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  1. I'm not saying Johnson isn't to be blamed, it was a stupid tackle and a stupid sending off, but at the end of the day the manager needs to take the blame as his tactics have cost us the game, at 2-0 up and down,to 10 men, the game was there for the win, all Woodgate had to do was ever so slightly change it but no, he had to remove the attacking threat and sit back, inviting Hull to attack. So if Johnson's to be sold in January, are you suggesting Saville is to be also sold as well since he cost us the game against Derby?
  2. Let's all blame Johnson for Woodgate's tactics after he got sent off 🙄🙄🙄
  3. Can't blame Johnson for this, yes he was stupidly sent off but then it's down to the manager to organise the team to play with a man short, if Woodgate can't organise a team 2-0 up and down to 10 men, then he's to blame
  4. I'm wondering why Gestede is still here, he's done nothing since he's signed, would have rather Walker stayed on and Gestede was taken off Also would like to know what Pulis saw in Saville, what a waste of a reported £8m
  5. Don't know how I feel after that, Howson is not a rb, Shotton is certainly a liability at cb, would have have Wing take the pen, was impressed with some of Johnson's crosses, but felt that after 60 minutes Fletcher was anonymous, would have liked to see Tav replace him and see what him and Coulson on the left could do, feel Coulson could be a permanent fixture in the team at lb and Friend moved to CB. At least 2-1 down Boro managed to show some fight that lacked last season, top 10 at most but but can't see Boro challenging for the top 2, just don't have the squad
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