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  1. Wigan 10 men..... I wonder if this will make ANY difference to the scoreline.........!
  2. who in your opinion has been any influence in their position tonight?
  3. I think they were saying this is the first start Ravel's had since April 2017.. I think it's safe to say he's gonna need a game or two to fully get up to speed. He's been fine so far.
  4. I know he's started getting a few goals, but Fletcher is such a bad footballer
  5. maybe not in a 4 no. I don't think he's rock solid yet tbh.
  6. ultimately he wants to play 4-3-3 so I guess he's trying to go back to that. If we keep playing 3 CB's then we're never gonna actually adapt to 433 and the best we're really gonna achieve this seaosn is mid table... so might aswell suck it up a bit I think
  7. I think you're offering a cop-out excuse to Assomblonga tbh
  8. Ravel seems neat and tidy enough though, I don't recall him giving the ball away yet - more than can be said for McNair or Wing
  9. ? he looks fine to me so far. There are some FAR worse performances out there.
  10. yeah, Howson has been ok too. Makoudi looks composed on the ball at the back
  11. Wing has been terrible so far. McNair not much better. Fletcher's touch looks dodgy. Assman non-existant Ravel Morrison looks ok..
  12. I wonder if this new GK is gonna end up just being another Jason Leuwiler or whatever he was called.. Unless Pears drops and absolute clanger, I can't see getting a game. If he was signed to be #1 you'd think they'd have stuck him straight in
  13. how do you watch midweek games again? are they streamed on Sky Go?
  14. what's going on with the tannoy announcer people? the new guy was better than the last guy (not that that was hard), but has Page been sacked? I wish they'd turn the volume of them down a bit though. it's SO LOUD
  15. hey listen, sometimes truth hurts , don't shoot the messenger 🤷‍♂️
  16. the Ravel Morrison deal is clearly just a last minute thing to cover for Roberts being injured and poses no real long term threat to anything... He's clearly got something that all these clubs view as worth taking a punt on, so he definitely has the potential to offer us something extra. And if not then we can all sit there and feel content with ourselves for predicting the obvious doom & gloom scenario.. Anyway, anyone majorly criticising the club on this is a stupid idiot in my mind.
  17. anyone who doesn't think the Gibson deal is a good one is a fool IMO. he cares about the club for one which is invaluable for a club like us tbh + the fact he's directly related to the chairman is gonna make things easy to sort out once we get the deal sorted with Burnley. He was fantastic for us back in the day. Is still only 27, so plenty of miles left on the clock
  18. you'd better write all this in a letter to the club, they probably haven't realised
  19. once and never again hopefully! the man had the personality of damp cardboard
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