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  1. Only saw the first half and although it was scrappy I thought there were some flashes of inspiration - though we looked very short of options moving out from the back. Really happy with the win. Hopefully it gives a bit of confidence as there looked to be little of it on the ball.
  2. I was hoping Browne would be this kind of player. I know what you mean though it does sound like there is a lack of spark. If the short passing in midfield works out maybe that will save the need for an outstanding individual?
  3. I don't enjoy the squabbling but this got a chuckle
  4. I know we lost but was it more enjoyable than watching pulisball?
  5. I don't know what has been put in the Palmeiras water lately (other than Scolari) but they are looking like becoming the dominant force. Not meaning to derail the manager thread but did the forum see Juninho has got a job with the CBF as youth development head? Fingers crossed he sends a few tips our way.
  6. The level of coaching is not that great either. There is a big desire to adopt more European methods in Brazil as the tactical side of the game is still stuck in the 80s for the most part. Maybe Leo was bringing some of that? Or maybe it was a low level work environment. Fluminense are currently 15th in serie a.
  7. Any news on Reiziger? Still got my fingers crossed for him. Heart isn't in it for Jakanovic. I think it would be a fun short term ride but not something better five years down the line. Woody and a decent DOF is my second choice.
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