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  1. Britt and Akpom both have a 1 in 5 goal record this season. and one assist between the two of them. i think its clear that we need something different upfront, with these two currently upfront we will go nowhere. fletch could could back and help but hes been out injured for months and who knows how long it will take to find him form.
  2. i think this is difficult to find though, alot harder and much more risky getting than a proven champ/prem standard playeron loan. also, i dont think its a viable option to buy youth prospects in january as you will likely pay over the odds and they might not slot in straight away. the january window is more commonly for plugging gaps in the current to help you acheive your seasons goals which is why i personally think bringing proven talent is better option.
  3. he got 5 assists and 2 goals in 21 games at villa (Assisting or scoring a goal every 3 games), hardly a bad return, especially when you factor in that he only started 9 of those games so much of this was done coming of the bench. futhermore, those stats are pretty much better than anyone else at the club currently as the highest number of asissts from a player this season is george saville and marvin johnson who both have 4 in 21 games respectively. and both have taken far more game time to acheive this compared to bolasie.
  4. i agree with this so much, promotion this year is the best thing that could happen to boro for many reasons. Firstly with clubs struggling finiancially from the impact of covid, the TV money in the prem would be a god send. Even if we went down , we would get parachute payments which would no doubt help again and leave us in a strong position against the other clubs who for sure will still be struggling post covid. In fact the financial aspect alone out weighs anything in this debate i think so i wont say anymore, the financial benefits of promotion in the current climate cant be overstated and how anyone could suggest not getting promoted is a good thing is beyond me.
  5. are there any concrete rumours of britt leaving or is just speculation due the fact his contracts up in the summer?
  6. Britt does get goals no doubt, but he offers little else, and IMO makes the team alot worse in other aspects. He hasnt seemed to fit into any system we've played, every manager weve had has been forced to build a system to try and accomadate him. he dosent have a decent touch, not quick, loves being offside and his distrubution is poor, i cant begin to count the amount of times weve had a break on and britts held onto to ball for to long or ran into trouble. His only saving grace are his goals and somewhat ok hold up play but thats hit and miss at best. I guess the point im trying to make is Britt is an out and out goal scorer who offers little else, that fact that in his 4 years here hes assisted only 2 goals says it all really. In the modern game you need to have more to your game and personally dont think that Britt does. The only other issue i see in letting him go is that warnock will not look for a modern style forward who can link up and play football, he will just buy gestede style target man.
  7. imagine if we had a striker who didnt need 5 touches, had the ability to shoot and could actually pass the ball. everyone else in the squad has linked up so well today, but britt has just ruined everything hes been involved in, what a poor game he's had.
  8. suprised britts on the field after that miss, not just becauce of the miss, but his genral attituide, didnt even look like he was trying to score, just swung a boot a boot at it, pathetic. Akpom on please
  9. yeh i miss read that britt was out also, but i still think we need another senior striker, as britt is way off the mark this season and akpom is yet unproven.
  10. not when 2 of our 3 strikers are out till janruary. guess the question is if akpom is is injured, would you rather has a youth player leading the line or free transfer striker.
  11. depends what you class as improving us, i would argue hes better than what we have currently in reserve giving us more options, therefore improving. strength in depth is quality that we dont currently have.
  12. looking like a bad choice not to sign Sanogo now, i think they said he was 4 weeks off fitness, he would have been fit by now if we'd signed him at the time, so he would have missed 3 league games? seems like a daft choice now in hindsight. Edit: im basing this on the fact that flecther is now out and we missed all over targets are were now being linked with duncan whatmore and Adama Diomande.
  13. hey guys, been away all day, whats happened with the yannic deal? iv seen on his twitter that it was signed and sent on his end, did we just pull out last minute?
  14. still alot better than last season, in the league anyway.
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