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  1. Wonder if we will be in for a CB given Grant Halls on-going injury issues. How is Charlie Goode getting on at Brentford? He not in squad tonight and does not appear to have an injury. He effectively 4th choice i think. I see Ayala has missed more games than he has played for Blackburn as well
  2. @Denzel Zanzibar. Warnock said last night he hopes Morsy can make the bench. Will also provide update on Hall tomorrow who suffered a set back. @Neverbefore. I agree that i think spence and marv will come in for Watmore and Roberts. I not seen anything of Huddersfield this season but remember when we played brentford and when they mamager was asked about our style he said its very unique as only one other team in league play like us and that is Huddersfield. I cant comment as not seen Huddersfield this seson but is he correct?
  3. TLF10

    'Other Boro stuff'

    I was looking at championship table after 13 games last season to see if it tells us anything in terms of is it taking shape for what might be at end of season. Leeds and WBA were top 2 and that remained unchanged. However, none of the 4 teams that occupied the play off spots after 13 games ended up in play offs. Brentford and Cardiff were not even in top 10 at same stage.
  4. I agree with you mate. I think Roberts needs a rub of games. This idea of throwing him in here and there is unfair on him and neither will it see him produce his best. He might produce some mediocre performances to start with but give him a run of games and then see what he can do. If he fails to produce over a run of a half dozen games then by all means pass judgment For what it is worth i would be looking to get someone in on left who can cut in. A roberts equivalent almost. Bolasie would have been a good fit.
  5. Just going back to Britt. Is there anywhere where it says he signed a 4yr deal? I just googled us signing him and there no mention of the length of contract in any of articles i can find?
  6. Agree regarding Britt. It seems clear Warnock will be targeting wide players given his comments over last few weeks about not creating enough and playing full backs in wide attacking positions. Bolasie is the obvious name along with likes of Grosicki. Interesting to see if links with Holliett emerge again given he in to last 6 mths of his deal.
  7. I would go for similar minus 2 changes Bettinelli Dijksteel Fry Paddy Bola Morsy Howson Sav Roberts Britt Tav I will be positive and go for a 2 nil win. Britt x2. My positivity is based on hope not confidence.
  8. I think we are fine as long as we dont get any injuries but injuries will begin to kick in so then the strength of squad might be telling.
  9. Anyone got a link to Warnocks talksport interview from this morning please? If you take out Brynn and Folarin we only got 21 players to choose from currently. We are allowed a squad of 20 for matchday now. Currently I see young Nathan Wood as one missing out given Hall is back.
  10. GK Trent Gomez Maguire Chillwell Henderson Foden Sancho Sterling Rashford Kane Or GK Trent Gomez Maguire Chillwell Mount Henderson Foden Sancho Kane Sterling
  11. TLF10

    'Other Boro stuff'

    Paddy starts for Northern Ireland for 3rd time in 6 days but this timr in a game that means f**k all for Northern Ireland tonight. Absolutely f**king ridiculous decision to start him and no wonder some clubs fume at International managers.
  12. Does that mean we will be allowed 9 players on the bench now instead of 7?
  13. Club said it is a deal until mid January so i think that means his deal will take him up to game at Wycombe away on 2nd Jan. Our next league game after that is 16th Jan at home to Birmingham. So I imagine his contract will expire between them two games. I assume there an FA Cup weekend commencing weekend of 9th Jan. We have an extra body for a run of 12 games in 43 days so his arrival coupled with Grant Halls return is very welcome.
  14. TLF10

    'Other Boro stuff'

    Paddy looks like he going to complete another 90mins for Northern Ireland tonight. Hope he gets a complete rest on Wednesday. I am very worried he will get injured soon. He not had a rest at all for 2 months. Playing 90min games every 3/4 days non stop. Think he must have played 16 odd full games in 60 days
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