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  1. I actually think bamford would excel under a manager like Woodgate but lets move on
  2. Tried to rinse us*. Albeit i think we would all accept a fee similar to whar we paid for Rhodes
  3. Any idea what the higher offer is likely to be?
  4. I get what u saying but there a huge difference in deemend not being good enough for WHU who at time were a mid table PL team or Augsburg who are a mid table bundesliga team is different to not being good enough for a lower end to mid-table championship team which is what we are. I said it yday. If there a cut price deal to be done for Oxford i would be all over it as its pretty low risk. If he excels we stand to make a good profit. If he flops his fee won't cripple the club.
  5. TBH I dont go off the logic that X team would not let X player go if he that good. Therefore he cant be all that. That logic could have been applied to Randolph when we signed him but he turned out to be just fine.
  6. Haha i was not joking. I would want a fee for Fry similar to one we got for Gibson. But given Gibson is going for 6m i will now reconsider my proposal and be reasonable. 9m+Gibson=Fry.
  7. This is feeling i get too if am perfectly. Not sure how rivalry between fans as suddenly developed in to animosity at board level. We seem to get on fine during the Ban Gibson transanction
  8. Oh. I see. So they willing to take a 9m hit on him. I thought the 6m fee for Gibson was similar to how we accepted 4m for Randolph based on WHU writing off the £1.2m we owe them so in short he went for £5.2m. If he going for £6m minus the £4.3m then that is a great deal.
  9. So Ben Gibson would in short cost us £10m+. Fry + £8m = Gibson. 😊.
  10. I think other than age the big difference between downing and Gibson is karanka never wanted downing but Woodgate would welcome Gibson back with open arms. Gibson n Woodgate had a great friendship off the pitch too if i recall. Gibson even mentioned how much Woodgate helped him develop through 1 on 1 advice.
  11. You been told what we want for fry and want burnley are offering? Thank yoi
  12. Yep just seen that. Replaced by that Keith Long. Might find out after the game.
  13. @Smoggydownsouth. You said you been told club want 2 more in before window. You been told about any outgoings? I note in todays gazette Britt should be back in full training this morning and Shotton & Friend next monday with a view to maybe being back for Wigan game on 12th Feb after a few reserve outings.
  14. i do find it amusing that less than 5 months ago that the general consensus on this board was not a penny less than £20m for Fry. I believe the bench mark we used was the fee Brighton paid for Bristol Citys Webster. However fast forward just 5 months and some of our fans are now happy to take half of that (some would probably take less than half). Dael Fry certainly has not set the standards he previously set but there are a number of factors contributing towards that. However, in the last few weeks his performances have improved and i for one hope he stays and continues to improve. And we then sell him for a fee we all felt his ability and performances merited. I certainly would not be giving up on him. I talked in an earlier post about showing the younger members of our team some patience during they development. Fry falls in to that category. He is 22 and it is rare you see a complete defender, especially a centre half, at the age of 22. Lets be patient with him whilst he plays his way out of this sticky patch and then sell him for a fee his ability merits eh.
  15. I think those itk on here have said the loan will not cost as much as many would assume.
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