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  1. Sorry Linjo. Did not see your post and I basically just repeated what you said regarding Mikel. Lol. Don't want you to accuse me of plagiarism.
  2. I am also convinced with a full pre season under his belt Mikel would be a class act in this division. He looked immense at start and then tailored off but i feel that also had something to with fact he had played zero football for the 3 months prior to joining us and then was asked to play 3 times a week and that eventually caught up with him. Albeit i accept he wont come back and probably does not want to if he can get a deal at a higher level.
  3. Re Braithwaite. I geniunley dont think he wants to be here. I think he came initially with the confidence we will go back up and he can play in PL in his 2nd season He seems to be hiding behind fact he did not get on TP or his tactics. But bottom line is he was playing regularly and performing under TP at 31st Aug when his head was turned. Now if someone who really wants to be here and is playing regularly and performing (even under a manager whose tactics they dont overly agree with) then your head would not be turned to extent Braithwaites was. For me we need to stop hoping Braithwaite will settle in this team. He imo does not want to be part of a championship team, regardless of who manager is.
  4. Totally understand reason for this thread as its a good discussion to have and I hope you dont think am being flippant or dismissive about the topic because i am not. However, I genuinely don't care to waste any more time even thinking about his reign never mind discussing it. That is how bad it was for me. I would rather just put my efforts towards erasing his time here from my memory than analyisng it.
  5. On a side note, Jokanovic has been appointed as the new coach of Qatar super league side Al-Gharafa. Apologies if i have spelt their name wrong. Think the rumours about his high wage demands might have been true. Think WBA, us and Forest all showed an interest if media are to be believed but all 3 clubs could not meet his personal demands. He was my 1st choice but dont think he was ever a realistic option for us. No criticism of the club for not getting him from me mind
  6. I am inclined to say it will still be 4.3.3. But with intention of the full backs being more attacking than under TP
  7. Mendieta420. That was point i was making but clearly not very well so thank you for stepping in to clarify for me.
  8. One thing I will be interested to see is how many players Woodie wants within his squad. Karanka was very big on having 2 players for each position. Pulis wanted a smaller squad of i think he said 17 outfield players. I think in this league u really do need 2 players in each position so hope woodie follows Karanka method as far as squad size is concerned. Karanka would not have allowed himself to be in a position TP found himself time and again last season where at times 1/3rd of the starting 11 was out of position.
  9. Yeah that is very true but unlike Derby i think we have a good spine to our team which is made up of our permanent players. Its a case of supplementing that spine and not making the loan players the spine which is what Derby ended up very close to doing.
  10. Thank you for update mate. I really think we need to make better use of the loan market to strengthen areas we cant internally. Hope JW and RK links bear fruit. Under TP the use of the loan market on the whole was horrific. Karanka on the other hand used the loan market very effectively during his championship tenure. Derby are a good example from last season of how effective use of loan market can assist. Tomori, Mount and Wilson were cracking loan signings.
  11. Having had time to reflect on what was a very busy yesterday I like many others feel a bit more positive. I, have openly been opposed to the appointment to JW and said so many times on here but now he is here I am not going to keep going on as to why I feel he is not the man for the job. I fully understand why those posters (sorry i cannot name check you all) who were pessimistic about the appointment are now looking at the future optimistically. I also fully respect those who say they are still to be convinced despite yesterday’s events (again sorry i do not have the time to name check you all). What I would ask these people is to give the club a chance. It is easier to say things like people are easily pleased or that the club PR machine is working wonders but we cannot criticise the club for being disconnected from fans, not being transparent and open with the fans etc etc but when they attempt to be things we criticise them for us to dismiss it as a PR stunt. I applaud the club hierarchy for coming out in force yesterday. One of my biggest gripes has been the lack of communication from our Chairman, last few seasons all we got is these small 3 or 4 sentence sound bites via the club website. He was not even present for the presentation of the last two permanent managers in Monk and Pulis. It was very welcome to hear from him and the others about the clubs plans at length. At least I as a fan now know what the club is trying to do. I think the time for criticism and pessimism needs to take a back seat and us fans need to unite in giving the club a chance to deliver on the aims and objectives it outlined yesterday. And if the club fails to deliver on these then absolutely it delivers criticism but I think the club should be afforded the patience and opportunity from fans. The above post of mine was not meant to be a rallying cry but it seems to have turned in to one. Therefore I feel every rallying cry in life (not just football) should end with the following.....#UTFB
  12. We are not actually that heavy in CM now Mikel and Besic left. It seems we are going to be playing 4.3.3 and the central midfielders currently are Wing McNair Saville Howson and Clayton. So that's 5 for 3 positions.
  13. I would assume the £15m would include the £5-7m sale of Braithwaite hopefully. The other unwanted players imo are likely to be Rudy and Marvin Johnson but i cant imagine us getting much for either two. Rest of Squad i think has a future under Woodie unless a big bid comes in.
  14. 1.) McQueen and Knudsen are both left backs so all it it would solve is the left back position. 2. Sorry to be one who kills any hope but If you think we can afford a player's of Neves ability then u are going to be very disappointed. 3. West Brom could not afford Gayle and they got much more cash than we have at this moment. In conclusion i would lower your expectations or you could find yourself very disappointed come Aug 9th. haha.
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