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  1. Sorry if this has been posted but any on here think Karanka might join Jose at spurs as his assistant? AK hardly flooded with work it seems so might see it as a good opportunity.
  2. Moses i feel can still get a lower end PL team in for him. I see billy sharp is reportedly surplus to requirements at Sheff Utd. Would not mid him at all on a loan until end of season. Also what has happened to Sam Vokes at Stoke? Always rather impressed with him at Burnley, especially his ability to hold it up. He could be another worth a look at on a short term loan if stoke do not fancy him in the short term.
  3. Cardiff appoint ex Miillwall boss Neil Harris as their new manager.
  4. Sorry @Erimus74. Did not see your post. I dont think any are out of contract in jan but following 6 are out of contract come the summer. Shotton, Ayala, Friend, Howson Johnson, Rudy. Suggestion is Clayton could be 7th one also out of contract but we might have an option to extend his. That option lies with us and not Clayton apparently.
  5. Totally agree @wilsoncgp. I am also at a loss to explain reason why but i am also not too bothered why other clubs are not going for him because given his stats for last few season and fact he has 6 months left on his contract means the financial risk attached with him could not be lower. He already has 9 goals and 6 assists from midfield this season meaning he almost averaging a goal/assist every game. And as @DanFromDownSouth said. He is exactly the type of player our team currently lacks imo.
  6. As far as Ivan Toney is concerned Peterborough public valuation should hold little weight with people. With lower league clubs saying what you will take for a player and what you actually take is usually miles apart. Sitting there hypothetically saying we will only take £13m and then being sat there in front of say a £6m offer knowing what you could do with that sort of money is two different two things. In any event if there a Peterborough player I want then its Maddison and not Toney as i feel the former could make an instant impact. Not to mention Maddison is into last 6 months of contract. As far as Toney is concerned I feel a much cheaper option to challenge Britt is out there. We were linked with Jonson Clarke Harris earlier in season and I feel he would be worth a punt from Bristol Rovers. He has 7 goals this season but think he missed the last 6 or 7 league games through injury but returned on weekend. Knowing January a difficult time to do business, If we get a striker and 1 wide player in January (along with Ayala signing a new deal) I would be content). The other 5 players out of contract. Rudy and Shotton can go. Marv has done ok this season but again wont be a huge loss if he goes in summer. Would like Howson and Friend to stay. I think the latter will and hopefully former will but if he dont it wont be end of the world for me. Ayala staying is vital though imo.
  7. TLF10

    'Other Boro stuff'

    If I was to predict with my head and not heart I would say we will get 9pts and 9pts is minimum I wouls want. How they come I don't care but my prediction is as follows: Hull: Draw Barnsley: Win Leeds: Lose Charlton: Win Forest: Lose Swansea: Draw (see a similar game to QPR) Stoke: Draw
  8. TLF10

    'Other Boro stuff'

    Next batch of games that takes us to Christmas. What is everyone's prediction / views on an acceptable points return from the following 7 games: Hull (H) Barneley (H) Leeds (A) Charlton (H) Forest (A) Swansea (A) Stoke (H) I would take 10pts. 3 wins and a draw. Yesterday was encouraging but its now 9 games without a win and we really need to start winning.
  9. Would everyone agree that the starting 11 for us yesterday was about as strong as it currently gets for us? Players missing were shotton, Sav, Browne and Rudy but dont think any of them 4 would make starting 11 when everyone fit.
  10. Gazette saying Browne could be back after international break so hopefully he on bench v Hull. Article also states Shotton out until December. That leaves Rudy (also December) and Sav (back for Leeds at end of Nov) as other senior players out.
  11. Personally i would not even have small Lolz never mind mega lolz if Randolph got injured.
  12. There a picture on social media of ex Millwall GK Jordan Archer training with us. Suggestion he might be on trial. I assumed Randolph would be fit after international break so not sure why he need a 4th keeper given there no suggestion Pears injury is long term as he 50/50 for today. Maybe Randolph injury more long term...
  13. TLF10

    Steve Gibson

    Totally agree @diggerlad07. I not been on this forum for long but one of my first posts was to say i was happy to see see TP go but not at the expense of JW because i know the task was too big for him. No fan can truly say this current predicament we find ourselves in is more enjoyable than competing at the right end of the table Yes football under TP was tedious but there was still an element satisfaction in winning on a weekend and competing to get to PL. What current satisfaction in any form are we getting? Absolute none.
  14. I think JW has said he will be sticking with the wing back system until Jan at least @mj south. So while the vast majority of players u listed are likely to play (Wing will probs come in for Coulson from your line up) i see us lining up as follows. Pears/Meijas Paddy Ayala Fry Clayton Dijksteel Howson Wing Johnson Tav Britt Possible surprise could be Ste Walker starting behind Britt but probs will be Tav. 3pts today really would make my week. UTB
  15. TLF10

    'Other Boro stuff'

    Lol no worries pal. As @Blanco said i was referring to McNair. From the top of my head I can't think of any other Paddy in either the current Northern Ireland or ROI set up bar our own Paddy.
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