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  1. they can't really do much about a country's colours though
  2. yeah I was looking at these last night! some great ones there tbf. I'm assuming they'll not help us in guessing the new boro kits though cos each one looks pretty bespoke.
  3. imo, anyone who criticises Marcus T either doesn't see us playing very often or doesn't have a particularly good understanding of the game. Not meaning to sound harsh, but his contribution to the team is very clear to see. He's not perfect by any means, but then not many players are, especially at this level. If you're just simply looking for players to criticise then there are usually about 8 or 9 players you should start with before Mr T each game
  4. I hope us signing these Bournemouth guys aren't opening the door for them signing Tavernier in return..
  5. I think shirts without sponsors on them look strange tbh.. look like cheap fakes actually. Unless main shirt itself has no sponsor on and has been designed that way
  6. I want something 96/97 crazy.. badge in the armpits this time perhaps. That concept someone has posted up above is boring AF.
  7. agreed. Let's sign Ravanelli, Juninho and Emerson all in their prime. I reckon we'd smash the league
  8. within the Boro universe - or the Boroverse... Andy Campbell has gotta be up there. Actually thinking about it, there are loads of boro examples. Matty Bates, Rhys Williams I had high hopes for, for example.
  9. yes but the badge itself looks very cheap, and still has the style of "iron on" imo - I've seen better quality cub scout patches
  10. it's a common opinion, but I really wish they'd change the club badge. or if they had the badge stitched in, all in white like this it'd look cooler thant the iron-on style patch
  11. can and can't - obviously he's not solely to blame at all, far from it. The fact remains though, that he was one of our most effective players this season and his disciplinary record cost us at the most crucial time, so he's not blameless in that. Either way, I didn't fancy our chances of winning the playoffs, and hopefully the slower build of another Championship season will be better for us long term.
  12. definitely agree with his sloppiness, although I don't think i've seen much of what I'd call showboating from him tbh - more just terribly weighted passes. His yellow cards are awful though, probably cost us the playoffs.
  13. personally, I think it's fake. Also, more importantly.. when are we likely to hear about the new boro kit?
  14. sticking to your overly simplified rhetoric I see.
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