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  1. Copied and pasted this from the article: Karanka, who had a summer bid for Rhodes turned down, said: “When we tried in August and at the end we couldn’t bring him here, we started to work with the new players. “At the beginning of January he wasn’t on the list as I didn’t want to spend that amount of money when I needed different positions – a midfielder, a defender, and when Diego (Fabbrini) left I needed a number 10. For that reason he wasn’t on the list but at the end, when every player I had asked for arrived, we tried again and we were right. “I don’t always want to speak a
  2. yeah the badge is abysmal.
  3. I hate it. Also, the club badge looks so bad now, they need a redesign, or to just go back to any of the previous version. Also, they way people bleat on about gambling ads... who really gives a ***? just get as much money in as possible. people will gamble irrespective of where we have 32Red on our shirts.
  4. what are his strengths? genuinely asking In my eyes he can't really hold the ball up, isn't great in the air, not particularly fast, not very skilful/technical
  5. I dunno if anyone else has trouble, or if I'm just a simpleton, but pretty much every game I have to spend about 30 mins resetting my password or relinking my season ticket to my account, or performing ceremonial rain dances to get the stream to play. Not sure what I'm expecting people to say here, but it does my tits in. Anyway, peace out ✌️
  6. even if it's not true, the fact we can all very easily believe it just show what a joke we are when it comes to transfers
  7. another CM?! I'm glad Browne is staying, but only in the sense we have about 2 attacking midfielders at the club, so it makes sense to keep him around.
  8. I like Pears cos he's #OneOfOurOwn but he's nothing special tbh.. easily replaceable.. £200,000 ain't much but if it's the difference between us bringing in a decent loan and not, then sell the bugger.
  9. We looked abysmal. People got excited cos we scored 4 is all. The first home game last season was the worst I've ever seen a team play, they genuinely looked like they didn't know what they were doing.
  10. am I right in thining we can sign Ben Gibson and pay him next to nothing in wages, but that 'uncle steve' can sort him out privately ouside the official club finances? just thinking in terms of getting round FFP
  11. I'd have happily taken another year of Pulis instead of Woodgate tbh.
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