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  1. Thought would leave this here given it links in to our discussion on the thread so far: https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/core-uncertainties-transfer-priorities-assessing-19991246
  2. TLF10

    'Other Boro stuff'

    New Championship season 2021/2022 kicks off on evening of Friday 6th August. Final game is 7th May 2022 Championship play off final is Sun 29th May 2022 *Hope we kick off the season at home on Friday evening. Decent crowd back at home for the curtain raiser would be nice.
  3. Would be happy with either if they prove themselves between now and end of season. Would like some better wide options as starters though.
  4. I dont think we will see a no.10. Maybe Tav playing around there as part of a midfield 3 might work. I also dont see him targeting any defenders or CMs unless someone significant in them areas departs.
  5. In terms of what we will have left once loan players return and assuming all the out of contract players leave. (Bar Marv who I think automatically gets a year extension due to number of appearances made NW said. I will creat a first 11 and second 11 based on how i think NW might line up. New GK Dijk Fry Paddy Bola Howson Morsy Tav New RW, New CF, New LW ....................... Stojanovic Fisher Hall Wood Marv Watmore Wing Sav Browne New CF Akpom *Spence and Coulson currently miss out Now based on what Warnock said. The above kinda ties in with that IF nobody else leaves. He will need a new GK, two wide men and 2 strikers. I said his estimation of needing 3 or 4 was bit conservative as i think we need 5 minimum as per positions mentioned if Fletcher leaves as well. I don't think he will look for any defensive reinforcements or CM reinforcements as i think he happy there, Even if spence and Coulson leave we are covered. I believe GK, wide and CF are areas he will be looking at imo.
  6. As a fellow boro fan and someone who therefore cares for you can I politely ask you to lower your expectation by about 100 notches so you are not left disappointed. I can tell you now we are not going to sign 13 new players. In fact if we sign less than half that of 6 players I will surprised.
  7. I would like to add whilst am not a Bettinelli fan I do not blame him for the goal v Swansea. His issue is he has been general shaky throughout the season and inspires little confidence. There was a set piece cross v Swansea in first 20 mins where he came to punch it and got caught in absolute no mans land and Howson hooked clear. If he had done that v Cardiff for Morrisons goal then great as I felt for that throw in he maybe should have come out and taken a few men out (from both sides) and got something on ball. He seems to do the wrong things at the wrong time, especially when it comes to crosses which is a big worry given championship football focuses a lot on set pieces when trying to get a goal
  8. I guess the benefit of Fulham staying up is we can maybe get 1 or 2 of they loan players from them as NW after Kebano signing seem to suggest he has a good relationship with they hierarchy. I dont want Bettinelli back but maybe Rodak who was they no.1 when they went up might be a GK option? And I would not say no to Mitrovic if he continues to be overlooked for Maja. Lol. He would be the ideal striker for us under NW. I am aware chances of coming here are between slim and nothing though.
  9. Probably where my confusion lies as i recall he got praise for one season. Either way he can leave as I feel he is preventing the progress of Brynn by being 2nd or 3rd choice here.
  10. Ah i stand corrected. Bettinelli it is.
  11. Did he not get they player of season that season?
  12. I said earlier Fulham would take up year option on Bettinelli contract and not risk losing him on a free but just noticed he signed his last deal when they were in PL so they might let him go on a free as opposed to sign him up again. Even when they loan keeper leaves he still behind Rodak in pecking order
  13. I will be honest with you @SmogDane I remember Archer was a key part of Millwall team that season we beat them to play offs. Millwall were challenging up until last few weeks of that season. His career since then has taken somewhat of a nose dive it seems given clubs he been at and his lack of playing time at them clubs.
  14. As shaky as Bettinelli is i doubt he does have such a clause given Kebano also from Fulham has been in and out of our team. Plus the choice currently is Bettinelli or Archer and we all know peoples views on latter so clause or no clause Bettinelli will start ahead of him.
  15. Like you @TeaCider24 I am also hoping NML does well as I feel a fully fit NML could be an asset, on a free it is a no brainer if he can rediscover some of his form. Not necessarily as a starter but he can play either flank and up top in an emergency so would be a very useful addition.
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