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  1. Against 10 men for a large part of the game at home you have no excuse for not hitting the target, we wouldn’t win if this game was 900 minutes
  2. I wanted Pullis gone and I’m glad he has but I didn’t think woodgate was the answer and I still dont
  3. Can’t blame him for the odd mistake when he makes 4 or 5 super saves, at some point you have to question the players in front of you
  4. We didn’t deserve the first equaliser let alone a second one!!
  5. Watch woodgate state how we will pick ourselves back up and go again
  6. Need more than just this, 23-4 attempts from a side who have lost 3 on the bounce!!!
  7. Jesus how is it only 1!?!? We are god awful I feel embarrassed by this
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