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  1. @diggerlad07 @nunthorpered @Smoggydownsouth @Lurker and @Raf smog and all the other ITK posters. I actually find the ITK stuff you all share on this forum very interesting. Whether we choose to believe it, as you all say, is a matter for us. However, please feel free to carry on sharing it as it gives us all a possible insight in to our club which we otherwise would not get. I accept some posters might argue with you over the stuff you ITK posters share but I feel the vast majority appreciate the info like me thus hope any negative responses you get to your posts does not put you off from posting.
  2. Sorry if this has been mentioned but did we ever find out who the attacking midfielder was that we wanted yesterday? Gazette and JW both seem to suggest it was someone specific. Was it Ryan Kent?
  3. Thank you. Well unless there a huge turnaround Shotton Johnson and Rudy will be gone in May. Savings of 200k a week in wages is approx £10m a season. Add to that our net spend was -£6m means we making savings of £16m. So that should go some way to filling the hole left by lack or parachute payments. If we are selling our assets then even more reason to tie them down to extensions with a fixed release clause fee if need be.
  4. Thank you for an informative post Diggerlad07. It is appreciated. I heard from a few fans we are skint and also that manager is only going to get half of the fees we receive. Which seems about right given we got £9m in and spent approx £3m. Can I just ask. If we are skint do you know why club even bothered asking about Ryan Kent?
  5. Exactly this Lurker and as poster below said we are not in a position to solve all our issues in one window. Be nice if between now and Jan if we can tie down some of our key players to short contract extensions, even if it means just to protect ourselves in terms of getting maximum fees for them if we do end up selling.
  6. Which wingers u thinking of CWC? Dont want Hutton. Got Djiksteel and Howson and Shotton can play there too. Dont want Hutton taking up an unnecessary wage
  7. Haha very true. Which shows maybe there a long term plan in place
  8. Finally can i say a big thank you to all those people who shared information they get regarding transfers. It makes a huge difference to the board in terms of creating discussion amongst us all. Big thanks again. Info is very much appreciated.
  9. The window has been ok is my true view. Could have been better had we signed 1 or 2 more attacking players but equally could have been worse had we still had MB wages and lost key players which we have retained. What I am happy about is we now have a proper RB at the club which we not had for years and some genuine competition at left back again which we not had for years so 2 very key positions sorted. Further I also happy that there is not as much "dead wood" so to speak within the squad as there was. Whilst it would be nice, you cant solve all your problems in one window so hopefully in Jan we can sort 1 or 2 more key positions. At least we signed players in positions we needed. And not just added more players in positions we did not need and thus create an unbalanced team like previously. Stay positive. Come Jan if we are around 7th or 8th i will be happy.
  10. Yeah agree CT Point i was making was itk posters cant control if fees are not agreed, players dont want to come etc etc. All the itk posters state is we want X player or X player has been at training ground. What happens after that is not the itk posters fault if things dont come off so don't think we should make any digs at such itk posters. Not accusing u of that mind CT.
  11. I think the itk posters said there was hope we would get 4 incomings as oppossed to any itk poster saying 4 players are definitely coming in.
  12. Depends what you mean by new contract as his current deal runs until summer 2021 so has 2 years left on it. Hopefully tie him down to an extension this season. If not due to performance then just to ensure we get maximum money we can for him.
  13. Didn't someone say Reading are operating under a soft transfer embargo? Can't be very soft given they just spent reported £8m...
  14. Based on descriptions provided of said target it is Adama Traore!!! I have no authority for this other than my own fantasy. My previous fantasies have never come true but my luck has to change one day. That day is tomorrow people.
  15. Good day everyone, Can someone kindly give a quick update of whats happened today.in terms of rumours. I know we confirmed dijksteel but that is it. Thank you
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