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  1. @Simply Red Only one on that list I would want is Joe Lolley. Rest either dont improve us in likes of Wyne and Pigot OR Who are good players but we dont need right unless someone is shifted in likes of Mowatt and Hourihane. Nat Phillips will go somewhere where he gets games. We currently need a back up to Fry and Paddy so to allow Wood to leave. Stoke will see us as a very direct play off rival so wont loan us Lindsay and neither am I fussed. If we get one wide player for left hand side and dont lose anyone i genuinely think it could make a huge difference for us.
  2. @DurhamRed firstly, Warnock wants players who can impact the starting 11. Secondly i think the type to be signing your next dijksteels etc will be summer time and not in Jan. Thirdly, even to sign these type of upcoming players you need money. We currently not got any hence why we looking at loan market at moment
  3. I am a diplomatic soul @wilsoncgp.
  4. @Kelloe. I respect you greatly as a poster and hope you dont take this advice from me the wrong way? I also dont agree with @sanddancer post but please dont call him clown. It will just become unsavoury and derail the thread. @sanddancer is perfectly entitled to his views so if you going to disagree please do it respectfully.
  5. I see Jordan Jones is not making the match day squad for Rangers anymore. Dont think we had our annual transfer window link with him this time around mind unless i missed it. I personally dont think he improves our starting 11 from when I seen him play but I know some on here, who maybe followed him more closely, feel he could add something.
  6. I have kind of accepted a play off spot might be out of our reach this season and with that acceptance my desire that we need players in Jan is also diminishing. I think if we continue to show signs between now and the end of season then we can hopefully give it a good go next season with Warnock here. I anticipate Marvin, Sav and Fletcher will sign a new deal and Britt will leave. With the right attacking options in summer we will look a more complete unit NEW GK Dijksteel, Fry, Paddy, Bola Howson Sav Tav, NEW, NEW NEW Then you got a back up that is hopefully along the lines of following Stoj/Brynn Spence, Wood, Hall, Coulson Morsy, Wing Watmore Fletcher Marv Akpom ** I accept some people will leave but its futile right now suggesting who we might get bids for and not but point am making there is nucleus of a good time and hopefully Warnock can get the right players in the final 3rd to make us a more promotion chasing unit.
  7. You are a good man @Blanco. I meant ignore my post in terms of query i was raising as @Poly thankfully has his finger on the pulse. Warnock seemed very pessimistic on transfers post match. Even when sky asked him he just said “rather not talk about it”.
  8. Yeah also noticed they lost Benkovic as he been recalled so ignore my previous post.
  9. Sky reporting that Bournemouth accepted a bid of 750k from Cardiff for Jack Simpson. Only providing above info as Cardiff were also said to be closing on loan signing of Guilbert from Villa who we were linked with. It could be they want both..
  10. Browne injury means its all the more likely Roberts wont be going anywhere. There is no early cancelation clause Warnock has confirmed
  11. It is great to see Forest are starting to find some form 😏
  12. Warnock also said he does not anticipate a lot of activity. If we can just add that one wide player it could make a difference. i dont expect us to finish top 6 but that is no criticism. Hopefully we will continue to improve and give it a go next season.
  13. Excellent set piece on him Hourihane but apparently he set for Swansea. If we get Bolasise and Diedhiou in and Britt out I would class that as a successful window on top of Watmore signing.
  14. @Snowblind Guilbert is my guess too. @GrimsbyBoro given the clubs linked with QPR kid i would have said our chances of signing him anyway were between zero and no chance. He had PL interest as he a very attractive option on a free.
  15. I know some say home and away does not matter much this season with lack of fans but we are certainly stronger at home than away. As far as Birmingham awful recent record is concerned, thar is mainly at home i think. They away record not as bad. Maybe because at home Karanka needs to show intent whereas away he can afford to adopt a cautious approach which suits his tactical nous.
  16. Not that Derby are selling they senior players it seems but no one in they team excites me to point I would think they would make a significant difference to our weak areas. As someone said Bielik is a good player but we ok in CB ans DM positions as far as starters are concerned. Out wide and up front they not got anyone I would really want.
  17. And you would assume charged with drug dealing offences.
  18. Yeah. He a centre and right back so might fit in with what Warnock said about wanting a player who can play both defensive roles. Our 2021 version of Tomas Kalas maybe
  19. Dont want Zohore. Would take a punt on Mendez-Laing if he overcome the reported personal issues he was suffering from.
  20. They got plenty of wide players now. Matondo and Clarke on top of Ince, Brown and McClean. I assume Ince time is numbered there.
  21. Stoke signed a very promising left back on loan from Sheff Utd. Norrington-Davies. Had a great first half of season at Luton but been recalled by Sheff Utd and sent to stoke to cover for the injured Morgan Fox Stoke also signed a highly rated winger from Schalke earlier this week on loan. i think they strength in depth will see them secure a play off spot. They got a good squad.
  22. Swansea are going great this season. Makes our win v them at home all the more impressive.
  23. He on loan at forest. For the season i think. Not done anything special there i don't think. And was not all that at Fulham last seaaon either. Was brilliant for Brighton in the two seasons he spent at champo level with them but that was several seasons ago now.
  24. Excellent post my man. Top 3 Karanka moments for me all came in promotion winning season. The 3 nil win at Brighton, the Return of AK v Hull and that last minute winner by Nugent (i went mental) and of course the final day (will live long in the memory). I dont think we will before Saturday. In all honesty if we dont lose anyone i think we only need one fast direct winger. Albeit I ideally want Britt moved on and replaced with someone Warnock can use more effectively i dont know if you meant any boro player or just current ones. I will assume former. Festa, Friend for a date, JFH on a island. Mogga for PM and erm return of Woodgate? Dijksteel, Paddy and Fry. Honourable mention to Bola n Tav for being much improved. But first 3 make a huge difference when they in the team. Should be a biscuit but in my head its a chocolate bar. If they stop selling it as a single item and in a pack i think it would not be seen as a chocolate bar. I know u did not ask but my team for Saturday: Bettinelli Dijk Fry Paddy Bola Tav Morsy Sav Marv Watmore Akpom Or with Tav Watmore and Marv behind Akpom. Hopefully bench will be boosted by return of Howson. I got a feeling AK gonna screw us over but i will go with heart over head. 2 nil to us with Akpom and Sav on score sheet.
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