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  1. am i the only hoping peterbrough score so theres a chance this nightmare ends sooner😅?
  2. *puts on tin foil hat* its a cryptic message, plane+warnock= sacking...
  3. infuriating to read, talking about having 12th highest shots in the league and 11th highest XG like those are stats to be proud of concidering the squad we have. also, only 2 team out of the 14 ahead of us have had less shots which says it all really about the importance of getting shots on goal . Additionally, the long ball being outdated speil, long ball can be effective, but not the hit and hope style warnock and co play. City and liverpool play long balls (especially city with ederson from the back) but its calculated, there not just lumping it forward hoping for the knockdown. co
  4. sorry to be that guy but iv just come on and seen 14+ pages of activity, can somebody get me up to speed on whats happening haha?
  5. your talking about about the 3 teams that came down, thats not what i mean by top end, top end for me is top 8 i,e the the teams in and around the playoffs promotion run. and what stats are you looking at haha? https://www.transfermarkt.us/championship/startseite/wettbewerb/GB2 we have the 7th most valuable squad, (7th is hardly midtable) https://www.transfermarkt.us/championship/transfers/wettbewerb/GB2/plus/?saison_id=2021&s_w=&leihe=1&intern=0&intern=1 and we have the second highest net spend (only second to fulham) in the league this season.
  6. we chose not to extend pulis's contract, which is a sacking to me, didnt hear anything about him walking away other than the stuff on here which suggested he was offered half the wage he was currently on to stay. you dont offer a man half the wage if you want him to stay, it basically a sacking. also, I never claimed woodgate was coming midtable, if you read what i said, i said woodgates first season was one of the only seasons were a mid table finish would have been acceptable/was the aim. Also to comment on your statement suggesting were midtable, weve finished 10th or higher in 5 of ou
  7. sorry but your comment is just so daft, just becauce we've finished mid table dosent mean thats our aim, and nor should it be. we sacked monk while coming 8th, we sacked pulis for a 7th place finish. were a top end championship club and with the money to compete as such. The only season where a midtable finish was acceptable was Woodgates first season and a couple of seasons under mowbray when we were balancing the books and rebuilding. Warnocks had 18 months in charge and has had his midtable finish last season, weve spent money and really need to see an improvement this season. there clear
  8. i mean were averaging a point a game, and if wasnt for derby being deducted points we'd be 3 points off the drop. if things continue as is or we get a bad result v peterbrough, we will be one of the teams in the relagation scrap. no room for sentiment in football. get him gone
  9. exactly my thoughts, i didnt see anything different in our style or set up, i think we just go the rub of the green that day.
  10. were in a relegation fight as we speak, if wasnt for derby being deducted points we'd be only 3 points off the relegation places. Also i assume your saying it can get worse aka woodgate, ill just point out that neil warnocks points per game this season are the same as woodgates were the season he was sacked....let that sink in.
  11. exactly, 3 wins in 11 this season, 12 win in 36 games in 2021, its just not good enough and its only getting worse.
  12. i think you'll find the outcome was exactly the same...another season in the championship.... and tony had a much better squad, Downing, Traore, Bamford, Gibson, Randolph, fabio da silva.. with the quality of players he had his performance was much worse IMO
  13. the glory days according to some on here
  14. I hear people saying that its a tough one today as we had lots of chances, and it is true, but thats the style of football warnock creates. Its basically rub of the green football, theres no real tactics or gameplay, its hit and hope with the notion that a couple of balls with fall nicely for us. sheffield was the perfect example, we didnt really create any chances, we scored one wonder goal and the second came with 2 deflections before the ball falls at mcnairs feet, in that game we had the rub of the green. Same against forrest, poor game all round be we got the rub of the green. we did
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