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  1. A Colchester v Bradford. H Crawley v Morecambe. D Exeter v Cheltenham. H Forest Green v Plymouth. A Grimsby v Newport. H L/Orient v Scunthorpe. (No scorer) D Macclesfield v Mansfield. A Northampton v Crewe. H Port Vale v Carlisle. A Salford v Swindon. .......... D Stevenage v Oldham. A Walsall v Cambridge.
  2. Seems to me that Mr Woodgate is taking the Donald Trump option – everything that he disagrees with or interprets as a criticism is ‘fake news’. This is dangerous ground. The great thing about social media is that once you post a comment it is there for all to read, unlike something you say down the pub. And looking at the comments in the Gazette and here on OneBoro, I have yet to see one post that came from Newcastle, Hartlepool or Sunderland fans. We aren’t even in the same league as these clubs. Clear to see that Woody cannot take criticism.
  3. H Barnsley v Stoke. H Birmingham v Fulham. H Hull v W.B.A. H Leeds v Blackburn. H Millwall v Charlton. H P.N.E. v Huddersfield. H Q.P.R. v Boro. (No scorer) H Reading v Luton. H Sheff Wed: v Swansea. H Wigan v Brentford.
  4. Thanks for the quick answer, mate, and for delaying the results, but I can't see it doing any good. I could have used the three points though. I share your feelings about Boro. I still follow the match reports and log onto OneBoro to read the comments, but more than that? Nah. Following Boro has always been a roller coaster, but at least it was mostly fun. You can't even say that now. Trainspotting seems a fair alternative.
  5. Just seen that for some reason my predictions were not posted, although I deffo posted them yesterday. When I started typing in the reply box just now suddenly they re-appeared with a message saying that they had been "restored"! What's going on here? And I suppose that they won't count now. Is this a glitch in the new system?
  6. H West Ham v Newcastle. A Blackburn v Sheff Wed. H Brentford v Huddersfield. D Cardiff v Birmingham. H Derby v Middlesbrough (No Scorer) H Fulham v Hull. H Leeds v Q.P.R. A Luton v N.Forest. D Reading v Millwall. H Sunderland v Southend
  7. Apparently Karanka and SG are still on good terms, but I wouldn't hold my breath either.
  8. Time to eat humble pie and give Aitor a bell.
  9. A Watford v Bournemouth H Birmingham v Luton. H Huddersfield v Barnsley. D Hull v Derby. A Middlesbrough v Fulham. (No Boro Scorer) H Millwall v Stoke. H N.Forest v Reading. H P.N.E. v Blackburn.. H W.B.A v Charlton. A Shrewsbury v Sunderland.
  10. H Chelsea v Newcastle. A Barnsley v Swansea. D Brentford v Millwall. D Charlton v Derby. D Hull v Q.P.R. H Leeds v Birmingham. A Luton v Bristol Cty. D Middlesbrough v W.B.A. (Britt) A Reading v P.N.E. A Stoke v Fulham.
  11. H Blackpool v Rotherham. H Bristol Rvrs v MK Dons. H Burton Alb: v Bolton. H Ipswich Twn v Wycombe Wand: D Oxford v Doncaster. H Peterboro v Lincoln. H Portsmth v Gillingham. D Rochdale v Accrington Stan: H Southend v AFC Wimbledon H Sunderland v Fleetwood...(Power)
  12. Oslo_Syd

    Steve Gibson

    The very fact that there’s even a thread about this on OneBoro speaks volumes. Three years ago, Steve Gibson could still walk on water. We were not only satisfied that he was at the helm, we were proud of it. We looked askance at the chairmen of other clubs and felt a sense of real pride when the media spoke of him in glowing terms. It has taken those three years to get where we are now. After blaming a succession of under-achieving managers – with the notable exception of Aitor Karanka – and bickering about the relative merits, or demerits, of various players, it has finally sunk in that it’s not them who were to blame but the people who employed them. And none of this has been helped by a frosty silence. When Gibson refuses to talk to the fans it could be interpreted as arrogance, lack of respect, or plain stupidity. Whatever the reason, the result is a loss of faith. He could turn that around in an instant by explain the reasoning behind his decisions and talking to the fans mano a mano. But the longer he refuses to do that, the more arrogant he’s perceived to be.
  13. After the ‘spying’ scandal back in January, Marcelo Bielsa gave a PowerPoint presentation on how he assesses opposing teams. Quoting a Leeds match against Derby, he said that he had watched all 51 games that Derby had played in the 2018-2019 season and spent an average of 4 hours analyzing every game. That’s 204 hours in all! Can you honestly see Woody doing that? Or anything even vaguely resembling it? It’s way beyond his level. Which is why Leeds are likely to be promoted this season, and we are likely to be relegated. This attention to detail is what is needed in the modern game. Karanka could do that, in spite of being accused of ‘micromanagement’. No other manager that we have had this century even comes close. Our dire performance so far this season should have made it apparent to all just how important a good manager is to a modern football club. We cannot afford amateurs. In terms that Gibson might be able to understand, it’s like putting a major company in the hands of a guy who managed a local branch of KFC. False economy.
  14. H Bristol Cty v Reading. D Derby v Luton. A Huddersfield v Hull. A Millwall v Leeds...( Nketiah) H N.Forest v Brentford. H Preston NE. v Barnsley. H QPR v Blackburn. H Sheff Wed v Wigan. H Swansea v Stoke. H WBA v Cardiff.
  15. I have to add my agreement with the above. I always thought that employing Woodgate as manager was a very risky undertaking. It has been said that Boro has a history of rookie managers but let us not forget that Robson, Southgate and Karanka all had far better pedigrees than Woody. What he does have in spadefuls is an indisputable talent for making the right noises. He promised attractive, pressing football, which is exactly what everyone wanted to hear. But he has largely failed to deliver on this promise. And you can’t blame the players for tactics and playing style. So we hear the mantra ‘he’s new to it – give him a chance’. Why? Why give him a chance? If Woodgate were a player with a comparable level of inexperience, he’d have been loaned out to a lower league club. That’s where Woody should be now – managing the likes of Mansfield Town (with no disrespect for them). Mind you, if left in charge to manage Boro for a few more seasons, he will be managing the ‘likes of Mansfield Town’ anyway. And he’ll still be Boro manager.
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