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  1. the Chicken is happy to beat 'treknut' if it's not too late to arrange the friendly...? I assume that we're still working to the 11am on Saturday morning deadline yeah? ...Chicken shall try his upmost to wake up in time.
  2. the Chicken shall continue to dominate all those who cross his path. (...erm, so count me in)
  3. dunno if this is still relevant or not, but i'm in favour of keeping it exactly as it is now... with the little build up for each game - "me like it" also, if i'm gonna have to predict on oneboro, is there any way i can get my back?
  4. lol, this feels like the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 meeting up with The Others...
  5. Mowbray strikes me as a pretty intelligent guy, I'm pretty sure he'll have analysed the mistakes he's made in his relatively short managerial career so far and will no doubt be looking to not make the same mistakes again. ...that's what I'd like to think anyway.
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