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  1. Who would have thought leaving your 5 best on the bench would produce quality play. Ughhh
  2. Premier league 20/21 season wont start until this one ends according to sources. Lots of ways to shorten next season so i think its a good call. Still makes this season relevant and puts pressure on getting the season going again.
  3. Why wouldn't he? He'd be a starting CB in the championship (if we stayed up) and i believe he enjoys it team which was why he wanted to come here on loan above others.
  4. We have the option to buy in Harold with rumor be 3-4 million price tag. The idea is Ayala isnt returning so you can replace him then.
  5. Nobody knows when this virus will "peak". To say you wait till it gets to its absolute worst before closing things down is reactionary. The point is to limit the strain on the system and the hospital's and supply chain. We are talking about suspending sport. Soccer mean nothing compared to public safety. Im glad we are being precautionary here in North America
  6. I think the science certainly does support the suspension of leagues. Look at the way its spread.... However i agree with your point about whether these leagues are doing it as a precaution. Why wait till the virus is among the players and spreads rather then shutting down for 30 days. Its a bit different here in North America i suppose as we have less cases as of now but the idea is to take a step back for 30 days as a country and let the virus run its course which its lifespan is 10-14 days. There will be financial burden but for the good of all why would you not?
  7. Thats interesting.... The NBA was going to play without fans yesterday morning and it only took 1 player to become infected to change course in 10 hrs and suspend the season. NHL is suspending without a confirmed case to be cautious. But these soccer leagues who have many more players confirmed still feel it isnt necessary at this time.
  8. NHL about to suspend season for at least 3 weeks. NBA has as well. MLB is likely delaying season start. KHL still going on with their hockey playoffs. So the Premier League and lower levels there still haven't officially suspended? Its interesting they haven't done so and cancelled the games including this week. Shut it down for 30 days and see if you can resume the season.
  9. Interesting to hear about Italy. Here in Canada they have blocked media from dressing rooms after NHL hockey games and also a Woman's International hockey tournament cancelled. We certainly havent had the amount of cases as Europe has but there's lots of talk about playing infront of empty arenas.
  10. Why has there only been 1 sub? What is he waiting for? Get fresh legs on.
  11. Ya. Looks like the same formation as the last game. Glad he kept it consistent to start. Hopefully he wont be hesitant to sub players this game.
  12. I agree. I personally wouldn't do it. I think our biggest spend might be for Moukoudi if they feel he is worth the investment. Fry is under contract and not on crazy money, young, still developing and wants to be here. He'd be a great pair for him.
  13. For me the only way to answer this question is to assume we will be in the championship next season. Until we are relegated i think we will squeek it out because as someone said the table doesn't lie and the teams that have been bottom 3 most of the season will probably end up there and we've been just above that line. As far as the roster next year..... If in the championship...... Id look to move move Britt to fund some wide attacking players. It seems he just doesn't fit this team . Paddy for me has run the course and would look to move him. Id keep Saville and pair him with Howson in the CM role. At the back id look at signing Moukoudi as we have first option too. Fry is interesting, i still like his potential and is a good fit but will Woodgate or whoever is in charge get their 20 million and sell? Thus paving the way for Gibson to come in. Roberts is a no brainer to bring back on load if we have the option to.
  14. Coulson, Tav, Spence just signed new contracts so isnt it up to the team if they stay of go? I would think they would still be around for next season.
  15. I like it actually. Id actually think about leave Rudy up front. He seems to be better being that lone striker
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