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  1. i think any of the 3 clubs coming up could surprise us, as all supported well, young managers and performed great last season. think your right with Ispwich being most likely tho
  2. it is the root of the issue, you believe he is the previous poster banned for making up rumors. you attacked and argued with him since day one based on this assumption. ironically he pointed out the bullshit that you made up, but yet he's gone and you're not.
  3. could be a shrewd signing that might surprise us. he got 9 goals and 5 assists in a side that got relegated last time out. Might be interesting to see what he could do for a decent side.
  4. they're just one of the bigger clubs in the league. they averaged 39k last season, so they bring a lot more money than most through revenue. they also have a billionaire owner. a club that size run the right way should always be pushing for playoffs. Also, they made the playoffs in their first season back in the champ with a young squad. It's likely the squad will improve so i think they have a good shot. But I agree, i don't think they're a shoe in, it's hard to make that call in the championship. but I can see why people would make claims that they are.
  5. case and point, you're a hypocrite. getting somebody removed for something you freely admit you used to do.
  6. double standards on here it seems, i don't mind that you ban shed head (tho I personally don't think he did much wrong) but to not ban Denzel Zanzibar who has been just as bad if not worse is a poor call. Especially since Shed head's original crime was making up rumors which it has been proven Denzel Zanzibar has done and he's even admitted to. and now hes goading a mocking people in the comments who have pointed this out and asked for him to receive punishment.
  7. that was only after 12 games which I think we can agree is a short period of time to really judge a manager. Also in a foreign country where most English managers tend to flop. I'll wait for a comparison in the UK and for more evidence before making a judgment. one incredibly short stint in a forgien country isnt enough to go off for me.
  8. 100% agree, it's similar to the guardiola debate. how would they fare when they don't have better resources than the rest? I think were far more likely to find out the answer to that question with parker mind haha.
  9. and people criticizing him are completely ignoring the fact that he is only 42 and his two promotions came in his first 3 years of management, for comparrison that's w behind neil warnock at a championship level. plenty of good managers have had good sides and not being able to bounce back. and Also, I don't think it matters all that much that he had good teams, he was thrown in the deep end at clubs that expected promotion, and he delivered. regardless of whether it was expected or not, there was huge pressure on him to and deliver that takes some skill, especially in your first jobs as a
  10. so if he got 3 promotions from 3 possible in the championship and you still wouldn't say he's a good manager at a championship level? (which is my point) , no point in debating as if those are the standards your holding him to there's no reasonable discussion to be had.
  11. but he's been a manager for over 20 years lmao, Parker has been managing for 4 seasons and already has 2 promotions from the two possible times he could have been promoted.
  12. he was only in charge of Bournemouth for 4 games in the prem, and they were 17th when they he was sacked. also, those games were against arsenal, city, Liverpool and villa. so cant really judge how they would have done based of 4 games against 3 of the best teams in the league and they wernt even in the relegation zone. but yeh, its strange that man with a 100% record at getting teams promoted from the champ at first time of asking is being considered 🙄
  13. same was said about Rodgers, I don't think the Leicester fans cared or will care now as long as they get results.
  14. I set a lot of hate against Parker but i can ask genuinely why as it dosent make much sense based on the evidence we have so far. HIs record in the championship is currently 100% success rate at getting clubs promoted at the first time of asking from the championship. if I was a supporter of a recently relegated side it would be hard to find a better track record anywhere also. also, he plays attacking progressive football that is likely to entertain most teams. finally, he's only 42 so plenty of time to grow and get better, the hate just makes no sense to me. the only argument iv
  15. with them being in the Europa Conference league next season, I could see that being the perfect comp to give young players like Archer and Ramsey a runout. offers them at least 8 games in the group stage and maybe more depending on how far they get. throw in a few cup games and your looking 15 ish games. wouldnt surprised if they took that option rather than loaning them out. keeps them in and around the first team which is good experience and also gives them a chance to break through if they really perform.
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