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  1. Clear to me that Saville went for the ball not the man. He also played the ball. The bad ball from Morsey meant that he had to stretch to reach it, and Bidwell took full advantage. What do you expect from a baby-faced ref from leafy Surrey?
  2. Bolasie's on a yellow. With this ref....
  3. So it seems, but I've no idea which countries they are!
  4. It's showing on Sky, so MFC can't show it in the UK.
  5. I would love to look forward to a Boro game confident in the belief that we will win. OK, nothing is written in tablets of stone, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think that if we play a team in the bottom half, we stand a halfway chance of winning. But such is not the case with Boro, and it hasn’t been the case since the days of Karanka. If your team loses, the first reaction, of course, is to look at the players. Actually, I don’t think we have bad players at all, on the whole – they are just not used to their best advantage. That has been a chronic problem since 2017 and it’s not going to get any better any quicker. Since Karanka was booted out, we have been plugging gaps, and this has been mostly down to cash. Woodgate must be the ultimate example of that – bargain basement management that almost got us relegated. Warnock rescued us from that but surely nobody had any illusions about him being the messiah leading us to the promised land. I’m guessing, but his remit was probably to lead us to mid-table security, which he will probably do. As I see it, the future does not look rosy. Thanks to Brexit, Bulkhaul is probably experiencing major difficulties. If Gibson was reluctant to splash cash before, he will be even more shy about it now. But a major cash injection is what is needed. Somebody mentioned on this thread the difference that Bielsa made to Leeds. Check on their form before he arrived. Nothing to write home about. Now look at Bielsa’s record, and how Leeds have done since his appointment. He was the bloody manager of Argentina for six years! Do the maths. We need a good manager with a different view on football. We need someone from left field who is a disruptive influence. We do not need tried-and-trusted, English, good-at-this-level stop gaps. I would far rather see money splashed on a good manager than on a hopefully prolific goalscorer. Rant over. I will now retire to my place of darkness and not trouble you for a while.
  6. True. My bad, it was double that. But "bow down" is needlessly dramatic. I don't think any substitution at that point would have made much difference, In fact, I don't even know why NW bothered.
  7. 3-1 down with 10 minutes to go doesn't leave you a lot to play for.
  8. I didn't get where I am today by licking balls.
  9. When's the last time our tactics were to keep the ball on the ground?
  10. I'd be surprised if anything further happened now. Why are these transfer windows such a bore-fest nowadays? I haven't got excited by signings since the days of Karanka.
  11. I guess you've done your research but the fact that he's a winger and not an out-and-out striker is my main cause for concern, For some reason, we can never seem to find a clinical goal-poacher anymore. Or if we find one, we immediately remove his teeth and replace them with a set of dentures.
  12. To be honest, I'm a bit underwhelmed with the prospect of Grosicki. He's not exactly a prolific goalscorer and his best years are behind him.
  13. Has there been any further news on Famara Diedhiou?
  14. I well remember Alf Common scoring that penalty against the Blades back in 1903. Cracking game that Common monopolised from start to finish. Worth every penny of that thousand quid.
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