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  1. My opinion of NW has slid a lot the last month honestly. I think he brought in some good players but really, i think he has turned into Pulis a bit with the hoof-ball we started to play, he has turned into a man who is criticizing his players out in the open to the media, and doesnt take responsibility when the teams has come out flat but yet takes the credit when they play a complete game. He's an old time manager set in his ways, i suppose its up to the team What they want moving forward. Those quotes above just rub me the wrong way.
  2. That's not the attitude the team can afford to have. That's the difference between success and failure. They are a team in freefall, we need to pounce on that.
  3. Thanks. Im unable to watch the game. Its just nice to be up, no matter how we do it.
  4. Would you say Fletcher is uplifting the offensive side of the team right now? Maybe knowing that he adds something different and has now capitalized on a couple opportunities the rest of the team is energized to attack more?
  5. Ya. Moving McNair wont solve the problem. Just creating another hole we don't have a player to fill. Plus he's arguably having his best season at CB. Seems the shape and players he's started in Midfield are the problem. As many have said before, when using 2 holding midfielders and 1 more advanced in a 4-2-3-1 we have better attacking stats while defending doesn't decreases greatly. NW wants to say the season starts now, wants to give it a real go at payoffs? Well he's failing his players by not putting them in a position to succeed while attacking. This is turning into Pulis all over again. Stubborn old man who would rather sit back and hope for a goal instead of using the creative players he has and play a positive possession type of football. Very sad to see.
  6. Long ball is never sustainable. Im surprised we have went that way. NW wanted pace but pace doesn't matter when don't have possession. This was always a tough game, but its time to play like we want top 6.
  7. Just to add it was nice to see the business that was done didn't break the bank. They stuck to their structure and with those players going out on loan/Roberts terminated we likely kept the wage bill in check. Would have been nice to get a fee for Britt. Im hoping Fletcher can hit the ground running and take over lead striker but whoever it is better hit the net because it would look on paper they will have some players to feed them the ball finally.
  8. A week ago everyone believed that most deals... If they were made... Would be last min and we would need to have some "ducks in a row". We're all getting excited about these reports but really this is how it was always going to play out. Without Britt going, there was never another striker. If wing, Coulson, etc go on loan interesting Roberts could be loan could be terminated. Wouldn't we still need some numbers in midfield?
  9. His agent likely would have been telling him that all along if that's what he thought was best. I agree. The fact they made an offer supposedly would likely mean Britt has signed off on open to going somewhere else.
  10. Selling Tav would make no sense. Spence yes, we have his replacement.
  11. Honestly, -15 or -20 arent that bad. Thats nothing to play hockey on the river most days. Ha. Its the wind across the prairies that kills, the windchills make it unbearable. Id rather have our dry cold then England wets weather. Cant stand that.
  12. Cold day out there today? Im in central Canada and right now its -35C. Brrrrr
  13. Consistency with the line up is a good thing. Hopeful Britt is feeling energetic again today and puts in a 2nd consecutive effort.
  14. I hope Fletcher has a great 2nd half of the season. If he does we should be in the playoffs and he'd have earned a good contract. He's really improved the last couple seasons.
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