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  1. Personally i think it could be a good signing, i'm willing to give the lad a chance. Only 24, plenty of scope to improve and gives us another option. Strong, quick. Has attributes that can be worked on anyway.
  2. Linked to Mohammed elyounossi (sp) from Southampton
  3. Do you think woodgate might have been lying and there might be more than one?
  4. Got to say, I'm loving hearing woody with the press.. really refreshing after pulis Talks better than I thought he would too
  5. This is the bullet that shot me in the eye
  6. It's quarter to 6, there's hours left!! What a joke
  7. You can just imagine bausor running round with his mobile phone in one hand and coffee in the other
  8. I just don't understand how we have 31 days to line someone up yet we end up running round like headless chickens on the final day. I suppose it's not just us..
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