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  1. Agree with what others said on Ayling - I don't think wages will be an issue. What I imagine will be an issue is the length of contract he looking for and what we are willing to offer. He is 33 in August and I imagine he will want at least a 2yr deal to take him to 35. Whereas I imagine we will want to offer him a 1yr deal. Albeit, I think we as a club are in a comfortable position with Ayling. If he stays, I imagine our fans will be content as opposed to ecstatic with Ayling and Smith as our two RB options. If he does get a better contract offer elsewhere then I imagine our fans wont be
  2. I would be surprised if they not already packed tbh mate.
  3. Forgot Ayling is actually here on loan from Leeds as opposed to a short term deal until end of season. That will mean he ineligible too. I think Paddy should be back for that game so can see us going to a 3 at the back with Jones as wing back.
  4. Yeah i do recall you constantly saying each week he should be starting when he was here and you were totally staggered as to why he wasn't, Mr Hindsight
  5. Difference is Ayling and O'Brien are producing decent performances and there a chance we could explore permanent deals for them if price is right. I don't see the above being the case with Greenwood or Thomas. Not really produced and don't see us making a move for either
  6. Haha he has not even turned 32 yet mate.
  7. I think he will start but it thats the logic by MC then its stupid because that would only make sense if we had two games close together. There is 9 days between tomorrow and Leeds.
  8. Replace Greenwood with Silveria/Gilbert please. My only request.
  9. Should have added Plymouth is too far and like Rotherham, our record v them this season is embarrassing, 2 points from 12 v them two so both of them can go. Stoke are another team who become a real pain in the a*se for us to play against in recent times. Dont think we won many v them home or away so they can go. I don't mind both Huddersfield and Sheff Wed. Good away days and our record v both in recent times is decent.
  10. Promotion to PL: I want Leicester, Leeds and Saints to go up. I do get the fairy tale around Ipswich but if any of the 3 relegated teams don't go up, i fully expect them to be even stronger next season but think Ipswich will struggle to replicate this seasons form. Relegated from PL. Hopefully the 3 that went up Relegated from Championship: Rotherham, and hopefully Plymouth and Stoke. Promoted from L1: Portsmouth, Derby and Bolton.
  11. He still has 2 years left on his deal at Huddersfield. That does not mean he cant join but seems premature that someone can say he is definitely joining in summer when a fee and all that Jazz needs agreeing with Huddersfield.
  12. I saw him at Plymouth only and he is very athletic. Good going forward with pace. A modern day full back. He would compliment Smith well who is a more defensive minded RB. I tried to send a youtube link on here for you mate of him but wont load. Sorry
  13. Would be very happy with Kesler Hayden. We have good links with Villa so be buzzing if that one comes off.
  14. How would people feel if we had Ayling and Smith for next season? I have always been against it as rather it was one of them plus a young more attacking RB given Smith is 32 next week and Ayling 33 in August. However, I am now thinking would it be the worst case having them two as our RB for next season if there no stand out young RB club are able to pursue in summer. Both are competent and rarely give you less than a 7/10 and if one is out, then you don't lose any experience or know how as other can step in and pretty carry out the same job.
  15. Agreed there mate. I went with Dieng as its pretty nailed on VDB will get younger POTY so this way both their efforts are recognised
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