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  1. yes, i agree and this is what i want, but what was the key the here? they kept the same manager, Farke has been in charge for 4 years now. my argument isnt that going up and getting the money etc is bad, its that going up with a manager who's never kept a side up, has retired 3 times and will most likely reitre in the next 18 months is just a bad plan. theres no consitancy forcing a rebuild to place in another 12-18months, why wait? why not get somebody somewhat long term in now? The whole premise of my arugment has been flipped onto the prem money and parachute payments, but all im try
  2. sorry im not trying to argue there not a good thing, the main premise of my argument has been flipped and iv got stuck defending a point i never really made. my point was that hiring a man who has retired in multiple times and most likely be gone in 12 months is short sighted and there is little to be gained from it. in the best case senario ( and in IMO highly unlikley senario) we get promoted we have a manager who has never kept a side in the prem . on that bases i think its very likely we will go down and due to his age he will be gone. id prefer the senario where we go up with a
  3. and we'd spend about 100 million of that easily on a squad trying to stay in the prem, include wages and theres very little of the money to stay around. following relegation we'd be almost no better off and most likely stuck in a position of trying to balance the books to avoid economic hardship like the last two times weve been relegated.
  4. how?, we'd be back in the championship, managerless or under the management of a firefighter type like big sam brought in during the back end of the season trying to save us from relegation. I fail to see how this is infinitely better? yes we would have some extra money from the prem parachute payments, and some better players signed during out time in the prem. but we it leaves us with a huge rebuild to do,which historically we've been very poor at. we'll have players on high wages again and the new man coming in will be under great pressure to get instant promotion or he'll be out t
  5. honestly cant tell if this is satire or not, but anyway ill reply as if its not. surely there has to be a better option than a man whos going to be gone in 12 months and has retired numerous times already? Also you call him the route to the prem, but what are the realistic outcomes under warnock? 1.) we finish midtable/close to playoffs again and hes gone at the end of the season, leaving the next manager in the exact same position we'll be in at the end of this season. except he'll have a squad built by and for neil warnock. 2.) he does a *** job and we have a poor start and hes go
  6. but its hard to tell if he kicked through or simply kicked under savilles foot, it was a 50/50 with nither player in contol.
  7. yeh maybe your right, this frame shows that the swansea player may have kicked the ball under savilles foot, whether its a pen or not is still unknown as it likes like saville got some of the ball and the swansea player kicked through saville.
  8. have a look people, i thought 100% pen at first, but its clear he gets the balls from this video. WhatsApp Video 2021-03-06 at 12.05.24 PM.mp4
  9. what are people on about? that was a stone wall pen...
  10. i agree we have some decent players in the squad now, but I honestly dont think Warnock got these players in to play a passing game. He's an odds man, long ball hoping for the ball to drop, hes played this way his whole managerial so why would he change now? IMO he'll continue with his long ball/play the odds style and the players he are there purely so that when the ball does drop we have better quality players to do something with it when it does. And i dont doubt it will be somewhat effective, it will probably work again as it has done this season we'll do fine and if the ball falls k
  11. thats what happens with shithouse football with no real plan, its literally luck of the draw whether the ball will fall kindly for you on the given day
  12. i think anything less than a 4 year deal would be criminal, get him tied down for the long haul.
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