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  1. We looked abysmal. People got excited cos we scored 4 is all. The first home game last season was the worst I've ever seen a team play, they genuinely looked like they didn't know what they were doing.
  2. am I right in thining we can sign Ben Gibson and pay him next to nothing in wages, but that 'uncle steve' can sort him out privately ouside the official club finances? just thinking in terms of getting round FFP
  3. I'd have happily taken another year of Pulis instead of Woodgate tbh.
  4. I hope they change the badge soon tbh, the circular 1986 one is an absolute classic, the 'shield' design looks weak as chuff imo. As far as kits go, Hummel seem to be largley on point with the home kits, I'd also like to see something a bit more left-field for the away kit
  5. is the early-bird thing still extended?
  6. Is there some kinda magic trick to get the video stream to work? I’ve got the app, logged in, redeemed the season card code.. and all I get is an audio option...
  7. surely Woodgate ain't coming back as manager any time soon
  8. has this changed or is it still extended? I might just sign up out of fear of missing it
  9. Coulson looked really good in the last few games when he was playing left wing IMO and it felt like his natural position to me, although he didn't really look bad at LB either tbf.. I can see Friend staying on but only on greatly reduced terms (I'm assuming he'll be on about £20k a week at the mo, from the Prem days). Wasn't the plan was to play him more as a CB this/last season? he hasn't really got a chance to show us what he's capable of there, and pace shouldn't be an issue if he's good. On paper Johnson should be fairly easy to replace, but like people have said - he has his moments & he's definitely not the worst player on the pitch.. so I wouldn't see a problem with them keeping him if we could agree a suitable deal. He's versatile & definitely not the worst player on the pitch when he plays.
  10. hope I haven't missed the deadline.. when's the date for the early renewal? I've completely forgotten about it!
  11. I didn't say I was blindly positive
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