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  1. I switched off after 3 minutes 😞 I love this club but everyone can see that the win against Barnsley was an off day rather than us improving. I understand finances have limited what we can do but woodgate is in it way above his head. Worse start outside the premier league since the mid eighties!! How can he still have a job:( like others I am numb to the football now and just want something to give me hope that it’s not league one next year
  2. Against 10 men for a large part of the game at home you have no excuse for not hitting the target, we wouldn’t win if this game was 900 minutes
  3. I wanted Pullis gone and I’m glad he has but I didn’t think woodgate was the answer and I still dont
  4. Can’t blame him for the odd mistake when he makes 4 or 5 super saves, at some point you have to question the players in front of you
  5. We didn’t deserve the first equaliser let alone a second one!!
  6. Watch woodgate state how we will pick ourselves back up and go again
  7. Need more than just this, 23-4 attempts from a side who have lost 3 on the bounce!!!
  8. Jesus how is it only 1!?!? We are god awful I feel embarrassed by this
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