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  1. not sure whos available and for what price, but i liked to think we can do better than a striker who is turning 30 this year with a 1 in 5 goal record at championship level...
  2. almost a like for a like swap but we should make some money in the process. wouldnt be against it.
  3. i wasnt getting on my high horse, you inffered something from my comment i never said and then build your response aroudn that premise. Whether you meant it or not ( im not claiming it was intentional) its still a strawman. Also in general your too fixated on the word excite, it was just my adjective of choice, dont read to0 much into it.
  4. i asked why people seem " excited" by the prospect of signing him despite the fact hes a poor player, i never said i only wanted to sign exciting players, i dont know whats hard to understand about this?
  5. your trying to stawman the arugment by claiming people are demanding exciting players, nobody is saying that( or at least im not saying that) , were just pointing out the fact that robson- kanu is a bang average on a good day and his stats prove that he is generally a poor player. you keep mentioning 10 goals like hes done that consistantly, as i mentioned previously, hes done it once in his entire career and actually only averages 5 goals a season and has scored more than 5 goals only twice in his near 15 year career. his assists stats are even worse, 4 a season on average. and these
  6. this, I think the people wanting him are only thinking of his goal v belgium, if they actually looked at his career stats they'd see that hes been bang average player at best.
  7. that dosent make him a good option though haha
  8. id be worried about his goal return, hes only scored over 5 goals in a season twice in his whole career and his best ever return is 10 in 39 two seasons ago, hardly impressive numbers. Also he only has 29 assists in whole league career. so he dosent score often and he dosent create chances either, i dont know why he would excite anyone as option particually in our goal shy side.
  9. https://fbref.com/en/comps/10/keepers/Championship-Stats according to this link, Bettinelli had the 3rd lowest save percentage against shots on target.
  10. yes, but the point is how much would it have cost to sign Alaba? im not arguing that they dont have to pay more in wages in sometimes for free transfers, but im saying that the cost of actually having to buy that player is far higher than any increace you may see in wages and agent fees. its much better finacially for the club to sign a free than it is to pay for them it almost all cases. Look at britt for example, hes probably valued around 5 million, do you really think his potentially increaced wages and agent fees are going to come anywhere near that? ofcourse not.
  11. yes, if you get a player worth millions on a free, its a bargin. i dont get whats so hard to understand about that. do you think you dont pay wages if you have to pay a transfer fee? the wages are likely the same regardless whether signed on a free or for a fee. so avoiding the transfer is obviously desirable as you potentially save millions in fees. i really dont get whats hard to understand about this. its literally why clubs wait till summer for players contracts to expire so they dont have to pay transfer fees.
  12. im not fan of warnock, but they did get promoted with bargin signings, bamba, holliet, patterson, mendez lang, etheridge, bennett, damour were all free signings. they are bargins despite their wage (even with most of them being on low wages anway) becauce of how much it would cost if you were to buy a player of similar standard. the wage would probably be the same along with a few million in fees.
  13. https://www.888sport.com/blog/football/championship/how-much-do-championship-football-players-get-paid im just quoting this article, seemed quite high to me also.
  14. which of those players were on big wages? etheridge came from league 1 walsall so doubt he was on much callum paterson came from hearts so again doubt his wage was massive mendez lang was another player from a league 1 club loic damour was league 2 france. the only player who probs had a decent wage was holliet, but he got 9 goals and 11 assiasts as awinger in promotion season, i think most cardiff fans would class him as a bargin.
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