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  1. Only 2 changes I would look to make are Bola for Peltier if fit and Payero for Siliki if Siliki strain means he cant do another full game. Set up 4.3.3 / Lumley Dijk Hall Fry Bola Howson Tav Crooks Payero Onel Sporar
  2. NW confirms Silikinhad a strain so could be doubtful but in same sentence added Payero should be fit for Sat. Hoping he starts if two games in 3 days is too much for Siliki Credit to Peltier. Not easy playing out of position but stuck to his task. Obv if Bola fit for Saturday great as gives us correct balance. Would not bring Paddy back in as thought the two centre halves were good. Albeit I suspect Siliki will be rested Sat and Paddy comes in for him. I would rather Payero started for Siliki and gave Paddy few extra days
  3. Both chances seem very weclome by their fans. Samba omission seems to be well celebrated by their fans. Bought in Hovarth who is a USA goalkeeper. Watch him go have a MOTM performance now
  4. I think it will be similar but would jot be surprised to see Crooks up top and Sporar playing just off him in a given Warnock comments that Sporar is not a lone striker but more a watmore type
  5. Huddersfield this seasons surprise package now Bielsa ex assistant had a season to settle? John Swift. 7 goals already this season. We will probs bid £10m for him in summer to replace Saville
  6. Bournemouth have a very good squad and a good manager to go with it.
  7. Sheff Utd look liken they recovering from they poor start. Just in time to play us in a fortnight.
  8. He give any updates on our left back search? Cant find anything about it?
  9. I can see Peltier at left back if Bola does not make it if NW does want to play a back 4. Warnock said Peltier comfortable at left back in a back 4 but would not stick him there in a back 5 as he struggles to get past half way line. Can see following if he wants a back 4 and Paddy n Bola remain out Lumley Dijk Fry Hal Peltier Howson Siliki Tav Crooks Onel Uche Young Jones given a rest.
  10. I think NW being cute here and Paddy n Bola will start. Payero on bench.
  11. Anyone know what time NW presser us today please? Thank you
  12. Not disagreeing with you regarding the back 4 v back 3 formation as i want us to go to back 4 as well for now BUT i would add that without Bola we dont have players to play a back 4. We need to sign this new left back urgently imo
  13. We really need to win this game to kick start our season. I would go (if Bola is fit) for this one as follows Lumley Dijk Fry Paddy Bola Howson Siliki Tav Crooks Onel Uche
  14. I was all over Arteta when Pulis left and still think he would be a good fit. He not been a total disaster at Arsenal and done some good things. He could be a Brendan Rodgers who got sacked by Watford and Reading i think before doing well at other clubs. He would not even consider us unless we were PL mind.
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