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  1. I hope Paddy does get moved in to midfield alongside Howson and Tav. I also feel he is better there and them 3 together give us a good balance. Morsy is challenging Howson for the DM role though which is good.
  2. I respect your opinion on how you feel our shortcomings can be addressed. And i agree with you. However, i feel we are all now wasting our time to say we need x y and z given what Warnock has said.
  3. If i tell you this now I am hoping the disappointed will be less for you when it does not happen. We are NOT signing a winger this transfer window. And you will be lucky if we get a no.10 either. Btw i am not itk. I am just repeating what our manager has said several tines in terms of what positions he targeting.
  4. Tbf am not asking a lot from them 3 forwards. Am asking britt to add 4 goals to his tally in what i hope will be a season where he plays more. I reduced fletchers tally as i think he and Akpom are the two who will rotate more to partner britt
  5. I did not know Akpom was part of Hull team tham went up year we went up. He was also part of Brighton team that went up year after. He has 2 promotions from this league under his belt along with Europa league and champions league experience. For a lad who is 24yrs old he certainly has some experience under his belt. If he scores 10 league goals I will be happy. As long as his 10 is matched by Britt 15 and Fletcher 10 too.
  6. There is a poster on here whose username escapes me but every Saturday for several weekends running during this summer he would come on and say "lets hope for a weekend signing". To the said poster. Akpom one is for you my friend. Enjoy it.
  7. Is walker injured? He was not involved in midweek at all?
  8. You could have said same about Sheff Utd when they got promoted. In fact you could have also said same about Sheff Utd team who finished 8th in PL last season.
  9. Thanks @Lurker. I agree. I also feel its a waste of time mentioning wingers on here or discussing the pros and cons of having them as both topics been done to death imo. Its clear he wants 2 strikers and a centre back from the so called "3 signings" he thinks we need. There might be a wildcard 4th addiction but i dont expect it to be winger
  10. TLF10

    'Other Boro stuff'

    Daily Mail are saying we have returned 3 positive tests. Warnock and now one of his backroom staff and a player. Anyone seen this?
  11. Ah good. Excitement goes on beyond 5th Oct. Cant wait until 6th Oct when the free agents list is released. A late swoop for Ryan Shotton and Rudy Gestede in November?
  12. Haha. Most days Middlesbrough but about 5pm most Saturdays I do have a major meltdown and make a final declaration to not waste another minute on them for rest of my life. I then usually backtrack on that statement by about 8pm.
  13. @TAPOUT i dont think him saying he would sell any of our players is a sign of whether he rates them or not. He is simply being honest (and accurate imo) when he says that. Literally every player at every championship club is up for sale at the right price. We are no different and to say otherwise would be feeding the fans bullsh*t.
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