v Birmingham H Coventry v Huddersfield H Middlesbrough v Stoke H Millwall v Peterborough H Nottingham Forest v Swansea A Reading v West Brom H Fulham v Luton
  5. Feels like it's time I made a comeback. Been a bit rough over the past several months and with Test and Trace coming to an end this month I'm now looking for work. I've missed this forum and footie but hopefully a trip to St Andrews next Tuesday with my daughter will perk me up. I even managed 2 trips to The Ethiad in the last couple of months with my other daughter!! So here's to The Boro!!! H West Brom v Huddersfield A Barnsley v Fulham H Birmingham v Hull H Blackburn v Bristol City A Blackpool v Swansea H Bournemouth v Derby H Cardiff v Preston
  6. @Youngy228 You're management of the league is second to none. Sadly my motivation lately has hit rock bottom with work and health has made my interest in predictions fall away especially with voids and postponements. Please, please continue the sterling job you are doing. It is appreciated.
  7. Sorry, no predictions from me. All these voids are ruining football at the minute. It's spoiling the fun for me and making me less interested in what's going on. Think I may be falling out of love with footie at the minute. It's been a tough year or 2 for me but maybe things will brighten up in the near future.
  8. These void are taking the fun out of it all so I'll be stepping back from predictions. It's been fun over the years but it's lost the fun.
  9. Barnsley v West Brom A Cardiff v Derby VOID Middlesbrough v Bournemouth D Blackburn v Birmingham H Blackpool v Peterborough H Bristol City v Huddersfield H Coventry v Stoke VOID Millwall v Preston VOID Nottingham Forest v Hull H QPR v Swansea VOID Reading v Luton VOID Fulham v Sheff Utd H
  10. H Huddersfield v Coventry H Birmingham v Cardiff H Bournemouth v Blackburn D Derby v Blackpool D Hull v Bristol CIty A Luton v Fulham A Peterborough v Millwall H Preston v Barnsley A Stoke v Middlesbrough H Swansea v Nottingham Forest H West Brom v Reading H Sheff Utd v QPR
  11. Welcome to all newcomers. UTB!!!!!!
  12. H Fulham v Bournemouth A Coventry v West Brom H Barnsley v Huddersfield D Blackburn v Preston A Blackpool v Luton H Bristol City v Derby D Cardiff v Sheff Utd D Middlesbrough v Swansea D Millwall v Birmingham H Nottingham Forest v Peterborough H Reading v Hull H QPR v Stoke
  13. H..West Brom v Nottingham Forest A..Preston v Fulham H..Birmingham v Blackpool H..Bournemouth v Coventry D .Huddersfield v Middlesbrough H..Hull v Millwall H..Luton v Cardiff A..Peterborough v Barnsley H..Stoke v Blackburn H..Swansea v Reading H..Sheff Utd v Bristol City D..Derby v QPR
  14. A Blackpool v West Brom H Coventry v Birmingham H Middlesbrough v Preston H Nottingham Forest v Luton D Reading v Sheffield Utd A Barnsley v Swansea H Blackburn v Peterborough A Bristol City v Stoke D Cardiff v Hull H Fulham v Derby A Millwall v Bournemouth D QPR v Huddersfield
  15. H QPR v Luton H Sheff Utd v Coventry H Bristol City v Blackburn H Fulham v Barnsley A Huddersfield v West Brom D Hull v Birmingham H Middlesbrough v Millwall H Preston v Cardiff D Reading v Nottingham Forest H Stoke v Peterborough H Swansea v Blackpool A Derby v Bournemouth
  16. H Barnsley v Hull D Birmingham v Reading H Blackburn v Sheff Utd H Bournemouth v Swansea A Cardiff v Huddersfield H Coventry v Bristol City H Luton v Stoke H Millwall v Derby D Nottingham Forest v Preston A Peterborough v Fulham H West Brom v Middlesbrough H Blackpool v QPR
  17. Cheers guys. Surgery went OK. They did what they needed to do without finding any major complications. Going to be a slow and uncomfortable road to recovery, maybe 4-6 weeks off. This is very worrying as now I'm on a zero hours contract after being made redundant and there's no sick pay,
  18. They're prepping me for surgery so don't want to miss tomorrow's fixture. Anyway to update I'm in the Urology department. Major infection in the "man" regions. Things have swelled to the size of melons LOL Getting ready for surgery so they can find and stop the infection. Feeling rather low being stuck in hospital but hopefully it's nothing too serious I hope. Thanks for thinking of me Trekkers!
  19. H Birmingham v Bristol City A Coventry v Swansea H Luton v Middlesbrough D Millwall v Reading H Nottingham Forest v Sheff Utd A Peterborough v Huddersfield D Barnsley v Derby A Blackburn v Fulham H Blackpool v Stoke H Bournemouth v Preston A Cardiff v QPR H West Brom v Hull
  20. Void QPR v Nottingham Forest H Fulham v West Brom H Bristol City v Barnsley A Derby v Blackburn A Huddersfield v Millwall A Hull v Coventry H Middlesbrough v Birmingham A Preston v Luton H Sheff Utd v Blackpool H Stoke v Cardiff H Swansea v Peterborough A Reading v Bournemouth
  21. Cardiff v Middlesbrough void Birmingham v Swansea A Blackburn v Reading H Blackpool v Preston A Bournemouth v Huddersfield H Coventry v Derby H Luton v Hull D Millwall v Stoke D Peterborough v QPR A West Brom v Bristol City H Barnsley v Sheff Utd A Nottingham Forest v Fulham A
  22. H Bristol City v Nottingham Forest H Derby v Luton D QPR v Blackburn H Sheff Utd v Millwall A Stoke v Bournemouth H Fulham v Cardiff D Huddersfield v Birmingham H Hull v Peterborough H Middlesbrough v Barnsley D Preston v Coventry D Swansea v West Brom H Reading v Blackpool
  23. H West Brom v Birmingham H Fulham v QPR A Blackburn v Coventry A Bristol City v Bournemouth H Huddersfield v Hull H Middlesbrough v Peterborough H Millwall v Luton H Nottingham Forest v Blackpool H Preston v Derby H Reading v Barnsley H Sheff Utd v Stoke D Swansea v Cardiff
  24. A Stoke v West Brom A Coventry v Fulham D Barnsley v Millwall H Birmingham v Nottingham Forest A Blackpool v Blackburn H Bournemouth v Sheffield Utd H Cardiff v Reading D Derby v Swansea D Hull v Middlesbrough H Luton v Huddersfield A Peterborough v Bristol City H QPR v Preston
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