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  1. A Barnsley v Middlesbro:..(Wing) H Birmingham v Sheff Wed:. A Bristol Cty v W.B.A. H Charlton v Luton. H Leeds v Reading. H N/Forest v Q.P.R. H P.N.E. v Hull. A Stoke v Cardiff. H Swansea v Huddersfield. A Wigan v Millwall.
  2. At least WGS had the balls to tear up his contract and walk away.
  3. Woodgate thinks that tactics are small minty things that come in a plastic box.
  4. A Birmingham v Brentford. H Cardiff v Wigan. D Charlton v Blackburn. H Derby v Huddersfield. H Fulham v Barnsley. H Leeds v Bristol Cty. H Middlesbro: v Luton. (Wing) H P.N.E. v Millwall. H Q.P.R. v Stoke. H Sheff Wed v Reading.
  5. A Wigan v P.N.E. A Barnsley v Sheff: Wed: H Blackburn v Fulham. H Brentford v Middlesbrough. (Fletcher) D Huddersfield v Q.P.R. A Luton v Cardiff. D Reading v Hull. H Stoke v Charlton. H Swansea v Derby. H N/Forest v Leeds.
  6. Seems that the Morrison move is nailed on. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/51330039
  7. H Hull v Brentford. D Birmingham v N/Forest. H Charlton v Barnsley. H Fulham v Huddersfield. H Leeds v Wigan. H Middlesbrough v Blackburn.(Fletcher) H P.N.E. v Swansea. H Q.P.R. v Bristol Cty. H Sheff Wed: v Millwall. H W.B.A. v Luton.
  8. D Blackburn v Q.P.R. D Brentford v N/Forest. (no scorer.) A Cardiff v W.B.A. H Hull Cty v Huddersfield. H Leeds v Millwall. A Luton v Derby. A Wigan v Sheff Wednesday. D Reading v Bristol City A Tranmere v Sunderland.. A Rotherham v Ipswich Twn.
  9. A Carlisle v Walsall H Crawley Twn v Grimsby H Exeter Cty v Colchester Utd. A Leyton O v Newport Cty. A Macclesfield v Forest Green Rvrs. A Mansfield Twn v Bradford Cty A Morcambe v Cambridge. H Salford Cty v Oldham. A Scunthorpe v Crewe Alex: A Stevenage v Plymouth. H Swindon Twn v Port Vale.
  10. A Watford v Tottenham. (Son) D Q.P.R. v Leeds. D Birmingham v Cardiff. H Bristol Cty v Barnsley. H Derby v Hull. A Huddersfield v Brentford. H Millwall v Reading. H P.N.E. v Charlton. H Sheff Wed: v Blackburn. H Swansea v Wigan.
  11. H Barnsley v Huddersfield. H Blackburn v P.N.E. A Charlton v W.B.A. D Hull v Fulham. H Leeds v Sheff Wed: D Luton v Birmingham. H Middlesbro v Derby. (Fletcher) A Reading v N/Forest. A Stoke v Millwall. A Wigan v Bristol Cty.
  12. H Millwall v Luton. H Birmingham v Wigan. D Bristol Cty v Brentford. H Fulham v Reading. H Huddersfield v Stoke. H N/Forest v Blackburn. H P.N.E. v Middlesbrough. (No scorer.) H Q.P.R. v Cardiff. H Sheff Wed. v Hull H W.B.A. v Leeds..
  13. A Barnsley v W.B.A. H Blackburn v Birmingham. H Brentford v Swansea. D Cardiff v Millwall. A Charlton v Bristol Cty. D Hull v N/Forest. A Luton v Fu;lham. H Middlesbrough v Huddersfield (Fletcher) A Stoke v Sheff Wed. A Wigan v Derby.
  14. A Everton v Arsenal D Cardiff v P.N.E. H Fulham v Leeds. D Huddersfield v N/Forest H Hull v Birmingham. A Luton v Swansea. H Millwall v Barnsley. H Q.P.R. v Charlton. H Reading v Derby. H W.B.A v Brentford.
  15. We’ll put a complete numpty in charge, refuse to employ a foreigner, rely on home-grown talent, and put money before success. Sounds familiar?
  16. A Barnsley v Q.P.R. D Brentford v Fulham. H Bristol Cty v Blackburn. H Derby v Millwall. H Leeds v Cardiff. H Nott For: v Sheff Wed: H P.N.E v Luton. H Stoke v Reading. H Swansea v Middlesbro: (Fletcher) H Wigan v Huddersfield.
  17. I didn't watch it, because I couldn't watch it, but the scoreline says it all. All three parts of the team have to function as one - defence, midfield and strikers. Goal difference can be crucial and we should have capitalized, but we didn't. The positive is that we controlled the game, the negative is that we didn't convert our chances, and Woody now has a lifeline.
  18. Let's just get a bit of perspective. Once again we SCRAPED a home win by one goal. Charlton were there for the taking. The stats speak for themselves - 23 shots on goal, 3 on target, Charlton 5 shots on goal, 2 on target. OK, we did not concede - finally - but it was far, far away from a convincing win.
  19. Just seen it mate. It would not have made much difference anyway - 1 point at the most. Thanks anyway.
  20. H Fulham v Bristol Cty. H Hull v Stoke. D Luton v Wigan. H Middlesbrough v Charlton (Fletcher) D Q.P.R. V P.N.E. H Reading v Birmingham. A Sheff Wed v Brentford ++++++++ H Leeds v Hull. H N/Forest v Middlesbrough.(No scorer) A P.N.E. Fulham. H Stoke v Luton. A Barnsley v Reading. D Birmingham v Q.P.R. H Brentford v Cardiff. H Derby v Sheff Wed:. H Swansea v Blackburn. A Wigan v W.B.A.
  21. There are a number of points here. First off, do you believe the report in The Sun? The ‘exclusive’ was rubbished in the Gazette, but do you believe them either? Let’s say it’s kosher. Warnock would not be my number 1 choice by a mile, but he’s certainly streets ahead of Woodgate. I would take an experienced manager over a rookie any day. And as he seems to be good friends with SG and loves the Boro (God knows why) I would imagine he would do the job on the cheap (relatively speaking). There are plenty of good managers currently without a job – not least AK – but would any of them want to come to Boro? If Warnock is offered and takes the job, given his age he will not be looking at a long-term commitment anyway, so this could be a good option. Anyway, MFC’s stance of blaming it all on injuries in no way stands up. We were crap before them, and we will continue to be crap after these players return. We need, at least, a competent manager.
  22. I have a feeling that's the only way that Gibson and Woodgate are going to take notice. Woodgate has already expressed his contempt for 'armchair warriors' and I doubt that SG pays any attention to online comments either.
  23. Just wait for the post-match interview. Everything will get blamed on the injury list.
  24. H Tottenham v Bournemouth. D Barnsley v Hull. D Birmingham v Millwall. H Brentford v Luton. H Bristol Cty v Huddersfield. H Derby v Q.P.R. H Leeds v Boro. (No scorer) H N/Forest v Cardiff. A Stoke v Blackburn. D Wigan v Reading.
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