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  1. hope I haven't missed the deadline.. when's the date for the early renewal? I've completely forgotten about it!
  2. I didn't say I was blindly positive
  3. I was expecting it to be at least 4-0 and for us to not get out of our own third, so yeah, I took positives. It's easy to be be negative though ain't it. End of the day, we're 21st & they're 2nd.. I'm not sure what people were expecting. If we play with that level of intensity against lower teams we should pick up results again. If...
  4. If Gibson is gonna sack Woodgate though, he needs to do it right after the Forest game at the latest, otherwise we're just gonna be in the situation of the wasting a summer transfer window while the new manager gets settled in. I don't think we'll go down under Woodgate tbh. There were enough positives in that Leeds game for me to think we've got enough to pull through (or that there will be worse teams than us come the end). I'd like to think there's a grand plan for the summer that's gonna be executed to perfection & next season we'll all be as happy as pigs in ***.
  5. I enjoyed the game tonight tbh, despite it being freezing. I thought we went toe to toe with Leeds for the most part and could have quite easily nicked a goal or maybe even two on a different night. I'm not ready to completely write Woodgate off just yet - I think until he's had a proper chance to balance the squad to his liking over the summer & also get rid of all the various high earners (who've been pretty uninspired for several managers over several years now), it's kinda difficult to judge the poor bugger. He's clearly not doing a fantastic job, but I think a lot of managers would have struggled with us this season - espescially given the task of relying on youth and completely overhauling the playing style, but with pretty much the same core group.. All the young players will be a season better next year and hopefully the same will go for Woodgate. Assuming we make some positive moves/changes to the squad over the summer, we can start to build from there. Although I appreciate that it's fashionable to be negative on this forum, so with that said; Woodgate out!
  6. I was always a fan of the 888 kits with Jimmy Floyd and Big Mark Viduka up front - home and away. It felt like each kit was consistently good in that period
  7. the gap they left for the sponsor is too big imo. A classic though
  8. I think worst case scenario we'll have to go back to the 3 CB's route and start grinding out some more results, but I agree that this is more about getting the squad more used to playing the formations that Woodgate / Boro want to play in the long term. Even if we won every game from now til the end of the season, we'd be hard pushed to make the playoffs, so I think we're gonna have to accept the short term pain.
  9. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt cos the commentator was talking *** most of the game. Surely he was kicking off it wasn't more. I dunno why he'd be appalled it wasn't less
  10. I'm looking forward to the day we have Tav, Rav and Sav in the starting lineup
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