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  1. Congratulations @Blanco and thanks for running the PL @Youngy228. I had a bad start to the season, missing lots of matches, but finished in 13th place, mostly thanks to no-shows. See you next season.
  2. Pretty well amazed at some of the comments here. No, scratch that. I'm not amazed but it doesn't make very nice reading. At the end of last season, I'd have taken a 7th place finish this season very happily, thank you very much. It's not so long ago that we were flirting with League One. And if you'd suggested back in October that we stood even the slightest chance of making the play-offs, people would have laughed. When CW was appointed, I don't remember anyone expecting us to get promoted this season. Not getting promoted means losing games, and we lost our due share. On the other hand,
  3. Birmingham v Blackburn A Bournemouth v Millwall H Derby v Cardiff H Huddersfield v Bristol City H Hull v Nottingham Forest A Luton v Reading H Peterborough v Blackpool H Preston v Middlesbrough A Sheffield United v Fulham A Stoke v Coventry H Swansea v QPR D West Brom v Barnsley H
  4. B*gger. Didn't realise there was a match played this evening. I'm going to be cheeky and post anyway, scrubbing the QPR vs Sheff Utd game. If you want to let me in - and if AnglianRed agrees - then fine. If not, no harm done. Rules are rules. Barnsley v Preston H Blackburn v Bournemouth H Blackpool v Derby H Bristol City v Hull H Cardiff v Birmingham H Coventry v Huddersfield A Middlesbrough v Stoke H Millwall v Peterborough H Nottingham Forest v Swansea H Reading v West Brom D Fulham v Luton H
  5. Fear not. I bring you tidings of great joy. Many people - mostly shepherds and wise men, admittedly - would have expected us to lose this match. Yet lo, we did not. We might have even nicked it had it not been for King Herod and his ilk. We still stand an outside chance of reaching the Kingdom of Heaven if the Pharisees, Sadducees, Sheffield United and assorted unbelievers should falter. And would we be truly worthy of reaching the Kingdom and breaching those pearly gates on present form? Better to wait patiently for a further year and then descend upon the evil ones with a fiery host of
  6. Huddersfield v Barnsley H Luton v Blackpool H Birmingham v Millwall A Bournemouth v Fulham D Derby v Bristol City H Hull v Reading H Peterborough v Nottingham Forest A Sheffield United v Cardiff H Stoke v QPR H Swansea v Middlesbrough A West Brom v Coventry H Preston v Blackburn D
  7. Middlesbrough v Huddersfield H Barnsley v Peterborough D Blackburn v Stoke H Blackpool v Birmingham D Cardiff v Luton A Coventry v Bournemouth A Millwall v Hull H QPR v Derby H Reading v Swansea A Bristol City v Sheffield United A Nottingham Forest v West Brom H Fulham v QPR H
  8. Luton v Nottingham Forest A Birmingham v Coventry D Bournemouth v Middlesbrough H Hull v Cardiff H Peterborough v Blackburn A Preston v Millwall H Sheffield United v Reading H Stoke v Bristol City H Swansea v Barnsley H West Brom v Blackpool D Huddersfield v QPR H Derby v Fulham A
  9. Sheff Utd v Bournemouth H Blackburn v Blackpool H Bristol City v Peterborough H Middlesbrough v Hull H Millwall v Barnsley H Nottingham Forest v Birmingham H Preston v QPR A West Brom v Stoke H Reading v Cardiff D Swansea v Derby H Fulham v Coventry H Huddersfield v Luton D
  10. Hull v Huddersfield D Blackpool v Nottingham Forest A Barnsley v Reading H Bournemouth v Bristol City H Coventry v Blackburn D Derby v Preston A Luton v Millwall H Peterborough v Middlesbrough A QPR v Fulham A Stoke v Sheff Utd A Birmingham v West Brom A
  11. Blimey. Predict the last 9 games for all clubs. I have difficulty predicting 10 games in the predictions league. I assumed, of course, that we are going to win all our remaining games. It goes without saying.
  12. Derby v Coventry A Sheff Utd v Barnsley H Bristol City v West Brom A Huddersfield v Bournemouth H Hull v Luton A Middlesbrough v Cardiff H Reading v Blackburn A Stoke v Millwall A Swansea v Birmingham H Fulham v Nottingham Forest H QPR v Peterborough H
  13. Blimey. I beat Blanco. Wonders will never cease.
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