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  1. Haha. Everyone bar you has spelt Darlow name right it seems. Its Karl not Carl.
  2. Yeah I think Wilder has hinted the long term plan is to make Paddy the RCB. I know people prefer Dijksteel but I feel he will prefer Paddy there with Dijksteel challenging. Fry and Lenihan for the central position and then a LCB coming in. That I feel will be our 5 CBs for this season with Bola and Smith stepping in if needed.
  3. Sorry i meant that will be back 3 for WBA game only in my view given Paddy misses that game due to being sent off v Preston on last day.
  4. Unless we get that LCB before WBA (and hopefully barring any injuries) i would be very shocked if its not Dijksteel-Fry-Lenihan at the back v WBA
  5. The season is just under 4 weeks away. How many signings do people think we need between now and WBA? I would say 4 with 2 needing to be strikers or we start the season with Watmore and Coburn with no option on bench. If we can get Steffan, Smith and 2 strikers in and then spend the final month getting in a LCB, DM and striker I would be happy.
  6. @Youngy228 and @Blanco. The Sun, Evening Gazette and Echo all reported on the McGoldrick. All said he been over for talks.
  7. Even though Forest signed a new RB I fully expect Brentford to come in for Spence if Spurs walk away. I fully expect Spurs to sign Spence and I think its only reason Brentford not come in but if Spurs walk then Spence can either go Brentford and return to London or come back. And i am 100% he would choose the Brentford option.
  8. Write a letter addressed to her and send it to training ground? Or drop letter off in person to make sure it reaches the training ground.
  9. If only it was that easy eh. You make him sound like some junk you dispose of at a car boot sale? “Just sell him to forest or brentford”. He needs to want to go there first and all the indications are he does not. And there has been nothing to stop these clubs making a bid for him whilst we been talking with spurs? Its not like we granted Spurs exclusivity rights.
  10. https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/sport/20252076.middlesbrough-chris-wilder-discusses-possible-contract-offer-tommy-smith/ Bit on smith, spence and Fisher in here
  11. Yeah I agree mate. Think he played for Huddersfield and Stoke only and both play a wing back system like us so he more of a RWB than a RB. Plus he can I believe cover central defence. Just strikes me as a younger Lee Peltier so happy to have him.
  12. Surely our fans are not getting a semi on over a player whose played 45 mins v Bishop Auckland? I mean we as fans criticise the club for they short sighted behaviour towards signings “why do we only sign players that play well against us”.
  13. I believe McGoldrick is on holiday. Should be tied up when he comes back unless he had a change of heart. I defo heard this somewhere. Cant remember where
  14. The Gazette just called Tommy Smith a “veteran”. Guy turned 30 in April. Haha.
  15. @Lurker has also said Gayle is done I believe?
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