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  1. honestly never heard of club adding the wage saved from the sold player to transfer fee recived, have you got any evidence that this happens? genuinely curious
  2. im obviously not suggesting that theres players with 100% conversion rate who scores every time, i do however believe that there are plenty of strikers that will finish more often than not from 6 yards out like the two birtt britt chances today.
  3. the problem i have with britt isnt, he isnt an all round player, hes a poacher, the type of player that should only need 1 chance, not 3/4. if he was playmaker/ dribbler type who created also you'd cut him some slack, but hes a out and out old school poacher he dosent offer much else other than goals. the two chances today wernt easy, but id expect better with both chances.
  4. my point is it helps, massivley, ill make one final point on this cause im sure nobody else is intersted, over the last 10 championship seasons, if you had a 20 goal a season striker, you had a 50% chance of promotion, if you have a 15 goal a season striker, you have a 20%, if you dont have either your chances of promotion drops to 7/8% (yes i worked it out). so your twice as likely to get promoted with a 15 goal a season striker than without, and twicw as likely to get promoted with a 20 goal a season striker compared to a 15 goal a season striker. or put another way without 15-20 goal player 10/1 with 15 goal/ 5/1 with 20+ 2/1 not saying its impossible and teams clearly do it, but the stats dont lie, your chances of getting promoted massivley increace with a goalscorer in the squad.
  5. also of thosse 11 players (not 12) with 15 goals or more, 8 played for sides that made the playoffs or got promoted. the other 3 were karlam grant at hudds, jarrod bowen who left hull in janruary, hul were in the playoffs at the time and ended up getting relegated after selling him (again higlighting the power of a good striker) and the final was adam armstrong who finished 12th. take away points : out of the top 6 sides, only 1 side WBA didnt have a 15+ a season goal scorer, only 2 sides that finished in the bottom half had 15+ a season goalscorer, Hull (who were in playoffs till bowen left) and hudds if you want to be competative/top half, a 15 goals+ a season is a good indicator that you will acheive this based off last seasons stats.
  6. yes but 75% of promoted sides had a 15 goal a season striker, suggesting that if you dont have that your chances of going up are dramtically less. im not saying that it gurantees you promotion, but without a 15 goal a season striker your chances or going up are dramatically less than if you have one. Also another stat, 19 teams of the 30 promoted over the last 10 years had a 20+ goal a season striker, there were 40 players who scored 20 goals or more in season in this period, so if you have a player with score 20 goals or more in your squad you effecitvly have 50% percentage of promotion.
  7. lol i cant be bothered to work that out, but i dont think it matters all that much, i think the fact that only 25% of promoted teams have done so without a 15+ goal a season striker is the important stat for what iv prestented.
  8. no doubt a solid defense can be enough to see you up, but i think teams getting promoted without a 15 goal+ player is an expection to the rule. leeds and fulham both had 1 last season Norwich sheffiedd and villa all a 20+ goal strikr season before season before that both wolves and fulham did 16/17 newcastle and brighton 15/16 burnley and hull both had 20+ goal scorers. 14/15 season watford had 2 20+ socrers, bourneouth had 1 player 20 goals and norwich also a player with 18 13/14 leicester and burnley had 20+ striker and qpr had charlie austin with 17 12/13 Palace and watford had 20+ 11/12 southampton and west ham 20+ striker 10/11 all three teams had players with 15 goals or more, norwich had 1 20 goal + striker again not saying it not possible, but it seems as though at least about 75% of the time a promoted side had at least one player scoring 15 goals or more in a season.
  9. i mentioned ravenelli but i admit i forgot forgot ricard, but thats not really the point im trying to make,i did say i was focusing on the last 10 years in the championship as i can forgive us not having a 15 goal a season striker in the prem. so the point i was making is based off of the 10 years in the championship. on the players you mentioned though, the fact that that we have back over 20 years (ricard and ravanelli and 25/30 years for slaven and Hendrie to find players who acheived this illistrates the point im trying to make.
  10. after some terrible finishing today, i took the time to work out how boro have faired with goals scorers in the championship, i looked at how many players have scored 20 or more in a season since boros relegation and how many players have scored 15 or more in a season. * this will only take in to account league goals. since the 09/10 season the average number of players per season scoring 20 goals or more in the league has been 4, the average number of players score 15 or more has been 11. no boro has scored 20 or more league goals in our 10 seasons in the championship, and only 2 player have scored 15 or more britt with 15 in the 17/18 and bamford in 14/15. intresting fact, before these two you have to go back to ravanelli in 96/97 to find another boro player who scored more 15 or more leagues in a season. only twice have boro have strikers who have place in the top 10 scorers, not suprising bamfords 17 goals meant he was 10th and assombonga's 15 placed him 8th. an even more damning statistic is that only 3 time have boro had a player finish in the top 15 scorers in the league, the two previously mentioned players in britt and bamford and also marvin emnes in 11/12 season. Not really sure what my goal is of posting these statistics, as were all aware how bad weve been with aquring strikers over the year, but even i didnt realise how bad it was until i sat down and crunched the numbers. For a club our size with our resources to have only had 3 players feature in the top 15 goal scorers in the league over 10 seasons is a damning indictment of our recruitment.
  11. boro striker syndrome kicked in, no striker can come to this club and play more than 30 mins without coming down with the ailment. symtoms include: missing sitters loss of ball control loss of passing ability losing the ability to impact the game in any meaningful way
  12. looked exciting for 20-30 mins, but then suddenly he went full britt mode, heavy touches, running in trouble etc, still he scored from his only real chance which is more than britt can say.
  13. is coulson sleeping with Warnocks wife? cant for the life of me figure out how its not getting any game time over johnson.
  14. please somebody defend johnson this week, i dare you haha
  15. the best summary of our style i think iv seen.
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