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  1. 100% agree with Humpty. I think we could do with more british based players at the highest level but nothing will stop Prem clubs doing what they see as the most profitable. The only way we can change that is by as supporters supporting and encouraging homegrown players rather than dross brought in from abroad. Sadly that hardly seems to be likely direction our club is taking.
  2. I am really not sure it is fair to say he was not committed to Boro. I saw many disappointing performances from Emnes (and in truth more disappointing ones tha good ones) but i am far from sure that this resolved around his committment. Weather it be down to his lack of belief and technical failings or our inability to draw the best out of him I always had the feeling there was more to come from him but we could never find a way of releasing that potential. Whatever the reason I would rather than say "good riddance" say good luck in pastures new (and hope he does not come back to bite us in the *** next time he plays against us).
  3. Yes i think the key thing was that "there was talk of" that sort of bid - not that one came in.
  4. I thought it was rumoured to be that - but there was never any confirmation, Figures bandied about for transfers are often made up in journalists heads.
  5. We were never ever going to get that sort of money for him.
  6. Preseason has not even started and we still have threads which include who would like to see out of the squad and many names being put forward. Does anyone really think this is suppoerting the club as we all should do?
  7. I always had the feeling that we could and should have got more out of Emnes than we did - but now is exactly the right time for him to go.
  8. Nice easy ground to get to Oldham so looking forward to it. Oldham's ground has changed a good deal since we were last there - only 3 sides open now and away end is a quite large seating area behind one goal. Ground still has old fashioned higgldy piggldy bits to it. Still a lack of nearby pubs except a Brewers Fare type pub which takes mostly away fans. But the pies are still very good. Looking forward to identifying away trips tomorrow. So hope Brentford is a Saturday - good trip to London and a great standing area behind the goal (and of course as we all know a pub on each corner of the ground.
  9. Blackpool V Charlton H Bolton V Birmingham H Ipswich V Sheff Wed H Leeds V Derby A Leicester V Doncaster H Millwall V Bournemouth D Nottm Forest V Brighton A Reading V Burnley H Watford V Huddersfield H Yeovil V Middlesbrough D (GRAHAM)
  10. Birmingham V Leeds A Bournemouth V Nottm Forest D Charlton V Blackburn A Derby V Watford H Doncaster V Reading D Huddersfield V Leicester A Middlesbrough V Barnsley H Graham QPR V Millwall H Sheff Wed V Bolton D Wigan V Blackpool H
  11. The Gazette says Kei hopes to be back playing before the end of the season. I do hope this is not true - he clearly returned from his last injury too soon and his reputation and long term fitness has taken a knock as a result. He needs a summer off (remember he has had no break between seasons with the american season starting last spring and him moving here before their season ended) to get fit and i suspect (if Karanka keeps him) we will see a rejuvenated player next year.
  12. Birmingham V Blackburn A Brighton V Blackpool H Burnley V Wigan D Derby V Barnsley H Ipswich V Bournemouth H Millwall V Doncaster H QPR V Watford D Sheff Wed V Charlton H Yeovil V Huddersfield H Reading V Middlesbrough A (Graham)
  13. Like Darlington, Hartlepool or even Stockton F.C.? Ironopolis were just another amateur team. In terms of turning points the obvious one's in recent memory are: Liquidation and Bruce Rioch, Steve Gibson taking over, Hiring Bryan Robson (was pivotal), Moving to the Riverside, The three point deduction and Hiring Gareth Southgate. I don't think any other events since 86', have changed the face of the club with such vigour. Ironopolis were not just another amateur team, they were a professional club and we remained as amateurs so his point is still potentially valid. How different might the history of this club be if that club had been able to grow and develop? Would we have turned professional at all and if so would the area have been able to support two professional clubs? In terms of other points, the day we survived liquidation is far and away the most notable for obvious reasons and the others you mentioned all have had consequences for us. One before that period might be the defeat to Wolves in the Cup quarter final in 1981. It probably lead to Craig Johnston being sold and John Neal resigning because of that, as well as David Armstrong, Mark Proctor also being sold a few months later. It's possible they'd have been sold anyway given who the chairman was at the time but a run to the final and dare I say a cup win might have lead to at least a one or two of them staying. I think you can draw a line directly between what happened in the Spring of 1981 and us almost going out of business either way. Absolutely spot on Changing Times. Infact more to the point I think pretty much everyone who was at Wolves that night could feel the team which John Neal had created after Big Jack ebbing away as we failed to get an equaliser that night. The quality of that team compared to the utter dross we signed to replace them that summer was as stark a contrast as any i can remember. And from that point decline simply seemed inevitable and the eventual liquidation was a surprise to no one. John Neals team had been within touching distance of being a really top team and for all the brief dazzling spell under Rioch we never got anywhere near that level of stability and ambition until the move to The Riverside.
  14. QPR V Nottm Forest H Bolton V Barnsley H Brighton V Charlton H Burnley V Middlesbrough H (Graham) Derby V Huddersfield H Ipswich V Doncaster H Leeds V Blackpool H Millwall V Watford A Sheff Wed V Blackburn A Yeovil V Bournemouth D
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