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  1. Given the turnover in management this season, we should be fortunate to be in the playoffs at all. Automatic was never on the cards once Wolves kicked into overdrive. We were never gonna go on a Fulham-type run. I think what is interesting about this season, is that we've only lost one game by more than a single goal this season. (Ironically which was against Derby.) Should be interesting if we beat Millwall next week. I personally feel that Fulham and Aston Villa will have more to lose than we do.
  2. Commercial VPNs don't work on the BBC. You gotta use private servers.
  3. After last season's disaster I would gladly take 40 points and putting our feet up in the Prem for a bit.
  4. Perhaps they told the players at half-time he was gone. :rolleyes:
  5. 2-0 Boro. We have to get an early goal, Preston are a very good side and hard to break down. Could well be a Monktacular 0-0 if we don't get into gear during the first half.
  6. We didn't really make a loss on Rhodes tbh. His goals got us promoted, we banked the PL money and then recouped the outlay we paid for him 12 months earlier. In hindsight it was a good investment.
  7. I wouldn't be averse to Bornmuff going down this season. I think the media have been sucking Eddie Howe's *** for the past two season's that they've kinda overlooked the huge deficiencies in that team.
  8. Bouchalakis looks to be a canny player considering he was in the Olympiakos reserve team for four years. First few games of the season are always pretty weird. But so far, I have to say the competition for promotion doesn't exactly look amazing. I think Wolves will be genuine contenders this season (which will put the defeat last week into context.)
  9. Which begs the question, do the Gazette need Boro more than Boro need the Gazette... In the age of Twitter, Facebook and the like - its gonna be the former rather than the latter.
  10. I still think we are gonna start very slow under Monk, so I'm going for an ambitious 1-1 draw, but it wouldn't surprise me if we got beat.
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