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  1. That would certainly makes sense. Otherwise im sure there would be a lot more coming out about urgency to sign or to sell in summer. Id like Fletcher to sign long term.
  2. Didn't realise it was that long. Thanks. Nice to know we are in control of that situation as well.
  3. Does this affect Spence long term? Where does he fit within the team? At RB or Winger or will he be reluctant to sign and more likely to sell him now?
  4. If we are serious about a chance at promotion, gotta turn down those offers and keep the defense together.
  5. This is a game the team and players need to look at and say.... " we are the better, we should win". Time to rise up and take advantage of a team that is clearly hurting. Cant let it slip through our hands.
  6. I would try to bring back Fletcher if possible. I think he can still play a big role on this team but finances will be tight.
  7. Tav has been great playing on the outside. Why but him central?
  8. He would be a tough sell the way he is playing right now wouldn't he? We would need a large bid and a replacement before letting him go right?
  9. Same report came up all summer and no bids were made for Spence. He hasn't done a lot to improve his stock so far this season. Only difference is the team is winning. With that said if there was a high bid for him that would allow us to re-invest in other places then he is likely the player to bring in the money. Ill trust NW.
  10. I was thinking something similar. Last season ever game we had a different formation, and players switching positions. This team now has 2 distinct formations to play (3-5-2 and 4-3-3) depending on the opposition. But also a huge factor is NW has made each player comfortable in which ever position they need to play in each formation which is polar opposite of how it went Last year. I think you can see the confidence of the group playing well together which is surely the catalyst for the improved play.
  11. Agree. A 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 kinda formation looks likely. Excited to see wood. Hope he plays well.
  12. He showed so much quickness and pace from that position that I think most felt he could naturally move up the field into an advanced role. Maybe his talents are just suited to the back half of the pitch for now. Work on his defensive positioning. There is a place for a RB with with pace and quickness who can advance the ball.
  13. I was wondering why Browne didnt start in Johnson spot yesterday. Would have been a great opportunity. Hope he does in the future.
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