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  1. https://www.facebook.com/stock.hudson.31
  2. Couldn't agree more, although you're maybe being a bit hard on Wing. Over the years, we've signed some great players who just haven't delivered when they came to Boro - too many to be a coincidence. We seem to be serially shøte when it comes to developing players. So where does that come from?
  3. Totally agree, unfortunately. And I'm not holding my breath about Europe either, knowing his views on Brexit. But if you want to get bums on seats again - if and when - you're not going to get them with the likes of Wyke.
  4. I'm pretty bored with scouring the ranks of Leagues 1 or 2, or hoping that a Championship rival will offload a star striker. If we want anyone exciting, we are going to have to look further afield, and that's not exactly easy at the moment. Frankly, I'd rather go for someone who will bring a bit of glamour and excitement back to the Riverside than a prospective goal machine who will probably fail to deliver. I'd like to see a bit of Brazilian flair again. For example (but not necessarily him) someone like Tiquinho Soares - apparently out of contract right now, as are many others. Okay Soares m
  5. Missed last season, for the first time ever, but you can sign me up!
  6. Good result. Well done. lads. I can see Malley and Coburn starting for us next season.
  7. It’s going to be interesting to see how our last games pan out. Some things are for sure: we don’t have the quality to make the playoffs, we certainly don’t have the quality to get promoted, and even if we did get promoted we sure as hell don’t have the quality to stay in the Prem. NW was never more than a temporary fix to save us from relegation, and as I understand it he has only been given a one-year extension. If we want a good manager, I’m afraid we will have to go down the Karanka road again and try to appoint someone from overseas. And then we’re probably looking at a 2-3 year project,
  8. If that’s us out of the playoffs, I can’t say I’m sorry. We simply don’t have the quality to deserve promotion. And if we did get promoted, by the merest fluke, we wouldn’t survive the season. The money would be welcome though, unless it was just used for balancing the books.
  9. Clear to me that Saville went for the ball not the man. He also played the ball. The bad ball from Morsey meant that he had to stretch to reach it, and Bidwell took full advantage. What do you expect from a baby-faced ref from leafy Surrey?
  10. So it seems, but I've no idea which countries they are!
  11. It's showing on Sky, so MFC can't show it in the UK.
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