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  1. You have to expect negative comments when we lose?? We were poor tonight and if you want people to praise the team when we win you have to expect Criticism when we lose
  2. A quiet Xmas and slightly strange not to have much interest in the Boxing Day footy!! I actually preferred Monk over Pullis but I’m sure I’m in the minority the owl is suppose to be wise but employing Pullis contradicts that so I’ll stick with ours. Im going to go 2-1 to the boro hope everyone had as good a Xmas as possible, UTB
  3. 563 pages of transfer news and one signing, nothing changes with the transfer thread 😂😂
  4. Which fantasy league do you use mate?
  5. My bad I meant the £75 one not anniversary 🤦🏼
  6. Well I had enough of being a door mat and left, nothing exciting sorry lads.
  7. I know mate 😞 she knew it was my pride and joy. It was the only thing I asked for, left her with everything else!!
  8. Hi all i am after some help please. After a messy separation I am now minus one white 75th anniversary boro shirt (she burnt it in the garden along with other items) can anyone point me in the direction of getting another one?? Places like eBay are no good I’ve looked already. thanks in advance SomBo
  9. Regarding the right back post I have deleted any post with the word, I believe it was a genuine post and no malice meant.
  10. Thought so!!! It’s like a scratched record from someone way out of their depth
  11. The usual i expect, not good enough, didn’t see it coming, against a great side with good players and pick ourselves up and go again next game??
  12. With our lack of goals, conceding for fun and abysmal form matched with most teams around us picking up a win here and there of some form we are deep in the brown stuff. We lost to two of the bottom three teams so picking up points from any game is a real challenge. Our remaining fixtures are not against any of the top 6 in the league at present so ‘upping our game’ against the top sides is not an option either. On a plus side we don’t have to play the top 6 anymore this season!!
  13. It’s the same dribble from our lot, always woodgate and always we don’t dwell, we move on to the next game and we will be fine. The guy is clueless
  14. I’m crying, he’s done it again we move on to the next game. I’ve given him all the support I can he’s got to go. He says we win them all we are fine then after the game says the bottom teams runs don’t last forever!! WOODGATE OUT
  15. Just putting it out there, to sign for 1 million, forest had two shots on target tonight, how many went in?? I’m all for youth etc and credit to him for starting our second but we don’t score many so we have to be tight at the back and we aren’t. If we can’t score many surely Woodgate should be looking to stop conceding so many at the back?
  16. This is my biggest frustration, the amount of times we have concede especially late on, because we sit back. Just keep playing the way we were. That’s how we scored in the first place!! We don’t have the organisational skills to defend deep for set periods of time
  17. Steve looks Uber *** off, let’s hope he does something about it!!
  18. It’s a good job forest are having an off day in front of goal, another chance missed for them
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