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  1. TLF10

    Boro V QPR

    I know it wont feel like it right now but we will survive. I promise.
  2. TLF10

    Boro V QPR

    Could it be as per Stoke? Stoj Howson Moukoudi Fry Friend Sav Roberts Ravel Johnson Fletch Britt
  3. I am not surprised. As poster above said. He has them in play offs all season and then each season there is a collapse. Plus he been backed so least they should expect is one go at play offs. Rather they had sacked him after playing us mind. We will now need to prepare for somewhat of the unexpected.
  4. Apologies for running the risk of sounding thick here but I am confused as to why people on one hand are saying Wigans predicament is due to EFL failings (which I get btw given EFL approved the takeover a month ago) but then at the time saying it seems certain Wigan will be deducted points? If there is a acceptance this is not Wigans fault then why is it certain they will be deducted points?
  5. Warnock highlighted them two as the real dangers in his presser today. Was asled about Hugill and said he done well and quickly moved on to Eze n Samuel. Said they will cause us more problems than Hull did going forward so we need to be on it.
  6. Very true. However, us doing our part seems to be most difficult part this season
  7. One of the games between Stoke v Barnsley or Luton v Reading has a 2nd half comeback from 3 nil down written all over it.
  8. @diggerlad07. What is your issue with @Smoggydownsouth and where he gets his info from?
  9. Happy for that to be a draw. However I stopped looking at who our rivals have got as the results lately been soo mad so all I end up doing is getting my hopes up. End up thinking X team will beat a rival team and we will get a result in our game. What ends up happening?! Rival team gets a result v X team and we f*ck up in our game
  10. I hope todays result proves a positive in weeks to come. I felt after stoke few different sections of those connected with club began to get carried away and thought safety was a formality. I certainly felt some of us fans did (myself included) as I was starting to even think lets become mathematically safe before Cardiff game so we can enjoy last 2 games with a peace of mind. There were also sections of media that thought safety was a formality with Warnock in charge. I cannot speak for the players as to what they thoughts are but if they thought "oh warnock is here, we simply need to turn up and give 6 out of 10 and we be fine" then hopefully this result will have woken them up to the reality of situation like it has the rest of us. I am still confident we can get the 8/9pts from the 6 remaining games we need but ultimately everyone connected with the club needs to realise we will need to work our absolute bo**ocks to get them 8/9 pts and stop thinking its a given.
  11. I like this team @diggerlad07. It has everything we currently need. It is solid enough but equally it is attacking enough. It has everyone playing in a position they are best suited too. Ultimately, it is not too far of team Warnock has selected last 2 games but he simply needs to bring in Moukoudi and Coulson for Friend and Marvin Johnson.
  12. No i am equally nerveous. My friends seem to think its 3pts in the bag and i hope they are not in for a rude awakening this evening as I sense a difficult game where a win is not a certainity.
  13. You make it sound so easy. I hope it is as easy as this.
  14. Just been listening to Warnock on bbc radio tees. He said his first aim is to get 50pts, therefore 6 more pts. He knows league better than me but i think we need 9 more pts to be safe this year given form of the bottom sides.
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