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  1. I'd still love for Woodgate to come good, but there are literally no signs of improvement..
  2. Karanka wasn't all that. He did well in the championship, but even then we only just scraped up and it certainly wasn't because we were playing lavish football. He also benefitted massively from Victor Orta & us generally being pretty consistent in the transfer market. Then he completely bottled it in the Prem, after almost bottling it in the Championship.. it makes me question people's sanity when they're calling for us to get him back. He'd probably do better than Woodgate yeah, but it'd be straight back to playing the functional football that everyone supposedly hated under Pulis.. bit
  3. just gotta hope we get an equaliser with no time left for them to score a third
  4. kinda nitpicky, it would be better if you stuck with tradition and had 'Birmingham City vs Boro' in title rather than 'Boro vs Birmingham City (away)' ...no need to reinvent the wheel. Had me thinking it was another home game there for a split second. ?‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️
  5. tbh.. we are usually worse off by appointing 'established' managers.. I'd say the only 'recent' exception would be Venables' brief run, but even that was a bit of a strange/unique setup with Roboo tbh. Your argument is fundamentally flawed, given that the list pretty much covers the managers who've provided best years of our time at the Riverside. Obviously Southgate didn't pull up any trees, but I also think his first 2 seasons don't get the credit they deserve - yeah we only finished mid table, but I seem to remember he was going through the first 'cost-cutting' period since the Ri
  6. I'm expecting nothing more than a solid mid-table this season tbh, hopefully by the end of the second half of the season we'll start to see the team consistently performing how Woodgate wants. Build towards a serious promotion challenge next season. As has been said, turning around several seasons of defensive footballing managers on a shoestring budget isn't gonna happen overnight.
  7. I'm pretty sure this has been the case with every Boro side I've watched since 1995 tbh!
  8. I hope he drops Clayton and plays Wing, McNair, Howson in midfield tbh. Dijk at RB
  9. I thought this too. I've seen Assman take 2 pens for us in his time and gashed them both
  10. probably only 1 first choice defender playing in Ayala.. so hopefully things will tighten up once Fry is back and we buy an RB
  11. hopefully they'll sort it out at half time, but so far we look out of our depth against Luton Town..
  12. maybe Woodgate meant hoofing the ball up the pitch when he said attacking football..
  13. I'd be #10 in honour of the Chinese year of the Rooster
  14. ye mon, plus aren't the Germans about to start their actual season this week too? so they'll have been in much better physical condition.. also didn't we basically fall apart once all the subs had been made? ...pre season means nothing - I'm pretty sure the season we went down under Southgate, we had a barnstorming preseason and he even won the first month's manager of the month.. so pre/early season form isn't a great indication for success. Turning the team around from multiple years of defensive mindedness into a more attacking style is gonna take time, probably more than 3/4's of a su
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