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  1. anyone who doesn't think the Gibson deal is a good one is a fool IMO. he cares about the club for one which is invaluable for a club like us tbh + the fact he's directly related to the chairman is gonna make things easy to sort out once we get the deal sorted with Burnley. He was fantastic for us back in the day. Is still only 27, so plenty of miles left on the clock
  2. you'd better write all this in a letter to the club, they probably haven't realised
  3. once and never again hopefully! the man had the personality of damp cardboard
  4. who was the village idiot they had on the public address system tonight btw? He was almost as bad as the ref. It was like they were letting the local simpleton have a crack at it. Never thought I'd miss foghorn mouth Page
  5. £10m plus Gibson would do it for me. Although I'd rather we just bought Gibson & had them both. I kinda view Gibson funding the deal to sign Gibson back as more his own thing tbh.. like the fact he's spent £50m on his big daft (ugly) house. He probably just wants his nephew back, so *** it, let him do it.
  6. it'd be incredible if Stoke sign George Friend tbh
  7. I think it's safe to assume we aren't paying £1.2m upfront cash. It's also probably safe to assume that if we had waited til the summer, another club would've probably come in with higher wages or something and signed him. My final safe assumption for the evening is that the club & Woodgate must be pretty keen on this guy and don't want to risk not getting him, so I'm guessing it's a transfer for the first team rather than spunking the money on a substitute. If we are to mount a play off push in the second half of the season, and Pears goes pear-shaped, we'd be stuck with Meijas in goal
  8. I'm sure it's not as simple as just a million quid transferred from our bank to theirs. It'll be performance related, if we get promoted etc
  9. lol, but also, he wasn't that bad tbh
  10. some more proper old school Championship Manager era players - Ibrahima Bakayoko and Cherno Samba were both absolute stone cold stunners, and yet complete *** in real life
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