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  1. H Barnsley v Luton. H Blackburn v Cardiff. H Charlton v Brentford. H Fulham v N.Forest. D Huddersfield v Reading. D Hull v Bristol Cty. H Middlesbrough v Millwall. (Britt) D Preston NE Sheff:Wed H QPR v Wigan. A Stoke v Leeds
  2. H Barnsley v Charlton. A Blackburn v Middlesbrough. (Britt) D Brentford v Hull. H Bristol Cty v QPR. D Luton v WBA. H Millwall v Sheff Wed:. H N.Forest v Birmingham. A Stoke v Derby. H Swansea v Preston NE. A Wigan v Leeds.
  3. H Cardiff v Luton. A Charlton v Stoke. H Derby v Swansea. H Fulham v Blackburn. H Hull v Reading. H Middlesbrough v Brentford. (Britt) H Preston NE v Wigan. D Q.P.R v Huddersfield. H Sheff Wed v Barnsley. H W.B.A. v Millwall.
  4. D Luton Twn v Middlesbrough. (Britt) A Barnsley v Fulham. H Blackburn v Charlton. H Brentford v Birmingham. D Millwall v Preston NE. H Reading v Sheff Wed:. D Stoke v Q.P.R. H Swansea v Hull. A Wigan v Cardiff. H Notts Forest v W.B.A
  5. Any further news about Lucas Boyé? Of all the players we've been linked with recently, he seems the most exciting.
  6. So I'll just continue with what I asked before. Has anyone heard anything about Sheraldo Becker?
  7. Why don't you just call me a snowflake? It's much easier.
  8. I thought they were called the Social Democrats now.
  9. What has King Boro ever done to deserve such criticism? Posted doollaly off-the-wall comments? Posted ungrammatical , unpunctuated comments? Yes. He’s not alone (and I include myself). Has he deliberately set out to offend other users? No. Not as far as I’ve seen (unlike others I could mention). As I understand it, OneBoro is an inclusive site. That means INCLUSIVE. Which means there is room for everyone.
  10. Has there been any further news on Sheraldo Becker? It all looked very promising and now everything has gone quiet.
  11. What a wonderful appointment! I’ve been saying all along that Woodgate as manager would be a stroke of genius, and Gibson – the Einstein of Football – duly delivered. What more could you ask for?
  12. Totally. AK 2 could be a winner.
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