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  1. We only got 6 games left @Blanco 😊.
  2. I felt our chances of signing Kebano rested on Fulham surviving. They lost to a 92nd min Adama goal tonight and are currently 3pts shy of Newcastle who have 2 games in hand. Feel it will be difficult for them to survive now. Therefore I feel they will have a use for Kebano next season. I dont mind Kebano. I feel over a full season he could be a good signing but equally dont think he the be all and end all. They relegation means they also make take up the year option on Bettinelli as they current on loan no.1 Areola wont be sticking around. Will probs stick with Rodak and hopef
  3. Sorry I should add Bola done nothing wrong and is very much first choice left back. I just rather see certain players given the next 6 games to show us what they can do and if they can play in NW system. I know chances of it are limited but I would like to see how Coulson performs in a NW team and defence. I would also like to see NML and Akpom start the next 6 games to see if they worth persevering with next season. Bolasie another one who falls in that category. Kebano I feel we would only look at if Fulham stayed up but personally dont think they will.
  4. I would drop Bettinelli and ideally for Brynn for next 6 games. Also would like to see Coulson given a run out at left back for next 6 games and NML My team: Brynn Fisher Hall Paddy Coulson NML Howson Sav Bolasie Watmore Akpom Subs: Archer, Spence, Bola, Hackney, Folarin, Johnson, Kebano, Fletcher, Coburn
  5. Fisher signed a 2.5yr deal in Jan. I think our RB spot is where we are strongest so I see zero need for Liam Palmer. Even if Spencer leaves we got Dijksteel and Fisher and in terms of two solid options in each position them two are fine.
  6. Only see us being interested if Marvin leaves as they both essentially can play same positions. In terms of utility player I am hoping he looking at a CB who would be 4th choice but can also cover full back or defensive midfield Jack Rodwell fits the bill of someone who can play CB and DM and is out of contract. As does Phil Jagielka In terms of a 4th choice CB who can also play full back. George Friend anyone? 😊
  7. Rather surprisingly that is not true @Uwe. This is Reachs 7th full season in championship. And seemingly he only scored “5-8 goals” in 2 of them 7 seasons. 1 of them seasons being this season. I too was surprised to read that.
  8. Not for me. He is an effective left wing back and he is good if you play a 3.4.3 or that alike. As a out and out wide man I dont think he that good if am honest, despite fact he is capable of scoring the odd wordly from time to time.
  9. Just looking at Junior Holliett. He has not made an appearance for Cardiff since 27th Jan. He did miss 4 games through injury but has been in the squad a total of 10 times since his last league appearance and not come off the bench. He has been on the bench for the last 8 consecutive games without coming on at all. I note even now when they 5 nil down he still not being bought on. Given he out of contract end of season I assume his days there are numbered. He turns 31 in June
  10. Cardiff been stuttering of late. Albeit they got Mick McCarthy for 2yrs yet as they fave him a new deal after that very strong start he made. And we got Warnock for 1yr. Big Nige not doing anything grear at Bristol it seems. Forest look good for promotion push for next season as seems Houghton work there is now starting to bear fruit.
  11. If Mogga wishes to walk away from management I would be all over him being our chief scout. He can then happily live back home and go spot some talent for us. He has always had a good knack of finding little gems wherever he has gone.
  12. NW confirmed he is looking to fill in the right and left side out wide. Also wants a utility player at back who can cover a few positions. It seems 2 strikers, 2 wingers, Utility defensive players and a GK are positions we will be looking at.
  13. Is what Morsy has suffered going to keep him out for best part of a year? Is that injury Van Dijk has suffered at Liverpool?
  14. Anyone see the stat on Bettinelli at the start of the sky coverage? 3rd worst saves ratio in the whole league i think it read?
  15. Echo stating it is looking increasingly likely that Fletcher will follow Britt out the door. If that is the case I would rather not start him for last 7 games. Just start Akpom and see if he can do anything which changes our mind and also give young Coburn a run out.
  16. Haha i am an ok person. Aa long as you dont attach much weight to the views of my ex-wife about me.
  17. I feel with that question what you are really asking is “were you right in your constant criticism of his signing in January? The short answer in my view is you were not right. Reason being this. I think we look better attacking wise with Bolasie in the team than when he not in team. And that is not suggesting he been great but in games he been poor the team been poor. In games he looked good we as a team looked capable as well. Would i look to keep him beyond summer based on what we seen so far? No. However, does that mean it was the wrong decision to sign him in Jan. Agai
  18. Yeah they got a different system to us mate where the same terminology has different meanings.
  19. As a criminal barrister can I just add some of my professional thoughts. 1. Firstly not guilty and acquittal means the same thing. If you are acquitted of a crime it means you are not guilty of a crime. Therefore the poster who said there is a difference between the two terms i am afraid is incorrect as there no diffference in relaity at all to a not guilty verdict and a verdict of acquittal 2. Secondly When anyone goes to trial there are two outcomes. Guilty or not guilty. Someone is ASSUMED innocent if they found not guilty. The key point is this: Whether someone is fou
  20. This smells of a BS link anyway.
  21. You make a fair point @Redcar Rioja. I can certainly see those that argue he should also move on but given the rebuild we already got on our hands I think he a decent enough back to hopefully our main striker as i think over the course of a season he can score between 7-10 goals Nonetheless, as i said if he does go I wont be overly gutted either. There a valid argument let both him and Britt go and bring in two new strikers and leave Akpom as the 3rd striker.
  22. I would go with Brynn in goal over Bettinelli and Archer but i think that might be asking too much of NW. I would give Coulson and Sav a game though. Bettinelli Fisher Hall Paddy Coulson Kebano Morsy Sav Bolasie Watmore Fletcher
  23. NW alluded to in his pre match Bournemouth conference he was hoping to sign a couple of Bosman early doors and then see what else we can do. As mentioned above there are some decent free options out there this summer. I hope Fletcher stays but am not going to be overly upset if he leaves as i feel he can be replaced with a clever free signing.
  24. Imagine Roterham might need him if they go down. Albeit i would rather they stay up as its a decent away day is Rotherham as its not too far too travel.
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