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  1. Asking the game to be played without fans is rediculous. All because they cant sell the remaining tickets they are allocated? Crazy Middlesbrough has sold out their share, close to 30k right? And the remaining Chelsea allocation is partially sold. Is 2k way fabs really going to make a difference? Not to mention this travel this is laughable. All of a sudden they cant afford to travel? Haha.
  2. Crooks has said he prefers that defensive holding spot. The problem is he has worked so well in the advanced role scoring goals and linking up with Jones. If we were to move him back then that would mean either Tav or Mcgree would be playing on the right side which isn't great either. In the end I dont think much will change this season. Howson has surprised me with his speed and fitness in that spot, I thought he was done.
  3. This is FANTASTIC news!!!! Again Im very new to how transfer prices are determined but from what you folks tell me about contract lengths are quite important, have now 2 years left come the summer has this increased his price by 4-5m? Maybe that valuation of 15m by Boro isn't as far out to lunch esp if the continues to play like he has.
  4. That statement was definitely just PR on his part. In a away he had nothing to loose by putting it out there. It gave the illusion he's extending a real olive branch to personally take responsibility. However as many have noted this is a "wide open free kick" for Gibson. A quick statement outlining the points in the tweet mentioned above puts pressure back on Morris.
  5. Just found out its on my sports subscription on my tv here in Canada. Finally i wont have to rely on my slow ass Internet connection to stream
  6. Although I dont think it was really an option, I would have liked to see Coulson as a backup at LWB. I realize his faults defensively, but he was always able to push the ball forward unlike Taylor. Always thought we would have been a cheap option for Wilder if he needed someone to fill a role.
  7. This has been my thought for a while. I dont think its really about money for him. Otherwise he'd likely have settled this before it got this far. I think its about holding an owner to account for this debt, esp the unpaid taxes that affects everyone. Its an expensive gamble to make a point but I if thats his goal i actually support it.
  8. Hasn't crooks said he prefers to play the defensive position as well? If you put mcgree at LWB and payero at RM and crooks as DM wouldnt that sound like your most dynamic midfield? All round pegs in round holes
  9. Why not Mcgree for Taylor at LWB? He can play there and considering they Taylor has never scored a goal doesn't offer much why not give him a shot.
  10. Some great ideas for sure. Well done. I like most enjoy the circular design as well. Just a couple thoughts, It takes a lot of money to change the image of the club. Think about all the signs on the stadium, advertising, players seats on the field, etc. As some have said its been 15 yrs and we seem to be turning a tide on the past hopefully as far as success at the club. But what have we achieved? Would it make more sense to change the marketing when we get promotion? Or at least have had a few more years of success?
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