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  1. Thank you to all those that spotted by Bola at LWB twice error in the earlier post. Struggling to get the guy on the pitch at all and yet I have him in two teams.
  2. Wilder in his presser said he wants to work with 23/24 players with 3 GKs. This suggests he wants 2 players for each of the 10 outfield positions. I dont think we had proper cover in each position with the right balance since Karanka promotion season when the balance and back up were both very good. However, i think we are well on the way to having it under Wilder too. Lumley Dijk Fry Paddy Jones Crooks Howson Tav Bola Sporar Balogun BACK UP Daniels Hall Bamba Wood Peltier Payero Boyd-Munce McGree Taylor Watmore Connolly Brynn and Coburn
  3. Warnock signed off the Hall deal even if the ground work had been done before. If Warnock had said no I dont want him he would not be here. He is a Warnock signing. Credit to Warnock for Crooks and Watmore as they been excellent. And for turning Paddy in to a CB. Fisher at 300k I take no issue with as he will be a able deputy next season. Bamba and Peltier also been good signings. The big mistake for Warnock for me are. 1. Never addressing the GK situation properly despite having several attempts. And 2. The signing of Chuba and then disregarding him. but all in all. Warnock des
  4. No boyd-munce there which suggests he has travelled with the first team to Blackburn
  5. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/chris-wilder-middlesbrough-transfer-update-22844682
  6. I was bored so did a bit of research. It appears the average needed for 2nd spot is 86pts. Therefore we need 44 points from our remaining 20 games (60pts) to play for. That is a tall order regardless of how you do the maths. We would need to win around min of 13 of our last 20 games to be in with a shout imo. And even then we need some draws and very few losses. 15 wins, no draws and 5 losses. 45pts 14 wins. 2 draws and 4 losses. 44pts 13 wins, 5 draws and 2 losses. 44pts 12 wins, 8 draws and 0 losses. 44pts. As for a 6th spot finish. 75pts should do it. We
  7. I would be content with a draw v Blackburn. They are no mugs in they current form. A draw at Ewood and a win at home next week v Coventry will be a good week
  8. Is Lewis Wing injured because I note he not even making Sheff Wed match day squads of late?
  9. I must have been alone in wanting a Derby win today? I don’t care about Derby one bit but Forest are clear rivals of ours in the league so the more points they drop the better.
  10. Saw the training video club released yesterday and noticed there was no Marcus Browne in there which no real surprise. But also did not spot Uche so maybe his exit from club is at an advanced stage as well. Grant Hall rather surprisingly remains at club but can see someone coming in for him on final day in a loan deal.
  11. If we are all being honest then Marcus Browne (who btw seems a really nice lad) is not good enough for us if we want to aim for promotion. I agree his best chance of a game in a wilder system is as a no.8 but he is not getting in ahead of Crooks and Tav who currently have the 2 spots. Then you currently have Payero and McGree and lets be honest he wont be getting ahead of them on the bench either. And even assuming them 4 are injured I would bet Wilder turns to Boyd-Munce and Paddy before he does to Browne. That effectively makes him 7th choice for the attacking central midfield position
  12. Is Wilders press conference today please or over weekend given we play Monday night?
  13. Regarding McGree. Anyone know when we need to release him by. Could he be in squad for blackburn and then leave?
  14. I can only imagine you not watched Tomiyasu much this season. Probably been one of the signings of this summer. He is twice the RB Spence will ever be imo Arteta confirmed tonights game was his first for weeks and without any training but they were desperate as had no RBs
  15. Apologies if this has been posted: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/60075035
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